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#immigrantsong In my favorite book, Francie‘s Irish father is always singing when he gets home. #maymoviemagic

Cinfhen Good one!!!! This was a great read 😊🧡 2w
rohit-sawant 💜💜 2w
EyesOnly34 Ahh your favorite book is at it again :D 1w
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call it sleep | henry roth
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I'm following @batsy and recycling a post from an earlier challenge nearly three years ago. Published in 1934. It does a good job of showing the gap between what a person thinks/feels in their native tongue and what they are able to express in English.
#immigrantsong #maymoviemagic @cinfhen @rohit-sawant

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The Shoemaker's Wife | Adriana Trigiani
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This showed up on my doorstep unsolicited when it was first published. I‘d never had any interest in reading Trigiani, but this book wowed me. Enza and Ciro‘s love story captivated me, and I loved reading about their journey from Italy to the US and the decades that followed. #immigrantsong #maymoviemagic

Melissa_J I adored this book. It was the first Trigiani I read. While I‘ve tried some of her other books, none have compared to this one. 2w
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The Gown: A Novel | Jennifer Robson
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Celebrating #MothersDay with my mom & honoring her mother with this dedication from Robson's The Gown. Pic of my gram (b.1890) also "an immigrant, a seamstress, and a most beloved grandmother." Loving this multigenerational story of a granddaughter discovering her Nan's past as a seamstress who embroidered Elizabeth II's wedding gown. And my sis-in-law (a Hartnell) is related to the designer! #ImmigrantSong #MayMovieMagic @cinfhen @rohit-sawant

Cinfhen That is truly amazing 🧡thanks so much for sharing 2w
Caroline2 Wow!!! 😯 how awesome is that!! 2w
CrowCAH Wow what a great story! 2w
rohit-sawant Wow! How fantastic! Appreciate you sharing 💜 2w
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Small Island: A Novel | Andrea Levy
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#MayMovieMagic #ImmigrantSong two that I read very recently.... both beautiful & memorable books 👍🏻♥️💔

Reviewsbylola I loved Behold the Dreamers! (edited) 2w
Cathythoughts @Reviewsbylola yes! Me too ♥️👍🏻 2w
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The last time I mentioned this book was two years ago, also for a @Cinfhen photo challenge, in May 🙂

A brilliant book that touched me deeply. I read it when I took a summer course in college on British lit with a professor I respected a lot and didn't regret it; his reading list was 🔥 #ImmigrantSong #MayMovieMagic @rohit-sawant

Cinfhen and I probably stacked it 2 years ago 😂😊😘 2w
batsy @Cinfhen 😆 2w
Cinfhen Thanks for putting it back on my radar 😂😂 2w
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Cathythoughts Sounds really good 👍🏻♥️ 2w
FashionableObserver I adored that book!! 2w
Tamra Stacked! 2w
JazzFeathers It's been on my TBR forever. Really need to come to it. 2w
batsy @Cathythoughts @Tamra @JazzFeathers It's really good ❤️ 2w
batsy @FashionableObserver It's really something 💕 2w
Centique Wow, can you believe I‘d never heard of this one! Very glad to be stacking this. 😍 2w
batsy @Centique I'd love to know what you think whenever you get to it ❤️ 2w
rohit-sawant @Centique Same, only hearing about it now! Bumping this up my @batsy stack 😄 I literally need a separate shelf for your reccs! 📚 2w
batsy @rohit-sawant Pleased to be at your service 😂 I'd love to know what you think of it if you ever get to it! 2w
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Looking forward to this story of a Peruvian family who emigrate to NYC in the 1990s and the challenges they face. #immigrantsong

@Cinfhen @rohit-sawant

Cinfhen I don‘t think I‘ve read any Peruvian fiction. Im curious to hear your thoughts when your done. Happy Mother‘s Day 💕 2w
readordierachel @Cinfhen Happy Mother's Day to you too! 💚 2w
vivastory This one sounds really interesting. Happy Mother's Day! 2w
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merelybookish I have this from the library but don't know when I'll get to it! 2w
readordierachel @vivastory Thanks, Scott! 😊 2w
readordierachel @merelybookish It sounds good doesn't it?? And @Redwritinghood liked it, so I have high hopes 😁 2w
Redwritinghood @readordierachel @merelybookish I liked it. It was bleak, but well done. 2w
rohit-sawant Fascinating! A little late but Happy Mother's Day! 2w
readordierachel @rohit-sawant Thanks, Rohit! 😊 2w
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Columbia's Courtship | Walter Crane
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(Day 12 - #ImmigrantSong)

*Pictured above are B&W photos of Ellis Island, which is a symbol of the immigrants who came to America from 1892 to 1954. The color photos are of the Southern US border, which is the site of Trump‘s {planned} border wall. The illustrations are from the tagged book about US immigration, but the Norseman is symbolic of the Norse invasion into Britain around the year 793, which is the subject of the song.

Cinfhen Love the collage ❤️ 2w
gradcat @Cinfhen Thank you very much!! 1w
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Humans of New York | Brandon Stanton
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#immigrantsong sings to my heart. My grandparents were all born in NYC from Immigrants Hungarian. Austrian,Luthiuanian, German, And Irish. My paternal grandmothers family were Orthodox Jews, and her grandfather was a Rabbi. My maternal Grandfathers family has nuns and priests. My Extended family includes people of Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and African descent. #maymoviemagic #oneworld 🥰❤️🥰 #nohumanisilligal

Cinfhen That‘s pretty amazing!! So much love in that mix ❤️🙌🏻 2w
Jee_HookedOnBookz Wow! That's one amazing family! ❤️❤️ 2w
rohit-sawant How wonderful! Lovely post! 💕 2w
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