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So to make a long story short my paternal grandfather came early with birthday money (he shows up on birthdays and holidays with money) so mom had me buy my birthday present on Amazon. As I was checking out I found out this!! How did I miss this?? Needless to say we will be taking full advantage of this!

Riveted_Reader_Melissa That‘s wonderful! Every little bit helps! 2d
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State of Wonder | Ann Patchett
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#7days7covers #coverlove Day 2
Tagging @shellleigh33 if you want to play - post a pretty cover every day for 7 days, no explanation required.
Honesty: I took all my 7 pictures yesterday while I was thinking about it so I‘d have them ready. 😉

Lcsmcat I‘ve never seen this cover for this book - who‘s the publisher? 6d
twohectobooks That‘s what I‘m planning to do! I won‘t get it done otherwise! 5d
batsy Love the look of your nails against that cover! 5d
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shellleigh33 Sounds fun. Challenge excepted I will post my first post later today. That‘s for the tag 5d
sudi 💚💚💚 5d
mcipher @batsy Thank you! I thought they were good colors together too. 😊 5d
mcipher @twohectobooks Exactly! I‘d totally miss a day. 5d
mcipher @Lcsmcat It is A Harper Perennial Olive Edition. Whatever that means. I bought this and another published by them because they are so gorgeous! 5d
mcipher @shellleigh33 Yay! Can‘t wait to see your covers! 5d
mcipher @sudi 🥰 5d
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Amazonia | James Rollins
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#7days7covers #covercrush #Day3

Thanks @DaveGreen7777 for the tag!

To play along, tag 7 books with covers you love for 7 days in a row, no explanation needed. You can also nominate others you think might enjoy playing!

I nominate @Rambo_Reads if she wants to give it a go.!

State of Wonder | Ann Patchett
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I‘m just going to continue my trend of ignoring the books I‘m already in the middle of and read this one instead. It‘s been waiting on a shelf long enough.

cariashley I looooove this book. It was my first Patchett 💛 2w
CBee This one is AMAZING 😍😍😍 2w
Lcsmcat It‘s a wonderful book! 2w
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rwmg Even better than Bel Canto 2w
LeahBergen I like the way you‘re trending. 😆 2w
Leftcoastzen Sometimes you must! 2w
Melissa_J @cariashley @CBee @Lcsmcat @rwmg I really like what I‘ve read so far 👍🏻 2w
Melissa_J @LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen I do need to stop at some point though. My in the middle of books are feeling unloved 😂 2w
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Petals from the Sky | Mingmei Yip
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A good book, I was a little disappointed with the main character's plot development. #China #love

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This book is so fascinating! Middle para here sounds EXACTLY like what our biggest corporations are doing now...ahem-#amazon-ahem...
“It had a single tendency: to destroy the last vestige of control by the laborer over his own wage or working life.”
#labor #industrialrevolution #history #research #histfic #nerd #uk

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I know I get down on Amazon a LOT and I do have my reasons. But for all our Amazon devotes out there, you should read this before you buy any “classic“ literature in print or in Kindle. It's really interesting.


sudi Thanks for sharing this article, but i think this applies to so many other classics as well. Since i live in India, anytime i search for a classic on amazon these copies are the first thing that shows up in the search. And the one published by a well known publisher will be at the bottom. If these copies have so many errors and copyright issues, they shouldn't be advertised at top of the page. 1mo
Mdargusch Fascinating and sad. I‘ve been afraid to buy many products from amazon because fake articles are produced and sold as the real thing and how do you know? 1mo
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