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One Of Us Is Lying | Karen McManus
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1. Tagged
2. Far From the Tree and Girl Made of Stars.
3. Beers and Pokemon hunting along the river!

#weekendreads @rachelsbrittain

CoverToCoverGirl You‘ve definitely got #pokemongo fever..walk on! 😂😊 (edited) 19h
ravenlee I really liked Girl Made of Stars. 18h
jerra My fiancé loves pokemon hunting! I don‘t understand the hype of it all, lmao. 5h
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Ok #pokemongo littens, I've hooked my hubby into doing this with me. Add him too.

CoverToCoverGirl Adding now! 😂😂😂🤣👏 20h
HLouiseM I‘m EnferLapin! 19h
DebbieGrillo 5335 0267 4411 Add me too @HLouiseM 19h
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glitterkitty459 @DebbieGrillo I'll add you both now!! 😊 18h
RedbagReadbooks I am adding 😁 17h
cobwebmoth I just added him.☺ 16h
Sungirl79 Just added you both 16h
Kelican17 Sent a friend request! 6h
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1. Summer #teachersoflitsy
2. Cringe - Matt Maeson and love, love George Ezra
3. Dyed it black in 11th grade. It wasn't good.
4. #pokemongo or is that what the cool kids are doing? I'm too old.
5. The spider plants that hang in my classroom window were babies in August. Now they've produced babies.

#HumpDayPost @DebbieGrillo @MinDea

CoverToCoverGirl #Pokemongo is what the cool old people are playing.. just saying! 🤣😂 (edited) 5d
Texreader ❤️ George Ezra! 5d
BookwormAHN I had a similar mishap with black hair dye 😸 5d
Nessavamusic Happy summer fellow teacher! 4d
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One Of Us Is Lying | Karen McManus
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I'm happy to report that my physiotherapist has cleared me to resume exercise, as long as I promised to ease back into it. So, I went for my first #audiowalk since joining the #bookfitnesschallenge #bfc

I also added a little pokemon hunting. I'm new to this #pokemongo thing. I'm using it as a way to connect with my daughter (23). If you play, add me.


cobwebmoth Just sent a friend request! 5d
DebbieGrillo Yay! I'm just learning. @cobwebmoth 5d
TK421 I just sent one too!😊 5d
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DebbieGrillo @TK421 🏃‍♀️ 😊 5d
Kelican17 Just sent a request! 🤗 5d
wanderinglynn w00t! Yay! 🙌🏻 5d
CoverToCoverGirl Request sent! I started out playing with my kids too... they stopped and I carried on. 😁 (edited) 5d
DebbieGrillo @Kelican17 I see that you're a teacher too? Grade? Subject? I teach 11th grade English. 5d
Kelican17 Special ed. Moderate to severe cognitive impairments with a little ASD mixed in. Next year I will have 2nd-4th graders. 🤗 5d
DebbieGrillo @CoverToCoverGirl 😊 A fellow Canadian. 5d
BookwormAHN Great news 👏🏻 5d
Clwojick ♥️♥️♥️ 4d
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Midnight Riot | Ben Aaronovitch
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Just started this new audiobook and I love it! Crime scene in London, voicey narrator, plus wizards?!?? I love the mixture of elements here.

Pic is a recent catch on #pokemongo while on an #audiowalk

LibrarianJen I can‘t play with the AR, it makes it so hard to catch them. It looks so cool though to see Pokémon in real places though. 4w
melrailey I love this series. 4w
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My husband makes fun of me playing #pokemongo so I took a picture of him with a Magikarp ? any of my #littens play? Post your friend numbers below and I‘ll add ya.
Love to walk and play Pokémon Go while listening to audiobooks!

MidnightBookGirl 5396 1761 3874. Both my Hubs and I play. We started off playing it on vacation with our 3 nieces, and then my sister-in-law got us hooked again last year. It's a lot of fun when we all get together to play! 2mo
LibrarianJen My number is: 6903 9448 9355 #zeek has really gotten into Pokémon so we have been playing more. :) my username is JenAC83 2mo
rachelm @MidnightBookGirl @LibrarianJen sent! It‘s a random sn but I‘m wearing a Pikachu hat :) 2mo
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LibrarianJen Sweet, got it! 2mo
DebbieGrillo @LibrarianJen I sent you a request too. My username is MamaMudTurtle. I just started. 6d
DebbieGrillo I sent you a request too, @MidnightBookGirl 6d
DebbieGrillo 5335 0267 4411 add me! 6d
DebbieGrillo @LibrarianJen Thanks for the add and the gift! 5d
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I am trying to complete a challenge and make three new friends on Pokémon go. Please add me.
Thank you #pokemongo

glitterkitty459 Just added you 😊 9mo
kricheal Thank you for the add! 9mo
AiBBot Done! 9mo
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RedbagReadbooks Thanks for the adds 👍 9mo
DebbieGrillo I added you. My username is MamaMudTurtle. I just started playing. 6d
RedbagReadbooks @DebbieGrillo I added you! Thanks for the add 🥰 3d
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Looking to add more #pokemongo friends

Kelican17 Request sent! 10mo
kricheal @Kelican17 I got it! Thank you! 10mo
keys_on_fire Request sent! 10mo
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kricheal @keys_on_fire thank you! 10mo
RedbagReadbooks @kricheal adding you now! I need three new friends 😁 9mo
DebbieGrillo I added you. My username is MamaMudTurtle. I just started playing. 6d
kricheal @debbiegrillo I just saw this. I'm not as active on litsy as I used to be😀 I usually try to make sure to give people I know and litsy peeps priority 👊 3d
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