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Heartstone | Elle Katharine White
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Chapter 10: I was super happy and chuckled when I can across the line of the Wynce Curdred, “What splendid rutabagas.” Great homage to the 2005 P&P movie!

A lot happened in this chapter. Again Alize encounters Wydrick, who tells her of his past with the Daired family. “He didn‘t steal the sword.” But, would he have really passed the test to become a rider? 🤔 Seems he‘s a trigger happy Ranger as we saw with the trolls.

BarkingMadRead Dying over the Mr Collins character, and wondering how “Wickham” got that sword! Why would his reaction be to say it wasn‘t stolen? Me thinks he doth protest too much! 2w
Ruthiella @BarkingMadRead 💯 right on with your call on Wydrick/Wickham! I also felt sad about the troll. 😥 2w
ravenlee I love that the Collins character is named Wynce. I mean, it‘s a little on the nose, but still. 2w
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julieclair @ravenlee Yes, Wynce! Such a hoot! 😂 2w
MicrobeMom I actually love Wynce! So unintentionally hilarious! 2w
CrowCAH @BarkingMadRead I agree, why would someone automatically think he did steal it. He‘s got some strange thinking. 2w
CrowCAH @Ruthiella same. A peaceful troll died for no good reason. 2w
CrowCAH @ravenlee the authors name choices are very spot on! 2w
CrowCAH @julieclair @MicrobeMom I agree the author did a great job with his character, we certainly wince at his affability! 2w
PageShifter I am curious to get to know the another pov of the same story! It's always interesting how stories can be so different if told by different point of views. And might that man in black be the same creature she met at the ball (the one whispering but never visible)?! 1w
PageShifter @Ruthiella I was also sad for the troll but I was happy that he didn't die! 1w
PageShifter After seeing your comment @CrowCAH I understood that the troll did die?!?! Bummer! 1w
CrowCAH @PageShifter yes, the angle of the story is unique, a good variation from the original text. Sadly the troll died. 😢 1w
DebinHawaii @CrowCAH @Ruthiella @PageShifter Does the young troll die later? 😔I thought the arrow broke off and he lumbered off with the rest of the group. 1w
DebinHawaii Wynce Curdred is perfect, as was the nod to the movie potato scene for sure! 🤣 1w
CrowCAH @DebinHawaii oh is that how it happened? I‘ll have to go back and check. I thought it died. (For sure! 🥔!) 1w
PageShifter @DebinHawaii I also got the impression like he wouldn't have died but these comments made me to think he did. 1w
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