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Thank you @joy0201 for the poetry and tea! The blackout journal looks fun (and interactive), I've never read Rachel Wiley, and I love Oliver so will look forward to her thoughts on understanding poetry.

Bookishthoughts Looks like a great book!☺ 12mo
Joy0201 I hope you enjoy everything! 12mo
Joy0201 Sorry it was tardy! 12mo
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Selected Poems | Walt Whitman
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I was adding my staggering #FavoritePoetSwap haul to my Goodreads tbr-on-shelf list and the title of this caught my eye. It is a fun one to read aloud to your Roommate‘s Cat, should you have one, especially if you read faster and louder as you go. Thank you @Trashcanman for your thoughtfulness and generosity. I‘m fortunate to have you as my friend.

Trashcanman 💕😊🤗 12mo
jmofo Hey friend @Trashcanman ! 🤗 12mo
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Selected Poems | Walt Whitman
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#FavoritePoetSwap has arrived on this chilly Colorado night! Folks, let me tell you, if a Lozano gets you in a swap, you‘re in thoughtful, generous hands! Thank you so much for sending me so many poems to read. I‘m looking forward to each book. The treats are perfect and the rainbow card a delight. The Shelly pamphlet advertises something that will help with my “head noises”! (Finally!😅) hugs&thanks, my friend, my friend! 🤗🖤 thanks @LazyDays 💜

Bookishthoughts How wonderful!🙌🙌💗💗💗 12mo
MirrorMask Great selection!!! 12mo
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Thank you‘ll much @TrishB for the awesome #favoritepoetswap package!!! I love everything! The tote is amazing, as are the socks! I can‘t wait to read the books. I‘ve been dying to read Stuff I‘ve Been Feeling Lately. Best of all is the laser cut #poetryswap tag/bookmark with my name!!! I love it!!! 🥰 so fabulous!!! Thanks again! And thank you to @LazyDays for setting up such a great swap!

merelybookish So many cool things! 12mo
TrishB 😘 glad you like it! It‘s been a great swap. The bookmark came out great! 💕 (edited) 12mo
Kalalalatja It looks lovely! 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm What a great package 👏 12mo
Bookishthoughts How awesome personalized bookmark!💗💗 What a wonderful package. 12mo
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Poetry Please | Various Poets
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So here is my #favoritepoetswap package opened! So excited for what is inside!!!

hlgreenfield Thanks @LazyDays for hosting this. It was so awesome! 12mo
Bookishthoughts Im excited also! Thanks for joining💗💗 12mo
ju.ca.no I hope you‘ll enjoy it😘 12mo
hlgreenfield @ju.ca.no - I loved it!!! The chocolate is all gone and already tried one of the teas. Now to decide what to read first! 12mo
ju.ca.no @hlgreenfield I‘m glad😊 12mo
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! I've never had anything with my name on it so I will treasure this journal. Rupi Kaur is my favorite poet so thank you @TheSpineView for giving me not one, but two of her books 🥰 I love the tote and the mug is beyond cute. I haven't heard of Ron Rash, but I'm excited to read his work. I'm going to wear those socks all the time this winter and it's definitely tea time!
Thanks @LazyDays for hosting the #FavoritePoetSwap

Bookishthoughts How awesome!! Thanks for joining!💗💗 Great Tote bag! 12mo
TheSpineView You're welcome! So glad you liked the journal... it was my favorite thing in the box! I had fun putting everything together. 😊 12mo
merelybookish That tote is great! 12mo
batsy Lovely! That tote 😍 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm Lovely package. I don‘t know the tagged poet either. 12mo
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Ariel: Poems | Sylvia Plath
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Looking forward to opening this all day has kept me going! Thank you Megan!! These are absolutely wonderful. I don‘t know where to start - but the Plath stuff is amazing ❤️ A new Ariel and look at that photo - I‘m so excited at the moment.
And thanks for being so thoughtful with the sweets (no room to show them all)
Can‘t wait to read the rest of the books 😁
Thanks @LazyDays it‘s been great!
Megan - I hope you like yours 😘

Bookishthoughts What a great package! I am happy you've had a wonderful time!💗💗 12mo
Kalalalatja How lovely! What is that white book on the left, it looks cool! 12mo
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TrishB @LazyDays thanks for organising ❤️ 12mo
Kalalalatja Thanks, it sounds really good! 12mo
Cathythoughts 👍🏻❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
Velvetfur I've just had a peek at the Plath poetry book on my shelf that I bought a few months ago, and it's Ariel! Have you read it already? If not, please let me know when you plan to so I can read it at same time and we can discuss! (if you want to!) 12mo
TrishB @Velvetfur just answered your email 👍🏻 This is my 8th copy of Ariel- I‘m an Ariel hoarder!! But am happy to read with you - always good to see different reactions - mine are probably very set now as I‘ve been reading it since I was 16. 12mo
Velvetfur @TrishB Oh wow, 8th copy! Sounds like you're well versed (groan) in that little book then 😂 Ok I'll let you know when I plan to read it then 😊 12mo
TrishB @Velvetfur cool 👍🏻 12mo
merelybookish Lots of Plath! Perfect!! 12mo
batsy Wonderful 💕 12mo
ReadingRover I‘m so glad you like everything and that you don‘t have that Ariel! I love mine. I was away I‘m about to post now. 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm Delightful 💗, so many Plath items, perfect for you! 12mo
TrishB @merelybookish @batsy @erzascarletbookgasm I know - so cool 😁❤️ 12mo
Bookishthoughts @TrishB thank you for joining!💗💗💗 12mo
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Oh @batsy, what a wonderful collection of poetry and treats! Thank you!! Such a fun mix of old and new, and new-to-me.(I've already dipped into the Pessoa and can tell I will love it! 👍) And the editions are gorgeous! 😍 Now I want to collect all the volumes of Penguin Modern Poetry! And for the sweet treats, bookmarks, and adorable notebook. Love it all!
You have excellent taste! 😘
Thanks @lazydays for organizing an excellent #favoritepoetswap

britt_brooke So nice!! 12mo
merelybookish @britt_brooke Litsy swaps are pretty fun! 🙂 12mo
Tanisha_A All of it looks fabulous! 😍 12mo
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rohit-sawant How wonderful! 12mo
Bookishthoughts Wow what a wonderful package!💗 I'll be adding a few to my list!😊 12mo
TrishB Lovely 💕 12mo
mklong What a great package! This swap was too much fun. I already want to do it again. 12mo
Kalalalatja It looks wonderful! 12mo
Bookishthoughts @mklong if I ever host/see another one I'll remember you!😘😘 12mo
hlgreenfield Yay for some Fernando Pessoa love. For sure one of my all time favourites! 12mo
youneverarrived Lovely ❤️ 12mo
batsy Yay! I was happy to get you as my swappee (? 😂) Had fun picking out books for you, hope you enjoy ❤️ 12mo
LeahBergen What lovely gifts! 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm Wonderful! 💜👏 Thanks @batsy for putting together such a lovely package for Margot. She deserves it! I love what she puts in my package. 😊 I‘m happy that you‘re so happy with yours Margot. 12mo
merelybookish @batsy I was psyched to be your swapee. 😀 I knew you'd pick excellent books! And now i have your address so maybe someday I can return the favor! 12mo
merelybookish @erzascarletbookgasm That's so sweet Jessie! I love shopping for you and am pleased you like everything. 💕 12mo
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Thank you for the package of books @LapReader ! Thanks for picking The Camomile Lawn off my TBR; that's a blame it on @Centique addition 😁 & sounds like just the kind of novel to sink into during the hols. Love the bookmark and the soap!

Thank you so much for organising the #FavoritePoetSwap @LazyDays ❤️

Tanisha_A Such goodies! 😍 12mo
Bookishthoughts How awesome! Thanks for joining!💗💗 12mo
Mimi28 That‘s soo cool!! ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
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TrishB Lovely gifts 💕 12mo
LapReader I love Mary Wesley. Hope you do too. That brand of Australian soap is one of my favourites. 12mo
Kalalalatja Lovely! 12mo
merelybookish What a great collection! I love Sheila Heti so will be interested to hear what you think of her!! 12mo
rohit-sawant That's so awesome! 12mo
Bookishthoughts How do you paint a poem. That looks really cool! 12mo
Cathythoughts 👍🏻❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
batsy @LapReader Can't wait to use the soap! And I'm looking forward to discovering Wesley. Thank you so much! 12mo
Centique Yay! Hope you like it. Not quite as sunny inside as the cover appears! 😂 12mo
RaimeyGallant Nice! 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm 👍 very nice! The tagged book sounds good, look forward to your thoughts. And I love lemongrass scent! 💛 12mo
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Dragonsfire and Other Poems | Judith Nicholls
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I am truly happy to be matched with @merelybookish again! (She was also my match in a previous swap). You did very well, Margot, I love everything! 👏 I‘ve never read the two poets, thanks for introducing. Teas and biscuits are great, love the tote and pin, and tattoos stickers are a cool way to proclaim my nerdiness! Thank you for everything! 😙❤️

#favoritepoetswap Thank you @LazyDays this has been lovely.

merelybookish I'm so glad you like everything! But expect another delivery from BD . . . someday. 😯 12mo
Bookishthoughts How amazing!🙌🙌💗 12mo
gibblr The bag 😍 The pin 😍 12mo
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TrishB Great stuff 👍🏻 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm @merelybookish There‘s more?! I thought it‘s only the Mary Oliver book. 12mo
merelybookish @erzascarletbookgasm I ordered 3 books from BD. They all shipped in mid- Sept. The dragon book I added at the end, mostly because I liked the cover. 🙂 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm You‘re most generous! I will keep a look out for the other two books. I‘m sure they will turn up eventually. Thank you @merelybookish 12mo
Kalalalatja I have heard so many good things about Mary Oliver, but never read anything by her. I‘m excited to see what you think! Lovely gifts 💕 12mo
merelybookish @erzascarletbookgasm Hard to browse BD and only buy one book! 🙂 12mo
batsy Lovely! That Dragons Fire cover is fab 😍 12mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful gifts 🎁💕 12mo
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