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I remember how angry I had been listening to Flo's nonsensical temper tantrums!!! Everyone was so polite to her when she blew up like a maniac! I'd have absolutely punched her in the mouth before the first day was out!!!! #OhHellNo

Swamplandia! | Karen Russell
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Zafón is a literary genius. So simultaneously reading Labyrinth and Swamplandia! only highlighted how very poorly Russell stacks up. Also, this image depicts what is unfinishable about Swamplandia! when in the hands of someone who is, imho, incapable of handling it. #thankunext #ohhellno

So I release Swamplandia! back to the wild, and continue w Zafon. I also took up another Coyle installment & started Mount Misery today!

Read 1/2, then DNF.

Avanders #LMPBC @chrissyreadit @cobwebmoth @TK421 Nathan — I should be sending it back to you by the end of the week! Also tagging #LMPBC #groupv @maleficentbookdragon @bethm @tk421 (again 😁) @bklover #creaturefeature (edited) 7mo
Susanita I tried to read it three times and finally decided it wasn‘t for me. 7mo
BlameJennyJane That cover though for Swamplandia! 😍 It is odd but I love it. I almost got the book with a far less appealing cover (a gator on it, perhaps) but check the reviews on here and ultimately opted for something else. 7mo
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Chrissyreadit It was a very unpleasant book. 7mo
cobwebmoth I reached a point where I was hate reading it, so I had to bail. I don't have the emotional energy for some books. 7mo
Avanders @Susanita There are people who really enjoyed the book... i think it‘s just fine to not be in that group 😆 @BlameJennyJane it‘s a great visual/cover, I agree... and it‘s high-concept and maybe could have been good in someone else‘s hands.. 🤷🏽‍♀️ @chrissyreadit And way to go, finishing it!! 👏🏽👏🏽 @cobwebmoth right. I think that‘s the perfect time to bail on a book... when you‘re hating reading it! 👿🤢👋🏽 7mo
Chrissyreadit @Avanders I had to finish- I hate feeling anxious about a character. 7mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit ohh yeah, I can see that. 😔 Well, I don‘t know if I‘m on a roll or if the books are, but I am skewering my current read.... It‘s one of the worst books I‘ve ever read... maybe it‘s just me 🤷🏽‍♀️😆 7mo
Chrissyreadit @Avanders what is it? 7mo
Chrissyreadit @Avanders just saw this response! I am not getting notifications for some comments. So odd. 7mo
Avanders @Chrissyreadit same issue! @MaleficentBookDragon tagged me a few days ago and I never got notification! Boooo 7mo
Chrissyreadit Double boo. 7mo
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