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The only shopping I‘ve done this weekend. #1ClickChick

Cinfhen Perfect!! You never disappoint 😁♥️ 2mo
LeafingThroughLife I‘ve been doing some of this kind of shopping this weekend, too. 😁 2mo
squirrelbrain Some good ones there! 2mo
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MicheleinPhilly @Cinfhen I popped into a few shops just to say Hi to my owner friends but they were way too peopley. I shop small on a daily basis so didn‘t feel the need to do so yesterday. Happy Hanukkah love! 😘 2mo
TrishB Great choices 👍🏻 2mo
Cinfhen Thanks for the Hanukkah wishes xx 2mo
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I may not be reading much but I‘m back to buying much xx #AudibleDeals

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🤣🤣🤣 same here!! 10mo
Cinfhen Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️ @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks xxxx I knew you‘d get it 🥰 10mo
MicheleinPhilly Same! My reading this year has been such 💩. But I‘m still a #1ClickChick 10mo
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Cinfhen That‘s my girl xx @MicheleinPhilly 10mo
Megabooks I haven‘t looked yet, but I plan to! 10mo
Librariana I picked up "The Mystery of Mrs. Christie" a while back, but of course, knowing me, it'll go on the TBR pile along with many others until I'm done reading the books from last year's TBR pile! ?? 10mo
Cinfhen It was $2.95 @Librariana so I figured why not 🤷🏼‍♀️ 10mo
Cinfhen @Megabooks keep me posted xx I like inspiration 🥰😊😉 10mo
Librariana I probably have the email from Audible letting me know there's a sale! I think I have a credit hanging out right now... 🤔🧐😎 10mo
Cinfhen It‘s buy one get one free on Audible @Librariana and there were a lot of good choices!! If you have a credit / it‘s worth taking a peak 😍 10mo
Tera66 Lol! My 2020 resolution was to not buy any books, in 2021 I have been making up for last year and buying plenty for this year. 9mo
Cinfhen Well congrats on making it through 2020 @Tera66 I always make resolutions like that but by March I‘ve completely failed!!! I‘m all for buying books/ they always fit, don‘t go out of style and they have a LONG shelf life ☺️ 9mo
Tera66 @Cinfhen I always say, its not drugs, its books not crack.😂 9mo
Cinfhen @Tera66 TRUTH 🙌🏻💕😁 9mo
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A+ #KindleDailyDeals in the U.S. today. #1ClickChick

DeeLew Oooh! Plain Bad Heroines! 12mo
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