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Deaf Republic: Poems | Ilya Kaminsky
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Excellent collection of connected poems. In an unnamed town, residents become deaf when occupying forces kill a boy. They use signs and puppets to communicate, while the puppet master‘s girls kill soldiers one by one. A parable of current events—how so many pretend nothing is happening, going deaf to news. A #nationalbookaward finalist for #poetry

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Congrats to Susan Choi this year‘s winner of the National Book Award for fiction 🎊
And congrats to Sarah M. Broom; 2019 #NationalBookAward NF winner 🎉
I think I just found my #pop20 #BookThatWonAnAwardIn2019

JennyM I found this book a slog to read! 3w
Cinfhen I‘ve seen mixed reviews @JennyM but I did purchase book a few weeks ago when it was a #KindleDailyDeal I‘m willing to give it a try 😉 3w
Hooked_on_books I hated this book. I‘m mad it won. I wanted Disappearing Earth to win. I wanted Thick to win for NF, but do look forward to The Yellow House. I‘ve heard good things. 3w
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Cinfhen Im still surprised that On Earth didn‘t make the short list @Hooked_on_books Award season is always surprising!! Do you follow #TheRooster #ToB ???? 3w
Hooked_on_books I do pay attention to their list, as I‘ve found some great books on it. But their tournament often ends with a book I disliked winning. Maybe I‘m just the weirdo. 😜 I‘m just bummed about NBA as I‘ve found them to be a pretty reliable mirror of my taste and they weren‘t this year. Hopefully we‘ll realign next year. 3w
Megabooks I bailed on Trust Exercise. Hated it! I hope you like it more. 3w
Cinfhen Wow!! That‘s 3 in a row who hated Trust Exercise @JennyM @Hooked_on_books @Megabooks 3w
Soubhiville I also bailed on Trust Exercise. I‘m looking forward to Yellow House though. @Mitch picked it up while she was in Austin. Did you read it yet Mitch? 3w
MicheleinPhilly I own both of these but haven‘t read either. Surprise surprise. 🙄 3w
Cinfhen No shock there @MicheleinPhilly but I am surprised to see another bail @Soubhiville Gee, this book is not getting any love from Littens today 3w
Jas16 I‘m another one who hated Trust Exercises. 3w
Mitch @Soubhiville not yet ! Arrgghh too many wonderful books! 3w
Cinfhen Wow!!! How did Trust win??? @Jas16 3w
Ruthiella I enjoyed Trust Exercise! One vote for it.😂 It is an odd book but ultimately enjoyed the challenge of it. It makes the reader complicit in its message I think. I‘ve not read Yellow House but I‘ve heard good things. I need real motivation to read nonfiction. Novels are my siren song! 3w
Cinfhen Finally @Ruthiella !!!! 3w
JennyM I think Trust Exercise is stylistically brilliant and I can see why those in the know think it‘s a worthy winner. But the overwrought, angsty way it was written actually made me physically anxious! And it literally was a slog to get through it. Good luck! Looking forward to your thoughts next year xx (edited) 3w
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Disappearing Earth | Julia Phillips
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Treating myself to my next pick for #homegirlsread, some sparkling rose, and delicious cheese #booksandbooze #NationalBookAward #FirstNovelPrize

GloVerdino I would love to know where you are, because this looks amazing to me! 2mo
nomadreader @gioverdino The Cheese Bar in Des Moines, Iowa! 2mo
Avidreader25 Looks amazing! 1mo
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The fiction finalists for the National Book Awards were announced today. I have not read any of these!


cathipink I've read the last two and really liked both. Listening to Trust Exercise right now. 2mo
thebluestocking @cathipink That‘s awesome. 💙 I‘m putting holds in the ones my library has. 2mo
cathipink I hope you enjoy! I'll be curious to hear your thoughts 🙂 2mo
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Nickel Boys | Colson Whitehead
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I'm the first one up, so I'm starting this one from the #NationalBookAward longlist

DrawingSustenance OMGOSH... that was such a great book! 2mo
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Sabrina & Corina: Stories | Kali Fajardo-Anstine
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Starting my 2019 @NationalBook fiction longlist reading next! #NationalBookAward

The Fixer: A Novel | Bernard Malamud
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“There‘s something cursed, it seems to me, about a country where men have owned other men as property. The stink of that corruption never escapes the soul, and it is the stink of future evil.” 😞

The setting of this novel is Kiev, 1911 but the story is relevant today. #nationalbookaward #pulitzerprize

The Friend | Sigrid Nunez
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Good morning (or afternoon/evening, depending on your location) fellow Readathonners! I am starting off my Dewey‘s RAT with this book in honor of my best friend, who read with me for so many years. I miss her terribly. Wishing you all many happy reading hours! #readathon #nationalbookaward
ETA: I finished this and liked it a lot!

LauraBrook Good morning, RAT buddy! I‘m glad you‘re here - and I‘m sorry I‘ve missed so much in your world while I was gone from the interwebs. She was such a beautiful, sweet girl. 😢💔 8mo
Readerann @LauraBrook Thanks. It‘s tough to say goodbye to our furry kids, isn‘t it? And I totally get the social media break - I think it‘s healthy! ❤️ 8mo
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