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Oooh! It‘s here!


MerlinTheSlightlyAwkward Love the framed art piece in the background! 22h
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From the kitchen of Joan Didion how awesome! Can't wait to try it! Thank you Thank you @TheBookHippie for the recipe and the fantastic book 🥰. Apologies again for the late post ! #RecipeSwap @BennettBookworm

TheBookHippie ❤️ I hope you enjoy it! 4d
BennettBookworm How cool!! 3d
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Yummers! | James Marshall
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@ErinSueMreads they're here!!!! Thank you for the lovely card, all three of these recipes look incredible! I'll pick one to try this weekend 😁

PS, I'm loving your idea of a witchy recipe swap! There's so much to play with there, herbal blends or spooky snacks for non-practicing folks who'd want to join in! Maybe this is something we can squeeze in between the various Wheel of the Year swaps?? #recipeswap #witchesoflitsy @BennettBookworm

ErinSueMreads I would be totally down to help! 4d
ErinSueMreads And I'm so glad you liked it! I almost included a couple witchy recipes. I have a really good coconut oil salt scrub. Ill send it along if you want it! 4d
BethM That sounds fun! 4d
MoonWitch94 Ohhhh that sounds fun! 2d
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Fresh Water for Flowers | Valrie Perrin
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Love love my package from @CarolynM for the #recipeswap thank you so much for this beautiful package… sorry I was out of town for my best friends wedding since Thursday love it… I‘ve been tracking your packages, sorry they have got to you yet but they are on the way I have the tracking information if needed 🤗📖

CarolynM I‘m so glad you‘re pleased with it😁 Hope you enjoy the books and the recipes. I haven‘t received mine yet (I can‘t believe you‘ve sent 2! Exciting!) but I‘m not surprised by delays this end. I‘m sure they‘ll turn up soon. I‘ll let you know when they do.😘 4d
Ddzmini @CarolynM the first package was sent on the 4 second on the 12 hope you get them soon #LH170537244US for the 12/ LH170015923US for the 4 2d
CarolynM Thanks for that, I'll keep my eye on the tracking🙂 2d
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Wow @thegirlwiththelibrarybag I am so excited to read my new book and try my new recipes. They look absolutely delicious. Just my kind of thing 😊 And I love Kevin Wilson and this edition has a lovely cover too! Plus I had the sweetest bookmark ever inside 😍 Thank you so so much. I hope you book and recipes turn up today 🙏 #recipeswap

thegirlwiththelibrarybag They look so good together! Glad you like it - hope the soups are a success! (I don‘t remember which ones I sent now - 2 soups and a pasta?) Nothing yet, but Australia Post gets the job done, eventually… so no stress. 4d
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Thank you so much! @Maggie4483 I love the package you sent me and the fact that we sent each other books with food on the cover 😅 The recipes you sent both sound delicious and I 💯 plan on trying them both out. 😋 I'm starting this one as soon as I finish the serial killer whisperer.🙌
@BennettBookworm thank you for organizing this fun swap! #recipeswap

BennettBookworm Yayyy! 5d
thegirlwiththelibrarybag So colourful! 4d
Ddzmini Love it 4d
Maggie4483 I‘m so glad you like it!!! 😊 4d
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Miss Austen | Gill Hornby
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@BayouGirl85 thank you for the book & recipes! I love Jane Austen & Austen adjacent books, so this is lovely. I just walked out to the garden and saw a whole bunch of strawberry blossoms, maybe later I‘ll have fresh strawberries for the galette. 😊🍓
Thank you for a fun, low stress #recipeswap @BennettBookworm !

BennettBookworm You‘re so welcome! 5d
BayouGirl85 I am so glad you like the book and are excited about the recipes. We ended up being away from home yesterday. I will open/post this afternoon after work. 4d
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Nightbitch | RACHEL. YODER
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OMG… @Mynameisacolour you did too much! I love everything…but ESPECIALLY the peachy dish towel and the spatula with measurements conversions that I will definitely be using all the time. I can‘t wait to read the book! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

And thank you @BennettBookworm for organizing the #recipeswap. This was such a fun swap!

Mynameisacolour Awesome! So glad you liked your package! Thank you so much for mine! I love it. I'm about to post here in a sec. So sorry for the delay this weekend had been a 💩⛈️ 5d
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Writers & Lovers | Lily King
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Leslie, I ❤️ this #RecipeSwap package so much!

Excited to read this book, love the bookmarks and of course the chocolate, but I can‘t wait to make your recipe!

Thank you so much, and thanks for hosting, @BennettBookworm ❤️

LeahBergen That recipe sounds interesting!! 5d
LeslieO So glad you like it! Let me know if you try the soup. It started as a Weight Watchers recipe. But then I added the pasta and bleu cheese crumbles! 5d
LeslieO @LeahBergen It is yummy! Send me your email and I‘ll send you a copy! 5d
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sprainedbrain @LeslieO I‘m definitely trying it soon! Will let you know. 😉 5d
LeahBergen @LeslieO Yes, please! It‘s ******** (edited) 5d
LeahBergen @LeslieO Thanks, Leslie! I‘ll edit out my email address now. 😆 5d
Ddzmini Love it I did the same with my recipes I typed them up 🤗 4d
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Cooking with Fernet Branca | James Hamilton-Paterson
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Thank you so much @BookNAround for the two fabulous books and all of the recipes in my #RecipeSwap package! I have been wanting to read The Home Front since I loved The Chilbury Ladies‘ Choir so much & the tagged book is an upcoming selection for my virtual foodie book club. 🤗 The recipes all sound amazing, especially your Nan‘s Whiskey Cake. Thank you for being a great swap partner & thank you @BennettBookworm for hosting such a fun swap!

LeahBergen Lovely gifts! 5d
BookNAround There‘s a recipe on the back of the card too. 🙂 5d
intothehallofbooks I loved The Kitchen Front so much!! The food and cooking parts of the store were especially fantastic! 5d
BennettBookworm Such a pleasure! I loved this book, too! 5d
Ddzmini Looks great 4d
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