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Brunelleschi's Dome
Brunelleschi's Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture | Ross King
Describes how a fifteenth-century goldsmith and clockmaker, Filippo Brunelleschi, came up with a unique design for the dome to crown Florence's magnificent new cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, in a dramatic study set against the turbulent backdrop of Renaissance Italy.
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My #bedsidetablestack contains a variety of read, unread and currently read books - and my phone with all the audiobooks.

Currently listening: The Overstory

What‘s in your bedside table stack?

Tamra So jealous - I wish I had access to the audio The Overstory! 3y
Gezemice @Tamra I bought it with an Audible credit. Overdrive does not have it. 3y
readordierachel The House on Mango Street is so good! 3y
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Gezemice @readordierachel I am hoping to get to it soon! 3y
shanaqui I've chipped away at my bedside stack till there's only one book, but I have a shelf-over-my-desk stack which is a little, ah, exuberant. Too much to list! 3y
Gezemice @shanaqui Yeah, I actually recntly trimmed this one, too, but it never gets small, lol! 3y
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Excellent account of the construction of the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore! It's unbelievable what the architect was able to accomplish without modern technology. I can't wait to climb the 463 steps to the top next month!

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A fantastic account of how the great cupola of Florence‘s cathedral came to be. Whilst the architectural detail is fascinating I really enjoyed the explanations of some of the machinery Brunelleschi created to facilitate his vision. The stories of intrigue and life in the city during the 1400s was also lots of fun and well written. Photo from my last non virtual trip to Florence #backpackeurope

RavenLovelyReads Beautiful photo! Firenze is spectacular! 4y
Cinfhen Florence is breathtakingly beautiful 4y
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TFW the book you‘re currently enjoying recommends a book you‘ve already read! #inferno #brunelleschisdome #danbrown #rossking #robertlangdon

mrsmarch Seriously though, that book is EXCELLENT. 🇮🇹 5y
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I don't have as much history on my shelves as I'd like, but these three fit the bill! The tagged one is the only one I've read. The other two I'm very shame-faced about... they were optional/suggested reading for a class I took during a semester studying abroad in Florence. 20 years ago. Still on the #TBR. 😟
#itshistory #anditsaugust

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Art history is a HUGE interest of mine, so I have tons of #artrelatedbooks. Here are just a few! #seasonsreadings2016 @RealLifeReading

Libby1 Have you read the Lydia C book? I came across this one the other day and was wondering if I should pick it up. 6y
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Reading this tonight for #NonfictionNovember and I am 💖ing being back in the Middle Ages/Renaissance AND Italy at the same time I mean this is like a match made in heaven for me. 😍 I know what I need to read more of now!! (Yes it's a bit dry but if you like facts like this, plus art, whew is this good).

saresmoore It sounds pretty wonderful to me! 6y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I loved this book!! So fascinating! 6y
Gezemice Sounds amazing and right up my alley! Thanks for the post! 6y
ApoptyGina69 I was there for 4 months and studied quite a bit of Florentine and general Italian history, but this did not cross my path. Added! 6y
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Here I go on a Renaissance kick!

Chelsey I love Ross King! 6y
LyndseyReads @Chelsey I've never read him. Good so far! 6y
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