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Congratulations to @CSeydel
You are the lucky winner of my #L2KGiveaway!!!

Let me know your email address and I will send you your gift card to Amazon!!

Thanks to all who entered. It was wonderful to have so many great book recommendations, & to hear your turn-of-the-century stories!!!

CSeydel Woot! Thank you for the generous giveaway!! And I loved your fun theme 😁 My email is carrieseydel at yahoo dotcom. 2y
Kaye Congrats @cseydel 🌹 2y
keys_on_fire @CSeydel It‘s on its way! 2y
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CSeydel Thank you thank you! 🤗 2y
tammysue Congratulations! 🎉 @CSeydel 2y
Bronte_Chintz Congratulation @CSeydel 🎉🎉🎉 2y
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Giveaway | Tod Goldberg
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Thanks for the giveaway @keys_on_fire !

1. I think I celebrated with family and my fiancé. I was 18! I was not scared of the Y2K.

2. Hmm that‘s a hard one because that‘s what I like to read. I have read the Divergent series twice and want to again because I really like those. I read Nyxia this year, Im patiently wait for the next one to come out. Cinder is another of my favorites, I am having a giveaway for that book right now. #L2KGiveaway

keys_on_fire Thanks for entering! I‘ve read the Divergent series and the first two books of the Cinder series, but I‘ve never heard of Nyxia. Thanks for the recommendation! 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thanks so much for the giveaway🎉❤️

1. When the calendar turned over to the year 2000 it was a dark period in my life. I could not contemplate another crisis.

2. Favorite Sci-fi - The Martian, fav feel good - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

keys_on_fire Thanks for entering! I loved 2y
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The Y2K Bug | Frank Simon
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On NYE 1999, I was horribly sick with the flu and didn't care if the world came to an end or not 🤢 😂

Apocalyptic:The Stand

Feel-good: The Betsy-Tacy series, especially Betsy-Tacy Go Downtown

Thanks for doing this fun #L2KGiveaway! 😊

keys_on_fire Thanks for entering! I‘ve never heard of Betsy-Tacy, so I will have to check that out! 2y
MKbookworm I had strep throat and was feeling the same way 😂 2y
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The Hunger Games | Suzanne Collins
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Thanks for doing this giveaway @keys_on_fire !

1. I don‘t remember what I was doing Dec 31, 1999, but I know I wasn‘t worried about Y2K.
2. Fav apocalyptic book- Hunger Games
3. Fav feel good book - Bridget Jones‘s Diary


Pruzy The best reflection of the YK2 panic I have seen is stickers we still have on electronic equipment in the lab I work in that has a green, yellow or red circle about whether the piece of equipment is Y2K ready. I especially think it is funny seeing the stickers on old fridges or other equipment that is simply motors and gears and could no way be affected by the changing of the millennium (obviously those are green lighted) 2y
keys_on_fire Thanks for entering! Those are some great picks! 2y
keys_on_fire @Pruzy That really interesting! 2y
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Y2K: The Day the World Shut Down | George Grant, Michael S. Hyatt
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Congrats on 2k @keys_on_fire

1. 1999 I was 13 and I remember the y2k worries but don't remember what I did that evening.
2. Idk if I have a favorite post apocalyptic. I love dystopian and post apocalyptic books!


keys_on_fire Thanks for entering!! 2y
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The Fifth Season | N. K. Jemisin
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Congratulations @keys_on_fire on your Litsy milestone ?

1.) On December 31, 1999 I was 24 and having one of the best vacations of my life. I was in Hawaii visiting my brother and his fiancée. The whole family was there; 8 adults and no kids yet. First and only visit to Hawaii. One of the most amicable family reunions I can remember.
2a. Favorite apocalyptic or sci-fi book: Fifth Season (tagged)
2b. Favorite feel-good book: Pride & Prejudice

Gissy Congratulations! @keys_on_fire 👏👏👏👏🎉🎊🎉🎊 2y
keys_on_fire Thank you for entering, and I will have to check out your recommendations! 2y
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Congrats @keys_on_fire on your Litsy milestone 📚🎉😀what a fun idea for a giveaway #L2Kgiveaway

Dec 31, 1999 was spent at a low key New Years Eve Party...most of us were new parents and just thrilled to be out of the house 😜

Tagged book was the first book that made me appreciate the apocalyptic genre. It‘s book one of trilogy. Still waiting for book 3.

A definite feel good read was The One in a Million Boy which I discovered through Litsy!!

keys_on_fire Thanks for entering! And also thanks for the book recommendations! 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thank you @keys_on_fire for the chance to win in your #L2Kgiveaway!
1. I was at a NYE party, and the host decided it would be funny to sneak away and turn the power off when the clock turned to midnight. 😃
2. 1984, The Notebook

keys_on_fire Thanks for entering! I love your NYE story 😃 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Congrats @keys_on_fire on your Litfluence goal!!

1. I was 10 or 11, my aunt got married that day and I was too young for the reception, so I was sleeping.

2. Station Eleven was a great dystopian book! My favorite feel good book is probably one by Sarah MacLean her Rules of Scoundrels series.


keys_on_fire Thanks for entering!! And thanks for the book recommendations; I will add them to my list! 2y
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