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About Us: Essays from the Disability Series of the New York Times
About Us: Essays from the Disability Series of the New York Times | Peter Catapano, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
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Based on the pioneering New York Times series, About Us collects the personal essays and reflections that have transformed the national conversation around disability. Boldly claiming a space in which people with disabilities can be seen and heard as they arenot as others perceive themAbout Us captures the voices of a community that has for too long been stereotyped and misrepresented. Speaking not only to those with disabilities, but also to their families, coworkers and support networks, the authors in About Us offer intimate stories of how they navigate a world not built for them. Since its 2016 debut, the popular New York Times Disability column has transformed the national dialogue around disability. Now, echoing the refrain of the disability rights movement, Nothing about us without us, this landmark collection gathers the most powerful essays from the series that speak to the fullness of human experiencestories about first romance, childhood shame and isolation, segregation, professional ambition, child-bearing and parenting, aging and beyond. Reflecting on the fraught conversations around disabilityfrom the friend who says I dont think of you as disabled, to the father who scolds his child with attention differences, Stop it stop it stop it what is wrong with you?the stories here reveal the range of responses, and the variety of consequences, to being labeled as disabled by the broader public. Here, a writer recounts her path through medical school as a wheelchair userforging a unique bridge between patients with disabilities and their physicians. An acclaimed artist with spina bifida discusses her art practice as one that invites us to stretch ourselves toward a world where all bodies are exquisite. With these notes of triumph, these stories also offer honest portrayals of frustration over access to medical care, the burden of social stigma and the nearly constant need to self-advocate in the public realm. In its final sections, About Us turns to the questions of love, family and joy to show how it is possible to revel in life as a person with disabilities. Subverting the pervasive belief that disability results in relentless suffering and isolation, a quadriplegic writer reveals how she rediscovered intimacy without touch, and a mother with a chronic illness shares what her condition has taught her young children. With a foreword by Andrew Solomon and introductory comments by co-editors Peter Catapano and Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, About Us is a landmark publication of the disability movement for readers of all backgrounds, forms and abilities. Topics Include: Becoming Disabled Mental Illness is not a Horror Show Disability and the Right to Choose Brain Injury and the Civil Right We Dont Think The Deaf Body in Public Space The Everyday Anxiety of the Stutterer I Use a Wheelchair. And Yes, Im Your Doctor A Symbol for Nobody Thats Really for Everybody Flying While Blind My $1,000 Anxiety Attack A Girlfriend of My Own The Three-Legged Dog Who Carried Me Passing My Disability On to My Children I Have Diabetes. Am I to Blame? Learning to Sing Again A Disabled Life is a Life Worth Living
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About Us: Essays from the Disability Series of the New York Times | Peter Catapano, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
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#newyearwhodis @monalyisha @tenar

⭐ Books I already owned:
Mrs Dalloway
Sister Outsider

😂 Books I've read (but not this version!)
Frankenstein - a 5 ⭐ read for the 1831 version - I love the Gothic genre - so looking forward to trying the original!

❤ Books I've just bought:
The Housekeeper and the Professor
The Lathe of Heaven
Ill Feelings

I've added the rest to my #tbr on Litsy!

BarbaraBB The Housekeeper and the Professor is fantastic! And you can use it for prompt 46 of the #52books list: A job title in the title! 2mo
jenniferw88 @BarbaraBB haha! I have a book planned for that from #ReadingAfrica2022 already planned for that prompt but I'll keep it in mind in case I need to bail. Butler Did It by Sally Pomeroy. 2mo
monalyisha I love seeing them all together like this! Mrs. Dalloway is so deserving of its reputation. I hope you enjoy all of them! 💖 2mo
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BarbaraBB For which country is that book? 2mo
jenniferw88 @BarbaraBB Seychelles! 2mo
tenar Okay, this event is way too fun!! Just looking at all these books I loved together warms my heart. I‘m glad they ended up being a mix of new-to-you books and books you‘re already interested in. I hope you enjoy your time with whatever you read. 🧡 Can‘t wait to deep dive into your list!
(And @BarbaraBB is the one I owe for turning me on to the lovely The Housekeeper and the Professor. Thanks again!)
tenar PS You did include Crippled on your list! And if you ever find yourself wanting even more nonfiction on disability, I‘d be happy to make a little bonus list. 2mo
jenniferw88 @tenar haha to Crippled being on my list! I did say I couldn't really remember what was on it lol. Thank you - I'll keep your offer in mind! 2mo
jenniferw88 @tenar the last 2 books on my list are part of a series - I didn't list book 1 as I didn't find it as interesting, but it's this one if you need to read in order 2mo
tenar @jenniferw88 I‘ll note it down, ty. They all look interesting! And re: Frankenstein, the editions are so similar that I‘d only go for it if you‘re ready for a straight reread. They‘re just different enough that the worldview and reasoning about things is slightly shifted. (I think I like 1818 better; this article touches on why: https://www.npr.org/2018/01/16/577721104/see-a-famous-monster-come-alive-in-fran...) 2mo
BarbaraBB @tenar I‘m happy to hear that. And that you loved it too! 🤍 2mo
jenniferw88 @tenar a straight re-read is OK too - it's about 10 years since I read it for a Uni module, so it'll be interesting to see if my opinion changes! 2mo
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About Us: Essays from the Disability Series of the New York Times | Peter Catapano, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
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A range of disabled writers share the variety of emotions, from fear to joy, humor to frustration, sparked by their circumstances.

An essay on living with Tourette‘s had me questioning medications not to improve health, but to make a patient palatable to society. ‘Intimacy Without Touch‘ had me in tears at the beauty in being disabled.

When disabled people express themselves, society often covers its ears. This collection is a chance to listen.

tenar Hi Litsy, I‘ve missed you! I‘m back from some of my own challenges with disability and am belatedly reviewing what I read for the #DisabilityReadathon in April. I hope you all have been as well as possible lately 🌼 8mo
LeahBergen So nice to see you again! 8mo
Amiable Welcome back! 8mo
KVanRead Welcome back!! 🤗 Great review! 8mo
tenar @LeahBergen @Amiable @KVanRead Thank y‘all! So nice to see all of you (and your books)! 8mo
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About Us: Essays from the Disability Series of the New York Times | Peter Catapano, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
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I‘m back from outer space just in time for April and the #DisabilityReadathon! The only requirement to join is to pick up an #OwnVoices book inclusive of disability during the next month.

Here‘s what I‘ve got checked out in anticipation:
About Us: Essays from the Disability Series of the NYT, Being Heumann, a memoir from Judith Heumann (who you may have seen in Netflix‘s Crip Camp), The Pretty One, and My Dyslexia, from a Pulitzer-winning poet.

tenar To find prompts, sprints, and recommendations, check out the readathon‘s Twitter here:

And to look at a few books perfect for this readathon that I‘ve shared on Litsy, click this tag: #tdr
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Looks great! 10mo
ishan0986 @tenar Hey didn't see your posts from quite some time. How's everything? Trapped in a big book I suppose?? 8mo
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tenar @ishan0986 It has been a while, and I so appreciate you checking in! My reading groove got totally thrown off by other parts of my life, but I think I‘m starting to get back in the swing of things. I am still on page 600 of an 800 page U.K. LeGuin collection I started in January, so your diagnosis is correct! 😂 How are you enjoying your Kindle? 8mo
ishan0986 @tenar Happy to hear that you are getting your groove back. Buying the Kindle was the best decision this year. I do love books but the portability it offers really is amazing. 8mo
tenar @ishan0986 I‘m so glad you‘re loving it! It might be my favorite gadget. Thanks again for checking in on me! 8mo
ishan0986 @tenar Hey no need to thank me. This is one of the most amazing community and everyone here looks out of one another. I am just returning the favor. You people made this place special for me. This is the least I can do.😅🤗 8mo
tenar @ishan0986 You‘ve made me smile! This really is one of the nicest corners of the internet I‘ve ever come across. ☺️ Let‘s both try our best to give and receive that kindness. You‘re already doing it well! 8mo
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