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I am ready to cozy up for fall with a fantastic package for the #cozyfallswap from @sweetpealsd This package is awesome and I love it. Thank you so much. !!!!!!



Avanders ♥️😍 1mo
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Thank you so SO much for all the wonderful goodies in my #cozyfallswap box @Gissy !!! I am so excited to read both of these books and I absolutely LOVE gnomes - they are my favorite!! So this sign is completely perfect 😍 I cannot wait to curl up in the cozy socks and slippers with one of my new reads ❤️

Untitled | Unknown
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What an amazing #cozyfallswap @LibrarianRyan ! I absolutely love everything. The t-shirt is adorable and the book sleeve is so cute (and will come in handy on my trip on Tuesday). The Day of the Dead pencils are so much fun and I can‘t wait to dig into all the ARCs. You‘re the best! And thanks to @Endowarrior21 for setting the whole thing up.

cwarnier I love that shirt, can someone tell me where I can find it? 1mo
ShelleyBooksie Love that book sleeve! 1mo
LibrarianRyan @cwarnier out of print. They have great sales towards the holidays. I own way too many. 1mo
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LibrarianRyan @cwarnier Out of Print is the name of the company. https://outofprint.com/. You can still get it. The company started by putting original book covers for classic books on tee shirts and have expanded from there. (edited) 1mo
cwarnier Oh, I thought you meant I couldn't get it because it was not being printed anymore.. thanks for the clarification @LibrarianRyan 1mo
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Hocus Pocus, It's Fall! | Anne Sibley O'Brien
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#cfs #cozyfallswap

Thanks @Endowarrior21 for hosting this swap and my package! I love it all! Can‘t wait to read the books! 👻🎃

Meraki: A Syren Story | Naomi Kelly
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Thanks @DinoMom for the #cozyfallswap !! I was blown away by all this. Amazing great first swap for me. Was not expecting all this. The buttons are adorable and I loved hearing about the towels. I‘ve never come across wax press items before. Totally am going to start this book right up.
Thank you, too, to @Endowarrior21 for setting the swap up

DinoMom Glad you like everything. It was fun to put together. I love making the wax seal sticker , so it‘s always fun to put them in swaps. 1mo
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Love love love my package!!! #cozyfallswap Not sure who was more excited for my box, me or my cat lol!!! Once picture was taken he stole my stickers!!! 😂😂😂😸🍁 thank you @TheBookDream !!! @Endowarrior21

TheBookDream I‘m so glad! 😊 1mo
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A very cozy fall box🍂🍁Thank you so much @Ahsley_o13 Love the books you chose🧡That Hocus Pocus book is so pretty!Love those 3 sisters🧙🏼‍♀️The other book was very anticipated since I enjoyed so much her previous one🖤Love the bookmarks, the decoration items & candies😋I will try the coffee this afternoon. I can‘t find this coffee flavor here.mmm😋. I‘m enjoying the different types of coffee flavors that @mommyoftwo sends in #CBBC boxes.

Gissy #CozyFallSwap Thank you @Endowarrior21 for this fun and beautiful cozy swap
🖤🧡🍂🍁 🎃 🍁🍂🧡🖤
Thank you again @Ashley_o13 🥰
ashley_o13 You‘re welcome! Hope you enjoy! 1mo
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Cozy Halloween: Cozy Mystery Boxed Set | Addison Moore, Bellamy Bloom
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Thank you so much to @rsteve388 ! I love everything! Thank you @Endowarrior21 for another great swap. #cozyfallswap

White Smoke | Tiffany D. Jackson
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Thank you @MatchlessMarie I love everything #CozyFallSwap except the Peeps but you did not know that I will just open the package and let them get hard that is the only way I eat them lol.

MatchlessMarie Oh no. I could of sworn I read that you specifically liked the ghost peeps when I was stalking you. Maybe I got you mixed up with someone else. I drown peeps in coffee or cocoa. Glad you liked the rest of it. 1mo
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Thank you @BarkingMadRun for my #CozyFallSwap package. The first thing I noticed was how there were mint hearts on the wrapping to match Mint Chocolate Murder 😍 And you are right Fall is kind of a delusion here in TX but the cool weather has been coming in waves and I‘m spending as much time on my patio as I can when I can find those rare moments 😂 🍁

BarkingMadRead Yay!! I‘m glad you liked it!! 1mo
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