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Gus Was a Friendly Ghost
Gus Was a Friendly Ghost | Jane Thayer
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There was once a friendly ghost, by the name of Gus, who lived in an old house in the country. Mr. and Mrs. Scott and their twins, Susie and Sammy, lived there too during the summer. Then autumn came and the Scott family left. Which meant Gus had nothing to do but sit around. One day, during a walk, he met Mouse, who was cold and hungry. "Come spend the winter at my house!" cried Gus. Thus begins an unlikely but heartwarming friendship. First published in 1962, children have delighted in this story and other Gus the Ghost books for over fifty years. Seymour Fleishman's sweet, nostalgic illustrations bring Gus, the Scotts and Mouse to life.
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(Day 21: Pink and Purple) I struggled to find any pink books. I guess I just don‘t buy pink books. My son‘s book collection was a bit more promising. I had a copy of GUS WAS A FRIENDLY GHOST back in the 80s. Rat needs a place to stay and Gus is lonely. Rat starts out kind of a taker and tries to drive off the family who lives in house during warm months. Gus has to stop being so darn nice and lay down the law. #ColormePretty @Sweetkokoro

tammysue My kids and I really enjoyed these books 🖤👻 2mo
toofondofbooks Oh my I just had the best sense if nostalgia seeing these. I can remember checking these out as a little girl from the school library in the early 80s! I had forgotten all about that 2mo
Lady_Tigana_20 @tammysue, my son really likes them. He is into spooky things, and even though Gus isn‘t a bit spooky, he still likes him. @toofondofbooks, I definitely felt nostalgia when I found these in a thrift store. I only had the one, but I read it a lot as a kid. Then we moved, and I am not sure where it went. 2mo
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3 🌟
Gus lives in the summer home of the Scott family. When winter comes and Scotts are long gone, Gus is loney. He makes a new friend in Mouse. Eventually the Scott‘s come back and Mouse is mean until Gus finally has enough and calls STOP. I don‘t like this book. It is a one sided friendship with Gus doing everything to make Mouse happy, and Mouse being a pill. Let‘s just say, I fully understand why this book is out of print.

Judybskt I had that book when I was a child! 3mo
LibrarianRyan @Judybskt He seems to have been popular. There were quite a few of them. 3mo
Lindy I understand from your review why this is a pan. I don‘t understand the 3 🌟 at the beginning of your review: is 3 stars the same as a goodreads rating (out of 5 stars)? My 3 star ratings are picks, that‘s why I‘m asking. 3mo
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LibrarianRyan @Lindy yes, the same i use on goodreads out of 5. For me a 3 star rating is ehhhh, okay. not horrible, not great. I may not like it, but I don't hate it, and don't think anyone else should hate it either, if that makes sense. Plus with a “classic“ book such as this one, I may give it a 3 ehhh rating rather then a bad rating, if what i don't like about it was because of the time it was written in and the social politics at play in history. 3mo
Lindy @LibrarianRyan Ah, thanks for explaining. Your 3 stars are what I would consider 2 stars (my So-so in Litsy ratings). My 3 star ratings are for books that are adequate, nothing really wrong with them except perhaps not exactly my cup of tea; a book without something extra that would make it a 4 star. 5 stars are reserved for outstanding books that I wouldn‘t hesitate to reread. 3mo
LibrarianRyan @Lindy 5 stars are absolute loves recommends, etc. 4 are it's good, enjoyable. a 3 is ehhh, 2 there is something wrong that isn't asy or is unjustifiable. 1 is garbage. Absolute garbage. For me Eloise in Hollywood was a 2 because it had a racist line. 3 absolutely True Diary of ... (I don't get the hype). 4: Memento good read, not best read, 5 aint gonna paint no more (ALWAYS), and a 1 is very hard to get from me 1/2019 (so far) and 6/2018 3mo
LibrarianRyan @Lindy the other thing, now that you have me thinking about it is how i rate on Litsy. A 3 isn't always a 👋. Sometimes I will give it as 👍. Just like a 2 could be 👎 or a 👏. The number rating is how I feel after I finish the book. The hand signal is when I post about it, and what I still feel about it anywhere from minutes to days later. Only long chapter books get contemplation time before I write my review. 3mo
rretzler I also had this book when I was little - many years ago. I remember it fondly. Sometimes the things we enjoy as kids we see differently as adults. 3mo
LibrarianRyan @rretzler Very much so. 3mo
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Gus was in an abusive relationship with that mouse 🐭. Glad he got out of it. There is a price in being too giving. 😢

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1. My grandma always read this book to me 👻
2. Always cake! 🍰
3. Not really. Does napping count? 😴
4. I don‘t know. Sometimes I think I would like city life like Manhattan but other times I think a cozy house on a lake would be nice. 🤔
5. Thanks so much the tag and love @Eggs ❤️

BlameJennyJane I forgot about Gus! ❤️👻 11mo
annkuch13 Napping totally counts! 11mo
Eggs @JoScho My pleasure ❣️ oh I love Gus!! 11mo
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tammysue I remember Gus! 😍 11mo
JoScho @annkuch13 yes! 😂❤️ 11mo
JoScho @BlameJennyJane @eggs @whatshesreadingnow Gus was such a fun Book 💜 11mo
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