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I Want to be a Cowgirl | Jeanne Willis
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This little girl and the rhymes are art in her book are all wonderfully spunky and fun! Exactly the kind of book that gets little ones inspired to dream big and follow their own path.

Streets of Laredo | Larry McMurtry
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I have never really been a fan of action-packed #kisskissbangbang type novels, so I was surprised to fall in love with Lonesome Dove. Since finishing #lonedove I have been excited to read the rest of the series but am unsure which book to read next 🤔 There seem to be differing opinions on whether to continue in the order the books were published vs following the chronological life of the characters. Any thoughts on this??

Tamra I‘ve read them and I don‘t recall it mattering. 5y
Suet624 Haven‘t read any of the others but now I want to! 5y
Reviewsbylola Very interesting. I planned on reading the rest in order. 5y
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JanuarieTimewalker13 The only LM book, I've ever read was The Loop Group. Don't remember what I thought of it...read it years back 5y
emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola which order!? 5y
Reviewsbylola They are numbered books. My spines are numbered 1-4 so I was going to go with that. 5y
LeahBergen I read Lonesome Dove first and then read the others in order of publication (Laredo, Dead, Comanche). Hmm... I think you‘d probably have more fun reading them chronologically (Dead, Comanche, Laredo). I always recommend starting with Lonesome Dove, though, which so SO goes against my anal-retentive need to always read a series in order. 😆 5y
Reviewsbylola Yes, chronologically is how they are numbered so I just figured I‘d go with that! I‘m glad I read LD first though since that‘s the one most loved and most well known. @LeahBergen 5y
Daisey I'll be curious to follow this conversation because I'm going to need to read some more of this series as well. 5y
Bookzombie I read Lonesome Dove first and then Streets of Laredo. I‘m going to read the first 2 next year and reread the last 2 on audio as I hear it‘s very good. I like to read series in order but honestly these can go either way. I have seen all of the movies and you can watch them in any order too. 5y
Cinfhen Look at you!!!! #cowgirl 5y
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