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All of a sudden in 12 hrs 4 books pop up on overdrive...hmmm and on libby I see 3 more where I'm next in line! So this is why I dont get to my physical books as much as I should! #blameitonlitsy #overdriveoveruse #allthebooksiwanttoread #litsylove #justgowithit

JennyM The story of my life!!! 11mo
Bookwormjillk That always happens to me too! 11mo
SilversReviews I LOVED The Lost Girls of Paris and The Address. I haven‘t read Wild and did not like The Last Romantics. ENJOY them all, but that does get annoying when all of the books come at the same time. 😊 11mo
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Crazeedi @JennyM @Bookwormjillk and I guess it's a good thing, I just wish I got them a bit spread out, but I'm happy I get them! 11mo
Crazeedi @SilversReviews I'll let you know what I think! I'm curious now to see about last romantics , we mostly agree on books. 2 of them are e-pubs so I can't read on my kindle. Makes me glad I still have my old iPad, it'd be a pain to read on my phone 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks The Address ❤️❤️ 11mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Hi Diane! Just wanted to by to ask how ru doing today 😊 wishing you speedy recovery!❤️🙏 11mo
Crazeedi @Jee_HookedOnBookz aww! Thank you for asking! I'm coming along really well, therapist says I'm better than she expected being only a week and two days post op. I'm graduating to a cane when it comes Friday!! I can do all the exercises well except one, I'm working on it. Patience is hard when I'm looking at my house😉, hubby is trying and has been big support 11mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Yayyyyy!!! Good to hear you're doing better than expected!! Kudos to you, Diane! And your hubby for being such a big support!! ❤️❤️ 👍🏼💪💪Take care, Diane! Sending you all the virtual love, hugs and kisses you need! Xoxo 11mo
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The Mailbox Surprise | Mary Gail Cowan Leming
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If you had to guess what store I just walked out of based on the shelf display, would you think POST OFFICE!?!? I swear...this country boggles the mind. Not a single mailer,envelope or roll of tape to be had but reading glasses, flashlight, speakers, night light, adapter and a zillion other items were all available for purchase! Anyway 7-10 days @emilyhaldi @AmyG 💗😄

RadicalReader @Cinfhen they have a lot of what you don‘t need and nothing you do 1y
Smrloomis 😂 I love this! Hysterical. 1y
Robothugs Hahaha!! That‘s incredible. 😂 1y
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Cinfhen It‘s funny because it‘s true @RadicalReader @Smrloomis @Robothugs you should have seen the wall with socks, hair barrettes, nail polish, shoe cleaner and batteries 😳🙄😂 1y
Cathythoughts 👍🏻😁 1y
Tanisha_A Hilarious! 1y
emilyhaldi Nail polish!!?? How do they justify usuing shelf space for that rather than tape 🤔 Either way, can't wait for my package!! 🤗 1y
AmyG That‘s a post office? I‘ve never seen anything like that! Crazy. 😳 but....thank you so much...in advance. 1y
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#JuneTunz #ruletheworld If you're wondering why I went here for the "Rule the World" prompt, I had it in my head that this vegan cupcake cookbook was called 'Vegan Cupcakes Rule the World' but it turns out they only take it over.?Still, the subtitle says "75 Dairy Free Recipes For Cupcakes That Rule" so pretty close. ?Then it occurred to me that several of my vegan cookbooks sound somewhat world-threatening so I included them. ?? #justgowithit

Cinfhen I love this 😍😍😍😍took a screenshot ~ if only vegan cupcakes would #RuleTheWorld 3y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen Aww, you are so sweet! You always make me feel good about my sometimes strange choices. 😆👍💜Vegan cupcakes should rule the world! 😆 3y
merelybookish Should they? 😬 3y
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Weaponxgirl I love these ladies cookbooks 😍 3y
Anovelobsession This is awesome 👏 👏😍😍 3y
Chrissyreadit LOVE! 3y
readinginthedark This series is so awesome! 3y
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