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Let me tell you about purgatory. Shortly after politely being informed of my death, I'll be led into a personal waiting room with several items. There's a bookcase, a chair with no foot-rest, and a stereo. A small table next to the chair includes my reading glasses and my favorite mug, full of tea. "Why, this suits me just fine!" I think. Wandering over to the bookcase, I notice: it's full of all the books I've abandoned in my life.

kidamy I choose one at random before approaching the chair. The chair is, well, it's fine. But, you know, it could really use a foot-rest. No matter. I open the book to where I left off and settle in. Minutes later I notice I've stopped reading and in just idly staring at the page. I reach for the mug. 6y
kidamy The tea is warm. Ish. It's warmish and it's not very strong. I'll enjoy it, but it's not quite to my liking. I approach the stereo. It's a six CD carousel, full of my favorite bands! Full of...my least favorite albums from my favorite bands. 6y
kidamy I look around the room and sigh. There's no art on the walls. It's bright enough, but there's no lamps. "Where am I, really?" I think to myself. I approach the door to ask what's going on and I hear the click of the lock. Guess I better get reading. 6y
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Bookwomble The subtle torture of the mediocre 😑 (Brilliant post 😊) 6y
kidamy @Bookwomble Thank you! That means a lot! 💙😄 6y
jamie_in_the_library I would read that short story ;) 6y
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The commentary is a bit dry, but it‘s very comprehensive. I‘m enjoying it so far and it‘s making me listen to a lot of Stone Roses :) #britpop #oasis #stoneroses #blur #suede #music #alternative #nonfiction #retrospective #currentlyreading

Chelleo Welcome! Checkout #Litsytips: http://bit.ly/litsytips by @RaimeyGallant and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU. They‘re great and should help you get settled in. Follow @LitsyHappenings to find out about various challenges, buddy reads, meet-ups and swaps taking place. #LitsyWelcomeWagon 6y
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 6y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 😊👋🏻 6y
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Last Party (Revised) | John Harris
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#MarchIntoOz #SoundsOfThen

A social history of Britain in the mid 90s told through the lens of Britpop - the songs and the musicians. Fascinating.

Cinfhen Love this!!! You officially rocked this challenge 🙌🏻🏆 6y
CarolynM @Cinfhen Why, thank you.☺️ I've enjoyed it very much. 6y
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So, am reading The Dorito effect, and the author explains how food manufacturers research consumers' 'need states'- "Today there are chemicals for every need state". This line made me think of 'Chemical World' by #Blur. #Indie #food #foodwriting #foodjournalism #eatrealfood #music

Blur | Steven James
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Das tote Mädchen (Blur im englischen) von Steven James habe ich an einem Tag ausgelesen. Die Geschichte war unendlich spannend und hatte genau den richtigen Touch Mistery.

Ich hab gerade herausgefunden, dass es zwei weitere Teile geben soll, aber da der erste abgeschlossen war, frage ich mich, was da passieren soll??

#dastotemädchen #stevenjames #blur