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Who I Am
Who I Am: A dark psychological thriller with a stunning twist | Sarah Simpson
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I know everything about you And you know everything about me... except WHO I AM. Andi met Camilla at university. Instantly best friends, they shared everything together. Until their long-planned graduation celebration ends in tragedy... Years later, Andi is living a seemingly perfect life on the rugged Cornish Coast with her loving husband, happy children and dream home. Yet Andi is haunted by a secret she thought only she knew. Someone out there is bringing Andi's deepest fears to life. And she knows there's no escaping the past that has come back to haunt her... You trusted me with your secrets, you told me everything, you thought I was your best friend... but you have no idea WHO I AM. Gripping, unputdownable and packed with twists and turns from the first page to the very last, this stunning psychological thriller will make you question whether we can ever really trust the ones we love. Praise for Sarah Simpson: 'Dark and twisty; devious and taut ... Will keep you from sleep and in suspense!' Diane Jeffrey. 'I found myself fully hooked right from the start' Jade Gillan, NetGalley. 'A great debut novel ... Will definitely read another by this author!' Johnna Whetstone, NetGalley. 'A book to take your breath away. The layers are unpeeled slowly and deliberately and it is deep, dark and tantalising!' Grace J Reviewerlady, NetGalley. 'I love mystery books and this one kept me guessing ... Highly recommended!' Erika Estrela, NetGalley. 'Get ready, it's unlike anything you've read before. WOW!' Sherri Thacker, NetGalley. 'A really great book with some tough scenes to read. Highly recommend' Mandy White, NetGalley. 'I just had to find out what her mistake was' Michelle Russell, NetGalley. 'A tense and exciting psychological thriller ... The plot was unbelievably chilling and culminated in a nerve-racking conclusion' Joan Clapham, NetGalley. 'Congratulations on a well-crafted, emotionally challenging debut novel' Jeannette McAnderson. 'Wonderful debut psychological thriller written about a psychologist married to an abusive husband, both emotionally and physically' Annie McDonnell, NetGalley. 'A dark psychological thriller which at times feels almost too real' Claire Ross, NetGalley. 'Probably the best book I have read this year which is even more amazing for a debut novel' Breakaway Reviewers, NetGalley. 'Wow! This book certainly packed some punch! Highly recommended to lovers of the genre who enjoy character driven stories of suspense that focus on relationship dynamics' Heidi F, NetGalley. 'A steady paced thriller, eerie, unsettling, dark and gritty' Dash Fan, NetGalley. 'Opening with an intense, chilling prologue, this is a spine-chilling, gripping, well-written debut psychological thriller ... I look forward to reading more books by this author' Nicki Richards, NetGalley. 'I found myself rushing through my chores to sit back down and read this book' Janine Causley, NetGalley.
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Who I Am | Sarah Simpson
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❤️I‘m from Yorkshire, England. 🧡I‘m thirty-eight. 💛A very understanding husband (who‘s hobbies cost far more).💚Married for 16yrs with two children. 💙She/Her. 💜My handle is unimaginatively my name. Thank you @Lena_Moore for tagging me.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia and I'm 32. Buying and reading free books. I'm married and have two sons. No pronoun preference and my litsy name is my author alias, my original handle was I am chaotic princes.. I think the name says it all.

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❤️ I live in the northern SF Bay Area in California
🧡 39
💛 LOL well...I‘m very low-income now, especially compared to my previous job, and so I‘ve had to cut back a bit, but since buying books is the only money I spend for “entertainment” I make it work (with help from my wonderful parents)
💚 Very single and happily so, forever
💙 She/her
💜 It‘s just my first and middle names ☺️🌹

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I spent some of my time reading this in confusion. I found it hard to keep track of the different points of view. I figured out what was happening quite early on and had to keep plodding on to see if I was right. I did like the story don‘t get me wrong, I just wasn‘t riveted to the pages. #NetGalley