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#LMPBC @suvata #GroupN

I just joined #LMPBC for the first time. Group N needs one more member. I think this will be similar to #whodunitbymail but more manageable since it only lasts four months.


umbrellagirl I‘m in! Glad to be on board. 1mo
nomadreader Excited to read with you and the rest of Group N! 1mo
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A Man Called Ove: A Novel | Fredrik Backman
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Thanks for the tag!
1. Curious, distracted, eclectic
2. On the couch with the cat on the arm of the couch and tolerating my presence
3. My step father was strictly a Volvo man, but in many other ways he reminds me of Ove.
4. Tagging some #whodunitbymail folks for old time‘s sake.

tournevis 👋 👋 👋 👋 1mo
Mdargusch Thanks! Ahh for the good old days of #whodunitbymail! 1mo
Bklover Oh, thanks @Susanita ! I miss #whodunitbymail folks! 1mo
Eggs Thanks for joining in 🤗👏🏻 1mo
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@kspenmoll @Anovelobsession Your #whodunitbymail books that I still had are on their way back to you as of today! I‘m so sorry that it took me so long to get to the post office, but they should be there soon.

kspenmoll No problem. I have some to mail out as well. 4mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#Millie has been inspecting my work as I straighten up my #TBRcart & gather all of my #jb mail due for responses. She is not impressed with me.

She is also sad to see the end of #whodunitbymail, and I‘m sure it means extra belly rubs as repentance.

She‘d like to know how other #animalsoflitsy keep their humans in line! Care to share? 🐶 🐱

LeahBergen Millie‘s not too worried about “personal space”, is she? 😆😆 5mo
Crazeedi My kitties let me know when they are more important than the book on my lap! #catsoflitsy#animalsoflitsy (edited) 5mo
dariazeoli @LeahBergen Your space is her space 😂 5mo
dariazeoli @Crazeedi So... no reading done, ever? 😁 5mo
Crazeedi @dariazeoli oh I get my reading in, they just push their way in and then I usually lay my book or kindle on top of them! 😉😊 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I‘m sending a #whodunitbymail update this morning.

Unfortunately I just got back 7 undelivered messages so I have to go beat my email program into submission.

Mdargusch Ugh! Such a mess. I got my emails and I would love to know where all those books went! Out of the ones left I‘ve read all but one. 6mo
dariazeoli @Mdargusch I know. Once I removed the books from ex members, I was shocked to see all that remained! 6mo
Alfoster Thanks for doing all this! I know how much work it must be!👏👏👏 6mo
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ReadingEnvy Out of those you listed in the email, I've read all except A is for Alibi and Let Us Prey... I suppose it makes sense that those of us still participating are the ones who have mailed the books along. Sure wish I knew where my book was though. 🤔

Bklover You are the best! Surprised my book is still out there. 6mo
Read4life I hate that all of those books and journals are missing. Mine was never forwarded by one of the people who just quit without notifying us and was replaced. Now it‘s missing again. I‘ve read all but 2 of the books still accounted for. 6mo
Read4life BTW... Tiffy and Rita accumulated several books. Tiffy then stopped answering email and left Litsy. Rita said she wanted to be bypassed but had gotten behind. She said she had 6 books but never responded with the updated title list. I asked her to send them on but don‘t know if she did. She‘s, too, stopped responding to email and her last post on here was 5 months ago. 6mo
leslieseidel Thanks for doing this. I did not receive the email today though. 5mo
dariazeoli @leslieseidel what‘s your email? I‘m not confident you‘re on the list 😕 5mo
leslieseidel It is seidelleslie@gmail.com 5mo
dariazeoli @leslieseidel Thanks, forwarding now! 5mo
AndreaReads Daria, thank you again for all the work you put into this—I am so sorry I disappeared for awhile—I did not do that on purpose! 5mo
PatriciaU Does anyone know who still has my book, Zig Zag Girl? I never received it back after I left the group (edited) 3mo
dariazeoli @PatriciaU Last email I show was @Captivatedbybooks. 3mo
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The Little Prince | Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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At least while I‘m laying here trying to feel better, I can watch a documentary on The Little Prince...
Thanks Netflix!

dariazeoli Hi, Tiffany! Didn‘t see a response to the latest #whodunitbymail group email. There‘s a shared spreadsheet as we redo the rotation. Do you have a book in hand? Which one? Thanks! 6mo
NovelGirl82 @dariazeoli Hey, I just woke up and saw this. I just sent you an email. 6mo
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The Safest Lies | Megan Miranda
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I‘m trying to figure out whether this book is officially out of the #whodunitbymail rotation. Was it returned to @Jess7 or is it still in the wild?

If you haven‘t responded to the message @dariazeoli there‘s still time! She‘s put a lot of effort into trying to get us back on track. If you‘re out, that‘s okay. Just let us know. I‘ve enjoyed exploring #mysteries that I might not read otherwise, and I miss it.

Alfoster @dariazeoli I‘m still in! I haven‘t gotten any books for awhile but I‘m very patient!😍 6mo
Mdargusch I have not seen it. Thanks for working so hard to figure this out @Susanita @dariazeoli 6mo
NovelGirl82 I‘m still in! It should have updated with the books that I have. My phone was acting weird the day that I did my update, though, so if it didn‘t @dariazeoli just let me know and I‘ll email you with the details. 6mo
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ReadingEnvy I haven't seen this one so I'm not sure! 6mo
Anovelobsession I haven‘t seen that book yet. Spreadsheet still good for me - I have Black Orchid right now. @dariazeoli @Susanita (edited) 6mo
That-Bookish-Hiker I‘m still in too. I updated the sheet with the books I have. @dariazeoli holding onto them until we get everything figured out. 😊 6mo
Emiller I‘m out and wondering where my book ended up. It was supposed to be sent back to me. @dariazeoli 6mo
Bklover I‘m still in- just haven‘t gotten a book in a while. 6mo
kspenmoll I am still in. Have 2 books that will be sent out to @MrsV if still in on Monday 6mo
Read4life @kspenmoll In the email thread @dariazeoli sent out and asks for our current books (if any), we were asked not to send any books until she can get a new rotation set up. 6mo
Susanita @Emiller Remind me which was your book? 6mo
Emiller @Susanita Rumor of Bones 6mo
Karen I am still in. I don‘t have any books. It‘s been a couple of months since I have had any. 6mo
Susanita @Emiller It looks like maybe @TheWordJar had it last? Since she‘s left the group too, maybe she didn‘t know to send it to you. 6mo
dariazeoli @kspenmoll Please hold them. Which books? I don‘t see them in the spreadsheet. 6mo
dariazeoli To all: I‘m emailing people individually to send books home for our inactive or dropped-out members. Spreadsheet is being updated as these emails go out. (edited) 6mo
Kangaj1 I‘m still in. Did my book disappear? I haven‘t seen it on the spreadsheet in awhile. 6mo
dariazeoli @Kangaj1 just sent an update email to the group. More than half the books are unaccounted for 😕 6mo
Kangaj1 @dariazeoli got it! 6mo
Jess7 When I exited WHODUNITBYMAIL in December 2017 I told Tiffany she could keep the book and journal in rotation or keep herself since I was exiting. I‘ve seen posts since she read it so I believe it stayed in rotation. No one has returned it to me. (edited) 6mo
Susanita So it sounds like this book is still rattling around somewhere out there after all. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 6mo
TheWordJar @dariazeoli @Susanita @Emiller Just wanted to jump in! Looking at a copy of the last spreadsheet I had, I think the last two books I had were Rumor of Bones and Let Us Prey. I sent those two along to @Read4life when I withdrew from the group. I don‘t have any other books, and my book still has not made it home (not worried...it‘ll get here when it gets here!). 5mo
Emiller @TheWordJar Thank you! It will appear at some point I‘m sure. 5mo
Susanita @TheWordJar I had your book in September and sent it to @AndreaReads but I don‘t know what happened after that. 5mo
Read4life @TheWordJar I received both of those and sent Rumor of Bones to @Marmie7 . I‘ve been holding on to Let Us Prey until we decided how we are going to proceed. Looks like I‘ll be sending it back to it‘s owner this week. 5mo
AndreaReads I am so sorry, friends—I did not mean to completely disappear! @TheWordJar I have your book, I wanted to finish reading it—I will send it back to you ASAP! Thank you to everyone else who tried to get everything put back together, I really enjoyed our (albeit short) time together! 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Attention #whodunitbymail group:

According to the shared spreadsheet (emailed to group about a month ago), we only have about 7 books. If you haven‘t updated that sheet with the *book title* in your possession (if any), please do so by 1/31.

My feeling is that we shouldn‘t mail anything to anyone until we can redo the rotation. There are people w/multiple books and we should stagger those.

Not my decision to make, of course! Just a thought.

Alfoster That sounds like a good idea! I had 3 books at once and now I haven‘t had one for several months. 6mo
leslieseidel I think that is a great idea!! I don't have a book right now. 6mo
Susanita I agree with staggering multiple books and also with taking a little pause while we figure out where we are. My last book was in September. 6mo
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Marmie7 Very good idea! I don't have a book right now, my last book was in November. 6mo
NovelGirl82 That sounds like a great idea! I ended up with like 6 with them being sent several at a time, in 2 bundles. I have a couple right now. I‘ll update in just a few minutes when I get a break from work. 6mo
That-Bookish-Hiker I think that‘s a good idea to pause. I listed the 3 books I have right now on the spreadsheet. 6mo
ReadingEnvy Good idea. I am currently in possession of zero books. 6mo
Read4life I completely agree. We definitely need to get things straightened out before sending any books. I have one to send (updated spreadsheet) but have been waiting until we figure things out. 6mo
Karen Sounds good to me also. I have no books and it‘s been months since I had any. 6mo
Mdargusch I have one right now. I will update spreadsheet. This has become a real mess. ☹️ 6mo
Bklover I agree. I don‘t have a book now. I haven‘t had one for a while. 6mo
BookishBelle I agree too. I have one book. I‘ll go update the spreadsheet presently. Let me know how I can help. 6mo
MrsV I do not have one right now, and have not gotten anything in probably about 3 or 4 months 6mo
Mdargusch I‘m wondering since this is such a mess that we should send books back to owners and call it a day? 6mo
Susanita @Mdargusch This would make me sad, but the current situation frustrates me too. I‘m not even sure how we would communicate such a decision, since there are members who haven‘t officially dropped AFAIK but seem to have disappeared from Litsy and email. 6mo
Mdargusch It makes me really sad too @Susanita I guess my brain just can‘t compute a solution for this. 6mo
dariazeoli Ending things is always an option if majority prefers to do so. If that‘s something some of us want to explore, I‘ll hold off on trying to make some headway in figuring the rotation out. I‘d hate to spend the time if we‘re going to find ourselves in this predicament again. @Mdargusch @Susanita 6mo
Susanita I agree. We already went through that when the first few people left unexpectedly. You‘ve put a lot of work into trying to get us sorted. 6mo
Mdargusch If you think you can figure out a solution, I‘d love to continue! @dariazeoli 6mo
Susanita It also looks like there might be some books still circulating that the original senders asked to have returned. 6mo
dariazeoli @Susanita yes, I thought @readforlife was clear on that when she tried to get us back on track. I have a book I need to send back and will tag those who also do to make sure they‘re out. (edited) 6mo
Captivatedbybooks The 4 have are on the spreadsheet im okay with waiting before sending them along to Karen just so we know whats going where 6mo
kspenmoll Sorry just saw this. I have now 2 books- IQ & He Will Be My Ruin. Came to me last month. I will wait to mail. 6mo
MrsV I haven‘t received a book for quite sometime. Not including this last break. I would like to continue, but I‘m fine with discontinuing if that is the group consensus. 6mo
EllieDottie I have zero books! I haven‘t had any for a while! I‘m ok it we discontinue and I‘m still in if we keep going! Thank you for working through this all @dariazeoli! I‘m sorry it‘s become a mess! (edited) 6mo
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