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One of my favourite ERB novels. #ShhSecrets #AwesomeAutumnBooks

The Body in the Library | Agatha Christie
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I'm looking forward to discovering the #ShhSecrets is this book from the #letsgetcozy book swap.

#awesomeautumnbooks @Jess7

Jess7 Nice!! 2y
Andrew65 One of my favourite Agatha Christie books. 2y
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The Husband's Secret | Liane Moriarty
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And one more from my TBR shelf #ShhSecrets 😉 #AwesomeAutumnBooks @Jess7

Jess7 Love this book!!! 💕 2y
SheReadsAndWrites I just got this one!! Keep us posted... 2y
April2 I read this book a little while back... it's really good! 2y
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Prairiegirl_reading This was not what I expected and I really enjoyed it. I hope you do too!! (edited) 2y
clkbandara Looking forward to read it ... 2y
GypsyKat @Jess7 @SheReadsAndWrites @April2 @Prairiegirl_reading @clkbandara The only other book I've read by her so far is Big Little Lies, which I loved! So I'm excited to read this one! 👍 2y
Andrew65 Do need to read something from this author - targeting November for this. 2y
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The Collector | John Fowles
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In Las Vegas this week so I'm Litsying on my horrible work iPhone. (apologies to all you iPhone fans!). #ShhSecrets #AwesomeAutumnBooks @Jess7 This was a really tense and intense read! I was not expecting that ending! Highly recommended, but it is a slow burn, so only if you enjoy suspense rather than thrilling action.

Jess7 I'm an apple fan all the way, but no offense taken! 🤣 2y
No_One @Jess7 ha! We humans are creatures of habit, aren't we? 😆 2y
Jess7 Yes, most definitely! 🤓 2y
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Sarah's Key | Tatiana de Rosnay
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The first books to come to mind for #ShhSecrets were Jane Eyre and Sarah's Key. These books had some pretty heavy secrets in them.

#AwesomeAutumnBooks @Jess7

[DELETED] 3803335244 I love both these books but Sarah's Key made me cry! I had to have a box of tissues 😔 2y
WarpedSweetness @ForeverNerdy Sarah's Key was really sad. I even teared up while reading it. 2y
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Here's another book that tried to tempt me at the bookstore. #awesomeautumnbooks #shhsecrets
What happens when you realize your "perfect" marriage is a bit too comfortable & your friend is having a successful open relationship? Why not try a short marital experiment? Six months, clear ground rules, zero questions asked. But what happens when the affair begins to seem more enticing than the happily-ever-after you've known for the past 9 years?

Beckys_Books It's highly unlikely I could read this book and finish it. I like happily ever after with no bumps along the way. 2y
Kaylamburson No bumps at all? You don't like a little conflict? @beckys_books 2y
Jess7 I've heard very good things about this. I started reading it a couple weeks ago. It would probably be a good book to discuss bc of the controversy it provokes. 🤗🤓 2y
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Kaylamburson I'm definitely tempted to buy it! If that's the case, it might be a fun Litsy read along! @Jess7 2y
Jess7 Yeah maybe so! I'd be down to read it with you, but it would have to be a November book for me bc my October book list is insane 😳lol 2y
Kaylamburson Yes agreed!! And October is always the craziest, busiest month. But let's shoot for November!! @Jess7 2y
mrozzz You were at the Amazon bookstore? 😉 2y
Kaylamburson Yes, miss! I am officially in love, haha @mrozzz 2y
mrozzz It's an interesting place. Have the lines died down?! 2y
Kaylamburson Oh there used to be lines? I went kinda late, but there was only a handful of people in the store browsing. @mrozzz 2y
mrozzz Yes! I went on the second day it was open. And they had a max capacity of customers they were letting inside the store because there were so many more hoping to get in 2y
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The Secret Between Us | Barbara Delinsky
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Here are a couple of books about a very secretive and obscure "religion." #ShhSecrets #AwesomeAutumnBooks

RealBooks4ever Good call! 👍🏼💜 2y
Jess7 Great choices! 2y
cathysaid Ooooh...I've got to check this one out! Going Clear was pretty good, too. 2y
britt_brooke @cathysaid I haven't read that one yet, but want to! 2y
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Beloved | Toni Morrison
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Lots of #shhsecrets in these #bookmates... Ok, ok, I know, bear with me-these books work great together. Both deal with death/murder, keeping secrets, and the dynamics between people-but whereas one deals with the trauma of slavery and its repercussions, the other follows rich/white/"elite" assholes who think too highly of themselves. To me, this sets them up against each other in a fascinating dialogue. #awesomeautumnbooks #readingenvyreadalong

Natasha.C.Barnes The deaths in both these books fill me with a horror full of layered realizations that hit you in the pit of your stomach, but for very different reasons. Both deal with the question of "why"....the answer to that question tends to linger in the mind for a long time for both these books. #bookmate #bookmatch 2y
DrexEdit Gosh! Terrific review! Now I want to just re-read both of these books Right. Now. 👏👏👏 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes @DrexEdit Aaaa thank you! ☺️ I've been matching a lot of books lately (with plenty saved to post in the future) but this one has to be my favorite. I'm obsessed with both of them. 2y
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ReadingEnvy Oh great pairing! 2y
batsy Very interesting! I haven't read Beloved yet and I know I should. 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes @batsy It was on my "I know I should" list for so long--if I'd known how much I would love it I would have gotten to it sooner! I recommend the audiobook (read by the author!) bc the language is so much easier to understand--I picked up a copy in print and read a page and thought--"wow, this is kinda tough!" But the audio is so meditative and slow-burning in a good way. 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes To be specific, the difficulty with language is of the kind of stream-of-consciousnessy variety. It's not exactly that, but it can feel like it. Everything runs into everything else, you know? @batsy 2y
batsy @Natasha.C.Barnes I get what you mean! I don't do so well with audio books--my attention always wanders--but I'll check it out and see. Thank you! Maybe I can do a combo if I'm stalling with the print version. 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes @batsy mm, yeah, I feel you, that happens to me sometimes too. If that happens regularly it probably will for this one, given how it's written. Just wanted to save you any extra effort! Well I hope I haven't built it up as this impossible mountain--just give it a no-pressure try. 😊 2y
batsy @Natasha.C.Barnes Not at all! I like having an idea of what the book is like and seeing if my reaction is the same, or different ☺️ It's always a pleasure. 2y
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