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City of Brass | S A Chakraborty
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So pumped to meet Shannon Chakraborty who writes the super awesome Daevabad trilogy!
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Seeing in incredible Madeline Miller (Circe, The Song of Achilles)

#morristownfestivalofbooks #mfob #mfob2019 #bookfestival #authortalk #mythology

wen4blu I was there! My favorite was talking about witches in a church, ha! 1mo
bookandcat @wen4blu yes it was too funny! I loved her talk. Wish I had known you were there I would have said hi! 😁 1mo
wen4blu I know! I didn‘t think to scroll through Litsy until I got home. Maybe next year! 1mo
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Inland | Ta Obreht
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Next talk: Tea Obreht (L), Sarah Blake and Julie Orringer (R - moderator is between Obhret and Blake). Fascinating conversation about history and fiction and process. Obreht: The Tiger's Wife, Inland. Blake: The Postmistress, The Guest Book. Orringer: The Invisible Bridge, The Flight Portfolio.

#morristownfestivalofbooks #mfob #mfob2019 #bookfestival #authortalk #historicalfiction

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Next talk - standing room only about historical fiction between Marie Benedict (The Only Woman in the Room, about Hedy Lamarr, aka the book that kept me up til 3 am reading) and Whitney Scharer (The Age of Light). #morristownfestivalofbooks #mfob #mfob2019 #bookfestival #authortalk #historicalfiction

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Have a great time! 1mo
bookandcat @Riveted_Reader_Melissa thanks I had a wonderful time! 1mo
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At Morristown Festival of Books once again! Talk 1 was on romance - a conversation between Meg Cabot and Tessa Bailey! So fun it was like hanging out with two girlfriends. Can't wait to read No Judgments and Fix Her Up! #morristownfestivalofbooks #mfob #mfob2019 #bookfestival #authortalk #romantsy

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Delia Owens gave a talk about her book 'Where the Crawdads Sing' at the Fayetteville Public Library (Northwest Arkansas) today. It was a very interesting discussion. I was able to get my copy signed, too. 😀 #ifallarkansasreadthesamebook #authortalk #rplbooksandbrews

Princess-Kingofkings How exciting!!! 4mo
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Adding to my unintentional Paris / France theme yesterday was this #gburgbookfest talk with author Lynne Olson and critic Bethanne Patrick. Olson just published the tagged book. It sounds absolutely fascinating and I already tracked it down in Scribd Sweet like a macaron!
#gbf #bookfestival #authortalk #bookblog #bookblogger #madamefourcadessecretwar #lynneolson

tpixie Cool in many ways! I‘m just finishing up The Alice Network which is about women spies during World War I! It is a fantastic read! (edited) 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @tpixie Oooh. I have that one—great suggestion! 6mo
tpixie @BarbaraTheBibliophage so glad you got to go to this event!! Last year I went to #NatBookFest and it was amazing! 6mo
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @tpixie I‘d like to the #NatBookFest also. But I‘d stay in DC overnight rather than drive/Metro it all in one day. Not sure when, though. It always seems to be over Mr. B‘s birthday weekend. 6mo
tpixie Yes it‘s over Labor Day weekend. Someday I want to do the NYC #BookExpo & #BookCon I was hoping to this year, but a colleague at work left this Spring, so I‘m holding down the fort until a replacement comes in August! Can‘t go to NatBookFest this year - my daughter is due to have twins in October. I‘d hate if I were gone and they came really early! Oh well, it‘s always good to have wants!! 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @tpixie I‘d love to do those NYC book shows. But it‘s just SO expensive to stay up there. Maybe someday ..: 6mo
tpixie @BarbaraTheBibliophage yes - money 💰 is a sad deterrent! 6mo
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Binti | Nnedi Okorafor
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@LeshaMac and I have our books and we‘re all set for the Nnedi Okorafor #authortalk and #booksigning at the #PublicLibraryOfCincinnatiAndHamiltonCounty #PLCHC. #blacklitsy #blitsy Notes below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Chelleo 📝The author read an excerpt from Binti. She has a nice voice for narration. 6mo
Chelleo 📝The idea of Binti was born during a trip to the United Arab Emirates she took with her daughter. 6mo
Chelleo 📝”Bint” meaning ‘girl‘, reminded her of the rebellious girls she spoke with on that visit and stuck with her. 6mo
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Chelleo 📝Bint became Binti because ‘bint‘ is used as sexist slang in the UK. (edited) 6mo
Chelleo 📝She didn‘t set out to write a novella trilogy but the stories came to her over the course of three years. 6mo
Chelleo 📝This series focuses on the Dora Milaje and features Spider-Man, X-Men and the Avengers. 6mo
Chelleo 📝She was an associate level professor at the University of Buffalo for 3 years while also writing full time, traveling and speaking and raising a daughter. 6mo
Chelleo 📝Advice for aspiring writers: Write what you want; from your heart; stories that you want to tell and don‘t worry about whether or not people will read it. Also, don‘t feel you have to write in linear order, from beginning to end. 6mo
Chelleo 📝Audience Question: If you could have dinner with one of your characters, who would it be? Answer: Onye and Sora (sp) from (edited) 6mo
Chelleo 📝She first started writing when she was 20 years old and don‘t have a goal to get published. She is 2 Masters and a PhD 😳 6mo
riversong153 Wow 💜💜💜 6mo
RebL I planned to comment, “looks like fun!” or something like that. But then I saw how you nested these comments and that‘s awesome! So much juicy book talk! 6mo
CaliforniaCay Love all the little tidbits you Included in the comments. Everything about this picture is absolutely beautiful 💜👏🏾 6mo
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Old Newgate Road | Keith Scribner
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#justpublished #freebook #authortalk #librariansoflitsy
Next Tuesday the local library in the town where I work is hosting this author. His novel (fiction) is set in town, on the same road where Old Newgate Prison is located. The librarian came to my job this afternoon to give me a free copy!!!!!

Mdargusch Nice perk! Enjoy! 10mo
Reggie Wow!!! Whatta librarian!!!! 10mo
kspenmoll @Reggie She was just hired as the library‘s new director. She is a fabulous parent of a student of mine who is graduating inJune. 10mo
Suet624 How nice! 10mo
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If You Love Me, I'm Yours | Lizzie Chantree
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Have a great new day everyone. 😀🌈📚
I‘m doing an author talk at a library soon. If you were going to a book talk, what would you like the author to chat about the most?
#Littens #AuthorTalk #Library

Cinfhen I like learning the inspiration behind the story 😊 1y
kezzlou85 I always like to hear about an authors inspirations for their books and what sort of books you love. 💜 hope it goes really well. 1y
LizzieChantree @Cinfhen Perfect! Thank you. ☀️ 1y
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LizzieChantree @kezzlou85 Great ideas. Thank you! I hadn‘t thought of mentioning what books I like to read too. ☀️ 1y
Bklover What @kezzlou85 said! What are your favorite books? 1y
LizzieChantree @Bklover The first book that gave me a love reading, was The Hobbit. I thought it was such an amazing story and read it in school. Now I enjoy all sorts of genres, but my favourites are romance and humour. It‘s probably why that‘s the genre I write in too. The stories make me smile and I hope they do the same for anyone who grabs a copy to read. Everyone needs a little extra sunshine, ☀️💗 1y
Bklover Your book sounds fascinating! When does it come out? 1y
LizzieChantree @Bklover Thank you! It‘s available for pre-order from Amazon now. The release date is the 9th July. If you read it, let me know what you think. 😀💗🌈📚 1y
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