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Day trip to Kinsale #bookanddrink

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Love & Gelato | Jenna Evans Welch
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I'm behind on my posts because i'm getting some good reading time in! @staci.reads enjoying another beer from iowa. Thank you. #currentreads #bookanddrink #readathon #readathonhourlyphoto #deweys24hourreadathon #deweysapril #beerandabook #hour7

staci.reads One of my favorites 🤗 8mo
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I Capture the Castle | Dodie Smith
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This is a total #blameitonlitsy read. Hadn‘t heard of it before all the litsy love. Embracing my Canadian roots this afternoon and drinking coffee outside because it is sunny and the thermometer is in positive territory. Definitely the only person here that thinks temp in the high 30s Fahrenheit is good outdoor weather. #bookanddrink #bookandeat

Tamra I agree with you the 30s feel great and that is a lovely read! 11mo
Blaire @Tamra ❄️ I love a sunny day with a nice chill in the air. 11mo
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Siren's Song | Mary Weber
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When you can‘t finish a book in a “reasonable” time does it drive you crazy? It does me. I‘ve been in a terrible reading slump lately and all I want to do is finish a book. I have no problem starting, but it is TAKING FOREVER to finish, if at all. Any tips/tricks for pleasure reading in a busy, mind numbing schedule?•
#unfinishedbook #readingslump #openbook #bookanddrink #octbookstagram18 #kuehlerbookstop

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Monsoon Mansion: A Memoir | Cinelle Barnes
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#DiverseSpines | Day 9 Book and Drink

A lovely Spine & Vine on #winewednesday! La Spinetta Rosê & MONSOON MANSION by Cinelle Barnes ??

#spinesvines #books #wine #photochallenge #day9 #bookanddrink #roseallday #monsoonmansion

Linsy That cover!!! 🤩 1y
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House of the Spirits | Isabel Allende
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A bit of a play on words with this one, but this is a book I do want to read. Has anyone else read it? Would you recommend it?

ephemeralwaltz Still haven't read anything by Allende! 1y
Andrew65 @ephemeralwaltz I read The Japanese Lover earlier this year. 1y
Andrea4 Would definitely recommend! 1y
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Andrew65 @Andrea4 Thanks 👍😊 1y
ephemeralwaltz @Andrew65 yes that one's on my TBR too. It sounds like a lovely read! 1y
Andrew65 @ephemeralwaltz It was an enjoyable read, but The House Of the Spirits has a much higher rating on Goodreads (4.21 v 3.80) 1y
LikelyLibrarian Allende is an amazing author. I read Spirits last year and loved it. Enjoy! 1y
Andrew65 @LikelyLibrarian Thanks 👍😊 1y
Melissa_J I loved this one! 1y
mrp27 One of my all time favorite books by a favorite author! Definitely worth a read. 1y
Andrew65 @mrp27 @Melissa_J Okay you‘ve both definitely persuaded me to read it soon! 😊 (edited) 1y
Weaponxgirl This is one of my favourite books ever! 1y
Andrew65 @Weaponxgirl More fantastic praise! 👏 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 great book! Love Allende too! 1y
Andrew65 @EadieB Everyone seems unanimous on this one. 😊 1y
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Orphan Train: A Novel | Christina Baker Kline
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Killing some time before leaving for scout camp!
Beavers aren‘t arriving until tomorrow morning, so it‘s leader bonding time ☺️

#BookAndDrink #CafeReading #Camping

An American Marriage | Tayari Jones
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About to start this one for one for my irl book clubs and it seemed perfect for today‘s prompt. #psiloveyou #heyjune #bookanddrink

Cinfhen Yes!!! So good!! And lovely photo🤩 1y
GypsyKat Yum! 1y
emilyhaldi Ha! I used this same book for the prompt 😉 1y
Blaire @Cinfhen @GypsyKat @emilyhaldi I‘m a third of the way in and it is so heartbreaking. 💔 . And thanks - a latte from the absolute best coffee shop. ☕️ 💕 1y
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Heidi | Johanna Spyri
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One of my favourite shows on Cartoon Network (90s) was Heidi. My mom bought this book soon after. One of my favourite children's read. Interestingly, I just googled to find out that the TV show was a Japanese anime series!

Girl from the Alps ft. Summer Drink 👧🗻🐑🍹

#survivingsummer #memories #bookishmountain #pinkcover #bookanddrink #coololdbooks
@Ruthiella @Tiyas7 We were talking about it the other day.📖📚

Tiyas7 @BiblioLitten It was an Anime???😮 1y
Ruthiella It‘s book serendipity 😀!!! 1y
BiblioLitten @Tiyas7 exactly my reaction! Of course I didn't know what anime was back then.😀 1y
BiblioLitten @Ruthiella I know, right!😀 1y
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Sometimes you just need to go back in time ... and pretend you‘re a gunslinging, dress-wearing, sharp-tongued law woman. This was a bunch of fun!
#romantsy #bookanddrink #bookreview #review

kstadt929 Love the cup! 2y
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