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Despite my dislike of the writing style, and previous rant, I absolutely have to give this book a 👍. The experiences of the Radium Girls need to be remembered, because corporate greed continues to this day, and there are many companies out there who still try to evade environmental regulations, to the detriment of communities and workers. Every time I hear someone bemoan “regulations“, I am going to refer them to this book. #NFNov

4thhouseontheleft ✔️ #nonfiction2019 : something with law or medicine. @Riveted_Reader_Melissa and first book completed first #NFNovember @Clwojick @rsteve388 1w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa That one‘s still on my to read list, I‘m so glad you found it interesting. 1w
4thhouseontheleft @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I don‘t think I would recommend the audiobook, I switched over to the ebook to finish it off. 1w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @4thhouseontheleft Good to know, some are definitely better in one format over another! 1w
rsteve388 6 pts 1w
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Reading this paragraph in the epilogue sent chills up my spine. So many similarities to an environmental health crisis currently happening in my own community. My town is dealing with an Ocular Melanoma cancer cluster, the cause of which has not been determined. We also live near a Duke Energy plant that has coal ash ponds, & coal ash in the past was buried in multiple locations around our area. It's a huge problem and concern. 😢#TIL #NFNov

Hestapleton This story is HAUNTING. 1w
Scochrane26 I like that the Radium girls case helped increase regulations & workers‘ rights, but I kept thinking of how many of the same situations still happen. How many towns are living on top of hazardous chemicals/waste? And a lot of regulations have been let go since trump took office. 1w
rsteve388 4 pts 1w
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#TIL: Even in a heavily researched book involving both law and medicine, the author still can‘t use anatomically correct terms for female reproductive parts, relying on the euphemism “down below” instead?

FFS, that‘s ridiculous. In a book about courageous women who were empowered to fight back against corruption and corporate greed, and the author can‘t say vagina? Come on, break the stigma, stop the shaming.

Okay. Rant over. #NFNov

4thhouseontheleft Soapbox moment continued, because as an #endowarrior this really pisses me off to read this in a recently published nonfiction book dealing with an industrial health crisis that affected mostly women. Dealing with endometriosis for years, do you know how much easier my life would have been in my 20‘s if female gynecological problems were taken more seriously? #breakthestigma 1w
marleed Oh geez, to my chagrin, I didn‘t notice that. Very good point! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @marleed My battle with endometriosis has made my ears finely tuned to this. And if you can‘t tell 😂, it‘s an issue I am particularly passionate about. ☺️ 1w
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marleed @4thhouseontheleft I understand. When I was raising my 2 kids, I read advice on using anatomically correct terms - penis, vagina... The logic was that using cutesy terms is babyish and as kids mature those terms embarrass them. And then you are left with no teenage and grown terms in which to communicate. I believed that so never assigned cutesy or vulgar names. 1w
4thhouseontheleft @marleed I see that in my parents. While they both are always extremely interested and concerned when I have endo flare-ups, and during my two surgeries, but both my parents (they are 70) are incapable of saying vagina or uterus, and still visibly flinch when I use those words (along with tampon, period, etc etc that my dad likes to call “women‘s problems”.) 🙄 1w
Eyelit Omg. This is so disappointing- especially since it‘s a female author. 1w
wanderinglynn So disappointing. You should totally write the author about this because I think you have a great & compelling story that would resonate and stigmatizing genitals, especially the female reproductive system, is an important social issue. 1w
LauraJ FFS indeed! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @wanderinglynn That's what I said to my husband! I probably will email the author after I finish the book. 1w
LaraS I second everything everyone has said here. Language matters, and how we use it can both give power or take it away. (edited) 1w
rsteve388 4 pts 1w
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#Movember #Music #Dance
Madonna wants to “...dance with my baby/And when the music starts/I never wanna stop”
Carman, a famous flamingo dancer, ends the tagged book by stating: “I dance and dance and dance.”
@Reggie if memory serves This book was included in a very generous book exchange from you! ❤️📚💃
Music and Dance. 🎼💃

Reggie Yes it was me. It‘s one of my most favorite books ever! I love this book and author. 2w
kspenmoll @Reggie I love it too. I had never heard of the author before. That‘s what I live love about Litsy. Thanks!!!💕💕💕💕 2w
Cinfhen I see I‘ve already stacked this book- thanks for putting it back on my #ReadersRadar 2w
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#NFNov #TIL: One thing that stands out in the section I listened to today is just how deep and long-lasting the corruption and cover-up was to keep radium poisoning out of the public‘s eye. The women who fought both a battle inside their body and in the courtroom were such amazing and courageous souls.

lele1432 So infuriating 2w
Scochrane26 I agree. This book also made me think about how often corrupt companies & governments have let greed win over peoples‘ well-being. It happens now, of course. It‘s infuriating. 2w
ElizaMarie I really liked this book. As you mentioned those women were amazing! 2w
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Crimson613 Radium poisoning? 2w
4thhouseontheleft @crimson613 The women in this book all worked in factories during WWI and after that painted watch dials with a luminous paint that contained radium. The technique they used (shaping the brush tip with their lips) as well as constantly being covered in luminous bits of paint caused severe health problems that often led to death. The companies ignored - and then covered up - what was happening, denying that radium was a problem. 2w
Crimson613 @4thhouseontheleft oh wow :/ but also not surprising 2w
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I'm a combination of Personal Significance and Stacked. I do not have my books in subject or alphabetical order. Not sure if I should turn in my librarian cred?

charl08 I can't understand how anyone finds their books sorted by colour. 2w
wanderinglynn Mine are sorted by categories, but my own categories (not necessarily where you‘d find the same books in the library or a bookstore). I agree with @charl08 - color looks pleasing, but I‘d be frustrated trying to find the book I wanted. 2w
TheLibrarian Mine are the same combinations as yours. I used to do by author but it was too hard with all my book buying and my small space. 2w
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RvnclawWhovian I have mine done by color, it‘s not as frustrating as you think it might be 2w
MarriedtoMrT Same! Personal significance and stacked. 2w
KarmonR Categories then alpha by author then alpha by title. #wannabeLibrarian 1w
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I took a break from this book in October at the 1/2 way point, but have come back to it for #nonfictionNovember. It really plods along though. It‘s such an important book, and I‘m learning a lot, but I have a hard time keeping track of all the women Moore researched, and a lot of the personal stories are blending together.


Bookwormjillk I had trouble with that one too 2w
Lcsmcat This is one that might be easier in print. I read it as an eBook and being able to see the names, and the photos that were included, helped me keep them all straight. 2w
4thhouseontheleft @Lcsmcat There are photos? I might see if my library has an available copy and finish it in print. Thank you! 2w
Lcsmcat @4thhouseontheleft There are. And some are heartbreaking. 2w
rsteve388 This is on my TBR list for this month! 1 pt! 2w
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Thank you to all my #poutinepenpals for you patience. All my responses and intro cards are done and going out to you! 💕💌💕 On another note, I was listening to the tagged book while writing and just heartbroken for what these women had to go through. So many vibrant lives cut short way too soon.

mcctrish Yay for snail mail ❤️ 2w
PurpleyPumpkin Woohoo!👍🏽😉💌 2w
LA_Mead That book was so good, but it kind of creeped me out too... I felt bad for those women too! 2w
sherryvdh 💌💞😃 2w
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Sunrise | Mike Mullin
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Good morning. Check out the sunrise. This is from a few months ago but it's one of my favorite pictures. 😍 There is no filter on this.
#Scarathlon #teamslaughter

starlight97 Wow 🤩 4w
Clwojick This is beautiful! 4w
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My next nonfiction read.

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