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The Pursued
The Pursued | C. S. Forester
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Marjorie had never seen a dead body until she got home one summer evening and found her sister with her head in the oven. She looked peaceful, as if she was asleep. Their mother suspects, however, that Dot's death was far from natural - and that she knows who the killer is. Slowly and meticulously, she plots her terrible revenge. C. S. Forester's 1935 thriller The Pursued, lost for decades, rewrote the traditions of crime fiction to create a dark, twisted portrayal of obsession and retribution. 'A riveting read.' Sarah Waters 'A brilliant tale of twisted minds in suburban Thirties London.' Daily Telegraph 'Skilful and chilling . . . a tense psychological drama.' Sunday Times 'Exposes the passions that lurk behind the net curtains of lower-middle-class suburbia ... teeming with atmosphere.' The Times 'Murder, lust, obsession, retribution, they're all here.' Daily Mail
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The Pursued | C. S. Forester
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Marjorie comes home to find her sister dead, apparently by suicide. Marjorie‘s mother suspects something more sinister and is convinced she knows who the killer is. She slowly plots her revenge and (as the back of the book states) “who would suspect a neatly dressed, grey-haired widow of anything?”

I actually didn‘t know that this author (of The African Queen and the Hornblower series) wrote thrillers until I found this one.


wanderinglynn I didn‘t know (although I should‘ve) that The African Queen was a novel. I love the movie! Hepburn & Bogart give epic performances. 6mo
Cinfhen Another awesome find 🤩 6mo
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Mdargusch Oh boy! Stacking! 6mo
rabbitprincess I love his thrillers! Payment Deferred was my favourite. 6mo
Leftcoastzen I didn‘t realize he wrote thrillers either!Like my TBR needs more books. 6mo
batsy Oooh! 6mo
Cathythoughts Absolutely stacked 👍🏻 6mo
LeahBergen @wanderinglynn They certainly do! 😍 6mo
LeahBergen @Cinfhen 😘😘 6mo
LeahBergen @Mdargusch @Leftcoastzen @batsy @Cathythoughts I hope it‘s a good one. I just found it last weekend. 🤞🏻 6mo
LeahBergen @rabbitprincess Oh, good to know! Thanks. 😘 6mo
rubyslippersreads Sounds great! 6mo
emilyhaldi Another beautiful book, another one #stacked 😉 6mo
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The Pursued | C. S. Forester

This is a pick but definitely my least favourite of the three Forester thrillers I read (the others being Plain Murder and Payment Deferred). It had a lot more sex in it than I was perhaps expecting. I was impressed though that periods were alluded to, in a book written in 1935, by a man. I'd say this is worth reading, because Forester writes well.