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Charlie & Amy have been kidnapped. The kidnappers' game is an auction. Whoever offers the most money, their daughter will live, the other will die. Kim Stone is tough on her team. She is determined to bring these children back unharmed.
Story builds and builds and the plot twists and turns until the very surprise ending. Kidnappers are real nasty. Looking forward to the next book & highly recommend this book to those who love mystery thrillers.

Crazeedi I definitely need to add this to my series reads! 2y
EadieB @Crazeedi Yes! Another good series! 2y
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Crazeedi @EadieB awesome!! 2y
TrishB I‘m loving this series 👍🏻 2y
EadieB @TrishB I just wish Kim wasn‘t so grumpy. 2y
TrishB I like that 😁 I‘m pretty sure it‘s probably an apt description for me a lot of the time! 2y
Andrew65 @TrishB 🤣 And me! 2y
Andrew65 @Crazeedi You do, after I‘d read the first one I recommended the series to a colleague and read all 11 over the Summer holiday. (edited) 2y
Andrew65 Loved this! A great series and I liked the interactions between grumpy Kim and the Negotiator, someone who takes her on. 2y
EadieB @TrishB I‘m feeling grumpy too as I am falling behind on my reading as I am helping my 7 yo grandson with his online schoolwork on Tuesdays and Thursday. Also have a big dumpster in my driveway and throwing lots of things out. Found out carbon monoxide has been leaking into house from heater and air-conditioner which is causing major coughing for years. Very scary! So no time for reading. @Andrew65 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB That‘s awful, the carbon monoxide that is. In UK all children been back in school full-time since beginning of September. Look after yourself 😊 2y
EadieB @Andrew65 New Heater/Air Conditioner will be installed in 10 days. Windows are open now. Still coughing but not as bad. Thought it was allergies. Hopefully cough will get better soon. Finn can go to school but my daughter optioned for online at home. 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB Not the time to be coughing with Covid about. (edited) 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB Parents in this country do not have any choice, have to be at school. 2y
EadieB @Andrew65 That‘s not good as I heard UK has lots of cases floating around. 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB The are definitely on the increase again but intention from Government is to keep schools open for children‘s learning and mineral health and to get the country going again. Not fully in favour but this is what we are told we have to do with a lot of safeguards in place. Have to say barring two children all 400 of ours is back, and in main very happy to have the children back. Unlike flu evidence showing low indicence of children spreading (edited) 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB it. We are in out third week back. Referred a number of staff / children for tests due to coughs or temperatures but so far all negative, and appears to be Autumn colds. 🤞 2y
EadieB @Andrew65 Sounds like it‘s working out. 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB Time will tell, but inundated with work and having to keep reviewing arrangements. Children all in bubbles that staff / children don‘t cross, children don‘t move around school, staggered start and finish but still full hours, children not in masks as not advised for under 11s, children 2m away from staff - unless got PPE on. At least children learning of a fashion. Children all happy to be back and are thriving again. But watch this space 2y
Andrew65 Need children back for the economy so adults can go to work. Any cough, temperature, or loss of taste or smell children have to go home or stay home and get tested before can return. If a confirmed case that bubble would then shut down and isolate for 14 days, but other bubbles would stay in unless outbreak or school not done a good enough job of maintaining bubbles. I am very strict on these points. Forty page Risk Assessment in place (edited) 2y
Andrew65 That at least reviewed daily. @EadieB Been like setting up a new school with all the new systems we have in place. (edited) 2y
EadieB @Andrew65 As always you have an amazing system in place. Not surprised as you always put your all into everything you do. The parents are lucky to have such a caring headmaster. 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB And to be fair to them a lot of positive comments from parents, praising my openness and honesty with them and my very regular letters with them that has kept them updated on everything. Thanks 😍 Yes sums me up as a person I try to put my all (sometimes too much) into everything! At Christmas will have been there 14 years and head at previous school for 4 years. But this has to be the most unique of times. (edited) 2y
EadieB @Andrew65 Definitely very unique times but you seem capable to handle whatever is thrown at you. 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB Don‘t really have any option. 55 in November when I could retire if I wanted to and did debate this with myself over the Summer but felt I had to be there for staff and children, and couldn‘t let them all down by leaving at this time. But a very different job! (edited) 2y
EadieB @Andrew65 Hopefully things will get better and these conditions won‘t be classified as normal. I‘m a little nervous of when flu season hits and what will happen then. Will we be able to determine which flu is infecting people at which time? 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB Only by doing what we are doing in school at the moment and getting a Covid test completed for any of the 3 core symptoms, we however need governments to have the testing capacity. 2y
EadieB @Andrew65 A vaccine is suppose be available in October 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB 🤞🤞🤞🤞 But all depends on how effective it is, if tests go well and how long to get it to everybody. One can but hope. 2y
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Schedule for the a Group Read of Lost Girls by Angela Marsons, that I‘m doing on #Librarything An excellent series.

#LostGirls #DIKImStone #AngelaMarsons #GroupRead

EadieB Thanks for the schedule! 2y
Andrew65 @EadieB A bit late but been very intense two weeks. 2y
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Silent Scream | Angela Marsons
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I accepted this challenge to post the covers of books that I love for 10 days. No explanation. No criticism or reviews. Just the covers. Each day, I am going to ask a friend to take up the challenge (only if you want to).
Day 3
#kimstone #angelamarsons #readcrimefiction #crimefiction #silentscream #promotereading #jeansbookshelf

Silent Scream | Angela Marsons
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Day 28 - #Silent #MarchMadness
#SilentScream #AngelaMarsons

The is a first class mystery series! Great writing too!

Eggs 👏🏻 📚 😳👍🏼 3y
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Evil Games | Angela Marsons
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Kim Stone and her team investigate pedophile ring. Dr. Alex Thorne, psychologist, is using her patients as experiments in evil. Kim matches wits with this sociopath of a Doctor as she has her eyes set to bring Kim down. This edge of your seat thriller is well-written. Unique characters. Real page-turner. Plot with twists moves quickly. Great series. Looking forward to book 3. Recommend to lovers of mystery/thrillers. #Murder2020 6/6


Crazeedi You keep giving me more series to read!! 😉🥰 3y
Tove_Reads Book 3 is excellent as well! 3y
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eanderson I need to start this book soon! I liked the first in the series! 3y
Andrew65 @eanderson Another excellent read. 3y
Andrew65 @Tove_Reads Can‘t wait! 3y
Andrew65 @Crazeedi Naughty like that! 🙄 3y
EadieB @Andrew65 Funny! 3y
Crazeedi @Andrew65 😉💖 3y
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Silent Scream | Angela Marsons
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I read this about 2 years ago and still one of my favorite series. Unfortunately, I have yet to read any of the others. I love a strong female lead character and Angela Marsons definitely gives just that with her character Kim Stone. #silentscream #kimstone #angelamarsons #strongfemalelead #thesuspenseisthrillingme #bookworm

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