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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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lele1432 Wine 3h
Clwojick Wineee 🍷 3h
Karisa Never tried mulled wine... I'd guess I chose that one! 3h
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Shakespearience Mulled Wine 3h
KatieDid927 Oh, but both are so good! I‘ll go with wine. 3h
JenlovesJT47 Wine 3h
AsYouWish Cider 3h
CaitZ Cider 3h
ads0123 Cider 3h
Crimson613 never tried either! *flips coin* the wine it is 2h
wanderinglynn Mulled wine 2h
LapReader Wine. I love it. 2h
AmyK1 Wine 2h
RowReads1 Cider 1h
Texreader Cider 57m
Kdgordon88 Wine 51m
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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Part 2 #WGWouldYouRather #WinterGames #TeamFestivus

My answers:
1. Snowmobiling
2. TBR
3. Jack
4. Rink
5. Make
6. Write

Kdgordon88 Snowmobiling, TBR, Grinch, rink, gift cards, write 8h
wanderinglynn Snowmobiling. TBR books. Grinch. Lake. Handmade. Write. 7h
MidnightBookGirl 1. snowmobiling
2. Only TBR
3. Jack!
4. Rink, so I can cling to the wall.
5. Giftcards
6. Write!
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FantasyChick Snowmobiling. Only TBR. Jack!!. Lake. Gift cards. Star 6h
Addison_Reads Ice fishing. TBR. Grinch. Lake. Handmade. Write. 6h
ChasingOm Snowmobiling ❄️ TBR ❄️ Skellington ❄️ Lake ❄️ Handmade ❄️ Star in 5h
AprilMae Snowmobiling, TBR, skellington, rink, gift cards, write 5h
LibrarianRyan snowmobile
ads0123 Snowmobiling. TBR. Grinch. Rink. Gift cards. Star. 4h
Readage Snowmobiling / TBR / Jack / Lake / Gift cards / Write (edited) 4h
Linsy Snowmobiling 🛷 TBR 🛷 Grinch 🛷 Lake 🛷 Make 🛷 Write 3h
Clwojick Snowmobiling, TBR, grinch, rink, DIY, star in. 3h
JenlovesJT47 Fishing, TBR, grinch, rink, gift cards, star in 2h
AmyK1 Snowmobiling. TBR. Jack. Rink. Gift cards. Write. 2h
Crimson613 snowmobiling, tbr books, jack!! rink (to be safe LOL), giftcards, star 2h
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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#WinterGames #TeamFestivus #WGWouldYouRather

My answers:
1. Non-fiction
2. Scary
3. Never receive books
4. Hang them on the tree
5. Garland
6. Animated

AmyK1 Non fiction. Cozy. No books. On Tree. Garland. After 2010. 8h
Bookworm54 1) non fiction 2) cosy 3) never receive books for Xmas 4) on the tree 5) Garland 6) animated (I like Disney and studio ghibli anyway so I think there will be more choice for me!) 8h
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Kdgordon88 Non-fiction, cozy, no books, tree, garland, after 2010 8h
britt_reads Non-fiction, cozy, never receive books, on the tree, garland, after 2010 8h
wanderinglynn Holiday. Cozy. Never receive books. Bowl. Tinsel. Animated. 7h
AsYouWish Holiday, cozy, never receive books, neither, tinsel, animated 7h
MidnightBookGirl 1. Holiday Books
2. Cozy (although I love scary too!)
3. Never receive books
4. On the tree!
5. Tinsel!
6. After 2010
FantasyChick Non fiction, scary, never receive, hang them, garland, animated 7h
Addison_Reads Nonfiction. Scary. Not get books you want. tinsel. Animated 6h
ChasingOm Holiday Books (esp if I can change the holiday!) ❄️ Cozy ❄️ Never receive ❄️ Tree ❄️ Garland ❄️ Animated 5h
AprilMae Holiday, cozy, never receive, tree, garland, animated 5h
ads0123 Holiday. Cozy. Never receive books. Bowl. Garland. Animated. 4h
LibrarianRyan holiday
never revieve
bowl (too temping for the doggies)
Linsy Non-fiction 🍄 Cozy 🍄 Want 🍄 Bowl 🍄 Garland 🍄 2010 4h
Clwojick Holiday, cozy, not the ones I want, on the tree. Garland, animated 3h
JenlovesJT47 Nonfiction, cozy, never receive any, bowl, tinsel, animated 2h
Crimson613 nonfiction, scary holiday stories, never receive books i want, tree, neither but if i had to pick...garland, ANIMATED! 2h
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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tdrosebud Krampus
cwarnier Abominable snowman 13h
wanderinglynn Abominable 12h
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Karisa Abominable ☃️ 12h
Kdgordon88 Abominable 12h
AmyK1 Snowman 12h
FantasyChick Krampus 12h
petersonks15 Abominable snowman 11h
AsYouWish Snowman 11h
Cosyreader Abominable snowman 10h
britt_reads Abominable snowman 10h
Jadams1776 Abominable snowman 10h
Linsy Krampus 9h
Inkblotsandcoffeestains Abominable snowman 9h
maich Snowman 8h
teebe Snowman 8h
TheQuietQuill Snowman 7h
ads0123 Abominable snowman 6h
MidnightBookGirl Krampus! 6h
JenlovesJT47 Snowman 6h
Addison_Reads Krampus 6h
Clwojick Krampus 😂 3h
Crimson613 krampus 1h
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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tdrosebud Elf 14h
cwarnier elf 13h
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Kdgordon88 Elf 12h
AmyK1 Elf 12h
FantasyChick Elf 12h
petersonks15 Elf 11h
AsYouWish Elf 11h
Cosyreader Nutcracker 10h
britt_reads Elf 10h
Jadams1776 Elf 10h
Linsy Elf! 9h
maich Elf 8h
teebe Elf 7h
ads0123 Elf 6h
MidnightBookGirl Nutcracker- I mean, I'd be immortal, right? I could actually read all the books, because I wouldn't need sleep! 6h
Addison_Reads Nutcracker 6h
Clwojick Elf 3h
Crimson613 elf 1h
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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Addison_Reads Sing. No one wants to see me dance. 😂 1d
ads0123 Sing 1d
teebe Sing 1d
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AnneCecilie Sing 23h
Linsy 💃🏽 23h
DebbieGrillo Sing 18h
TheAromaofBooks Sing... I kind of already do this one :-D 17h
FantasyChick Dance 17h
AmyK1 Sing 17h
Allylu Dance! 17h
EliNeedsMoreShelves Sing - I kinda do anyway. 😆 16h
ChasingOm Sing 16h
TheQuietQuill Sing 🎤 16h
Kdgordon88 Sing 13h
lele1432 Sing 13h
cwarnier sing 13h
AsYouWish Sing 11h
LibrarianRyan dance 10h
Jadams1776 Sing 9h
Cosyreader Dance 9h
MidnightBookGirl I do both terribly, but sing! 6h
JenlovesJT47 Sing 🎶 6h
Clwojick sing. 2h
Crimson613 sing 48m
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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Addison_Reads I'm going with paper cut because 10 mins is not enough time. 1d
ads0123 Paper cuts but I‘m gonna have to invest in bandaids. 😂 1d
guinsgirlreads Paper cut ! 1d
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teebe 10 minutes a day 1d
AnneCecilie 10 minutes 23h
Linsy 😬 Papercut! 23h
DebbieGrillo 10 min 18h
Chrissyreadit Ten minutes then switch to audio 17h
TheAromaofBooks Paper cut 17h
FantasyChick 10 minutes 17h
AmyK1 10 minutes 17h
Allylu 10 minutes 17h
EliNeedsMoreShelves Paper cut! 16h
ChasingOm Ouch — 10 mins 16h
TheQuietQuill Ooohhhh paper cut 16h
Kdgordon88 Papercut 13h
lele1432 Paper cut! 13h
cwarnier papercut 13h
AsYouWish 10 minutes 11h
LibrarianRyan 10 min 9h
Jadams1776 Paper cut 9h
Cosyreader 10 mins 9h
MidnightBookGirl paper cut... brutal question! lol 6h
JenlovesJT47 Paper cut 6h
Clwojick 10 mins. 2h
Crimson613 10 minutes 48m
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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ads0123 Hedwig! Dumbledore had a really long life, but Hedwig was so tragic!!! 1d
Addison_Reads Hedwig. 1d
teebe Hedwig 1d
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britt_reads Hedwig 1d
TheDaysGoBy Honestly neither but I guess Hedwig. Sirius would be the character I‘d most want resurrected 23h
AnneCecilie Hedwig 23h
Linsy Dumbledore 23h
DebbieGrillo Dumbledore 18h
TheAromaofBooks Hedwig 17h
FantasyChick Hedwig 17h
AmyK1 Dumbledore 17h
Allylu Dumbledore 17h
EliNeedsMoreShelves Dumbledore 16h
ChasingOm 😭 Dumbledore 16h
TheQuietQuill Dumbledore 16h
Kdgordon88 This is hard! Dumbledore 13h
lele1432 Dumbledore 13h
AsYouWish Hedwig 11h
LibrarianRyan hedwig 9h
Jadams1776 Dumbledore 9h
Cosyreader Hedwig 9h
MidnightBookGirl Hedwig! (I personally like to believe that the curse just hit her cage, and she played dead and then flew off to go live her life) 6h
JenlovesJT47 Dumbledore 6h
Clwojick Dumbledore. 2h
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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ads0123 Snowmen! 1d
Addison_Reads Snowmen. Gingerbread men would freak me out. 1d
teebe Snowmen 1d
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britt_reads Snowmen 1d
AnneCecilie Snowmen 23h
Linsy Creepy, gingerbread! 23h
DebbieGrillo Snowman 18h
TheAromaofBooks Snowmen 17h
FantasyChick Snowmen. I can melt them 17h
AmyK1 Snowman 17h
Allylu Snowmen 17h
ChasingOm Yikes! Gingerbread, as long as they stay small! 16h
TheQuietQuill Snowman 16h
Kdgordon88 Snowman 13h
lele1432 Gingerbread 13h
AsYouWish Gingerbread 11h
LibrarianRyan snowmen 9h
Jadams1776 Snowmen 9h
Cosyreader Snowmen 8h
MidnightBookGirl Both sound like horror movies, so snowmen. They'd be easier to kill. 6h
JenlovesJT47 Snowmen 6h
Clwojick Uhhhh creepy. snowmen. 2h
Crimson613 snowppl 47m
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Would You Rather... | John Burningham
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Addison_Reads Poem. A haiku. Nice and short. 😉 1d
AmyK1 Poem 1d
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AsYouWish Poem 1d
Kdgordon88 Poem 1d
j9brown Song 🎶 1d
britt_reads Poem 1d
ads0123 Poem 1d
Saknicole Song, but really the same thing, since I can't sing 1d
teebe Poem 1d
AnneCecilie Poem 23h
FantasyChick Poem 17h
TheQuietQuill Poem 16h
cwarnier poem 11h
TheSpineView Poem 10h
Cosyreader Poem 8h
JenlovesJT47 Poem 5h
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