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Station Eleven: A novel | Emily St. John Mandel
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Reading about the effects of this #Contagion was fascinating. (Bonus point because it references Voyager?)

jmtrivera Now that I think about it, I'm also pretty sure this was the first book I posted about on Litsy. 1mo
Megabooks I love this book! Nice choice. 👍🏻🖖🏻 1mo
LiterRohde One of my favorite books. 1mo
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Contagion | Robin Cook
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Another TNG episode I had to rewatch to refresh my memory. Fairly forgettable, interesting mystery I guess, although I never really felt like the Enterprise was in any real danger.

#StarTrekSummerMay #Contagion @Megabooks

Megabooks It‘s not like they were going to kill Data! 1mo
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A Christmas Carol | Charles Dickens
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“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”

#StarTrekSummerMay | 18: #Contagion

📷: Made with Typorama

Megabooks True! 1mo
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The Andromeda Strain | Michael Crichton
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In #Contagion TNG epi 3.11 we learn Picard is an archeologist, Iconians could cross light-years as easily as we cross a room, computer viruses are bad, and Starfleet doesn‘t practice network prophylactics. Also featuring Toronto‘s City Hall.

As such, the only Michael Crichton book I like is The Andromeda Strain. Again, as with all his books, the film is better (the 1st film, 1971; the 2008 film is baaaaaaad).

#startreksummermay #day18

gradcat Very cool post 😎! 1mo
Megabooks Love these facts! Timeline is my favorite Crichton, but I enjoyed The Andromeda Strain as well. Never seen either movie, though. 1mo
tournevis @Megabooks Andromeda is a fine medical thriller with a side of body horror and the first movie is slow and oppressive, just like the book. The second movie is action adventure horror with a nonsense romantic plot, and no about of Benjamin Bratt looking fine can compensate. 1mo
Megabooks I think any movie that can be made into an action movie is. Up next The Perks of Being a Wallflower...with Guns! (First inappropriate movie that came to mind. 😂😂) 1mo
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The #littlestthings can can have a big impact. And are very interesting. #maymoviemagic

tournevis Your post also fits #startreksummermay #contagion 😃 1mo
Chrissyreadit @tournevis I‘m all about eclectic and opportunity. 😸 1mo
Cinfhen Check this out @Megabooks Good one, Chrissy!! 1mo
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This talks about the search to find a drug to combat bacterial #Contagion. It has a wonderful historical overview of the #LittlestThings that have caused major problems in history. I‘m going to recommend two other books about bacteria and drugs in the comments. All three are great #audiobooks, too. I highly recommend these books for pharm/science/history nerds!

#StarTrekSummerMay #MayMovieMagic

Cinfhen I like NF but I haven‘t read too many scientific ones... they make me nervous 🥺but I might try your suggestions 😄 1mo
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Cinfhen BTW: I‘m allergic to all Sulfa antibiotics 🤪 1mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I‘m allergic too! I Contain Multitudes would be a good place to start. It‘s the most “pop science” of the three. 😁😁 1mo
Cinfhen Thanks for the go to rec!! BTW: I saw this book suggested and it sounds fascinating too 1mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen Thanks! Stacked that one! 1mo
KateFulfordAuthor Sounds interesting- thanks! 1mo
rohit-sawant Great post! Appreciate the reccs! 1mo
Crazeedi I love to read books medical, etc. I'm checking all these out! Thank you! 1mo
gradcat I‘m like @Cinfhen ... in more ways than one: I, too, love nonfiction but am a bit scared of the sciencey ones, plus, I have a severe allergy to sulfa antibiotics as well ... go figure! But you do make these books sound very interesting....👍 Oops, I see that @Megabooks also has that allergy—I think it is fairly common, right? 💉🧫😂 (edited) 1mo
jb72 I love nonfiction books especially science based ones. 1mo
Megabooks @KateFulfordAuthor I hope you enjoy it! 1mo
Megabooks @rohit-sawant I hope you try one! 😁👍🏻 1mo
Megabooks @Crazeedi Awesome! Enjoy! 1mo
Megabooks @gradcat well, sulfa is a molecular side-chain used in dye making, as opposed to something natural like the penicillin mold, so that may be why there are more allergies. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1mo
Megabooks @jb72 Me too! 👍🏻👍🏻 1mo
gradcat Goodness @megabooks ! Who knew!?! 🤣🧐 1mo
SW-T I have to stay off your feed 🤣You always post about such interesting books! Another one for my TBR list 🤗 1mo
Megabooks @SW-T Thanks! 🥰 I think the best/worst thing about Litsy the ever-increasing TBR!! 😂 1mo
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Contagion | Erin Bowman
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I shall also be starting this sci-fi, horror novel. I think it‘s also YA. I don‘t know much about it other than it involves some spooky virus thingymajig. I figured the less that I know, the more receptive I‘ll be to the twists and horror elements (hopefully).

#contagion #scifi #horror #ya

RainyDayReading I just picked this up from my library today! 3mo
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Contagion | Erin Bowman
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I am doing this way too often lately. Let the race begin. #speedreading #Contagion #ErinBowman

CouronneDhiver Yikes! 9mo
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Contagion | Erin Bowman
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So far, this sci-fi thriller from Erin Bowman is delivering the goods. Lots of good twists and, for the most part, the actions of the characters make sense. #Contagion #scifi #ya #ErinBowman

SandyW Stacked. Thanks! 10mo
BillBlume @SandyW hope you‘ll enjoy it, too! Realized this morning, this is one of those books where it‘s won me over for the ride, and all I‘m doing now is waiting to see if it can stick the landing. 10mo
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Contagion | Erin Bowman
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In my earlier post, I‘d mentioned how I was listening to the score from “Aliens” while reading Contagion. Also tweeted about it, and Erin Bowman responded that she also listened to the “Aliens” score while writing the book. #YA #scifi #ErinBowman #Contagion #Aliens #WritingMusic #ReadingMusic

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