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Lord of Shadows | Cassandra Clare
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I'm a #badmastergardener who is not interested in presentation on Emerald Ash Borers at Native Plant Confrence.😈 So let's do handwritten #bestofmay #maybookshowers @RealLifeReading
6 Audio,4 Print, 4 Kindle =14 Total
Lord of Shadows gets my top pick, closely followed by The Paris Apartment.

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Abailliekaras Ah I forgot about kurt Vonnegut! Superb. 6y
OrangeMooseReads 👍🏽 6y
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Lost For Words | Edward St Aubyn
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Has anyone read this #satire of literary prizes? (Based on the Man Booker, I believe.) Ive borrowed it at least twice from the library but have never even started it.
To be honest, I think I have a prejudice against satirical novels. Once a book is described as such I lose interest. 😐
#maybookshowers @RealLifeReading

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Touch of Stardust | Kate Alcott
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Married movie stars Clark Gable and Carole Lombard both served their country in WWII. Tragically, she died in a plane crash while returning home after raising over $2 million in a war bond rally. After her death, he joined the Army Air Force and flew active missions to obtain film footage of aerial gunners in action. #inmemoriam #maybookshowers

AmyG I have a friend who is 104 and I just gave this to her. She still reads (large print) and is enjoying this now. I will have to have her save this for me. 6y
Reviewsbylola I wanted to love this so much but the writing just wasn't there for me. I think it's difficult to write fictional characterizations of people that were well known and larger than life. 6y
rubyslippersreads @Reviewsbylola That was exactly the way I felt. 6y
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rubyslippersreads @AmyG That's wonderful! I hope I'm still reading when I'm 104. 😊 6y
Reviewsbylola Have you read Adriana Trigiani's recent book? It also fictionalizes Gable but during a different relationship. I liked it a bit better but it still wasn't what I was hoping for. 6y
rubyslippersreads @Reviewsbylola Sounds interesting. I remember the scandal about 6y
Reviewsbylola It's a story I really knew nothing about so I was so interested to learn more. Trigiani's problem though was she had such a large scope. Personally I think she should have focused on the affair, pregnancy, and birth. She chose to drag it on so long though that it just fizzled. 6y
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My #weekend read--first one I've read in this #historicalmystery series set in #England. It's my #farflung pick for #maybookshowers because the cold moors seem pretty far away from humid Texas. :) #cozymystery #cozy #mystery

batsy I just heard about this series over the weekend! I'm pretty sure it was someone on Litsy ☺️ It sounds so good. 6y
SaraRosett @batsy I'm enjoying it. I usually don't read a mystery series out of order but...oh well. 😀 6y
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The Royal We | Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan
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If you enjoy royal Romance Fan Fiction read The Royal We, not A Royal Pain. Both are Will and Kate Middleton love story fan fiction, but The Royal We is really fun and A Royal Pain is not. #maybookshowers #readthisnotthat

Sydsavvy I loved it 💕 6y
Loreen @Sydsavvy I did too. Do you follow the authors blog? It's good fun if you enjoy gossip in general and Royal gossip too. 😀 6y
Sydsavvy I'll have to check it out! I'm not sure what my fascination with it is, other than I loved Di. 6y
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Loreen @Sydsavvy me too. 6y
Loreen @Sydsavvy love Di I mean. 6y
Sydsavvy 🌹💕🙂 6y
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The Two Towers | J. R. R. Tolkien
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If you only watch the movies, you wouldn't know that this book ends on a #cliffhanger #maybookshowers

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Some favorites from my childhood; thinking about them makes me feel #childlike again :-) #maybookshowers

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#maybookshowers day 19 - #peace

Visiting @Dempsey this weekend, will have this pair to chill out with whenever we're not out with the folks.

Movie Cats | Susan Herbert
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Famous felines of #Hollywood! 😸⭐️ #maybookshowers

Tanzy13 🐱 6y
RealBooks4ever Fabulous! 😻😻😻 6y
UwannaPublishme 😁😁😁 6y
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