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Your Guide to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
Your Guide to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse | Michael E. Bakich
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In this book Astronomy Magazine editor Michael Bakich presents all the information youll need to be ready for the total solar eclipse that will cross the United States on August 21, 2017. In this one resource youll find out where the eclipse will occur, how to observe it safely, what youll experience during the eclipse, the best equipment to choose, how to photograph the event, detailed weather forecasts for locations where the Moons shadow will fall, and much more. Written in easy-to-understand language (and with a glossary for those few terms you may not be familiar with), this is the must-have reference for this unique occurrence. Its not a stretch to say that this eclipse will prove to be the most viewed sky event in history. Thats why even now, more than a year before the eclipse, astronomy clubs, government agencies, cities even whole states are preparing for the unprecedented onslaught of visitors whose only desire is to experience darkness at midday. Bakich informs observers what anyone will need to observe, enjoy, and understand this event.
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Littens, I didn't read a word yesterday, because my university (I'm a prof) was an official NASA site for the total solar #Eclipse2017. It was one of the most magnificent days I've ever had. I was moved to tears by the indescribable sight. I'll leave pictures of the eclipse to the professionals, but I'll share this shot of my 15yo taking video during the totality. The expression on her face says it all. #nofilter

Now, on to #boutofbooks!

Riveted_Reader_Melissa That's awesome! 2y
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It got a little dark, a little weird outside here in Chicago, but without glasses to look into the sky, it seemed more like some clouds rolling in than a spectacular astro event. TBH, I think the cover of this book looks more like an eclipse than anything I saw today. Really looking forward to this one. #TotalEclipseOfTheArc #ARCAugust #eclipse @BethwithBooks

silentrequiem Cool cover! 2y
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Well here we only had a partial eclipse and it got a bit hazy, so the partial was hard to spot...but I did get this nifty rainbow cloud ring around it.

BethM Awesome! 2y
Mimi28 Cool!! 2y
tricours Looks spooky enough! 2y
tpixie Tricky!! 🌈 circle! 2y
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Thanks to a great suggestion from @Lola we're kicking off this #TotalEclipseOfTheARC challenge right away!!! If you want to play along post an ARC you are excited about using the hashtag above and tag @Lola and @BethwithBooks so we can see what's coming up!!

We're only getting a partial eclipse here in the North East but I'm still TOTALLY excited for this book due out next month.


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My local libraries ran out of eclipse glasses, but I did snag some terrific ARCS at this year's annual American Library Association conference. It's hard to choose the ONE I'm most exited about, so I chose these four that actually create a bit of #spinepoetry. Help @BethwithBooks spread the ARC ❤️ by sharing the ARC you're most excited about. #TotalEclipseOfTheArc #ARCAugust. Tag us both; I'd love to see what you all are fired up to read!#eclipse

PatriciaU My librarian friends and I have never had so many angry people in the library at once as the hordes after the elusive eclipse glasses. Numerous f bombs dropped, being accused of lying, being asked "can't you just slip me a pair in secret?" Teachers leaving in tears because we couldn't provide glasses for their whole class. It's been crazy! 2y
Suelizbeth @Lola MMD book club will be reading Young Jane Young as the October pick. I've heard good things about it and I'm looking forward to reading it, although not as an ARC. @BethwithBooks 2y
Lola @PatriciaU I just don't understand people getting angry at the library/librarians about this. And people saying that the libraries should have "planned better" and gotten more glasses. Bunch of ingrates. ? Seriously people, go home and make a pinhole camera. 2y
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Lola @Suelizbeth I really liked A.J. Fikry (much to my surprise) so am really looking forward to this-I almost chose it as my "one". How do you like the MMD book club? I have thought about joining. 2y
Suelizbeth @Lola I like it very much. The community is warm, intelligent, welcoming and Anne Bogel is great at choosing books and leading the monthly discussions. It's one of the best online book communities that I know of. 2y
Lola @Suelizbeth Good to know! I love her What Should I Read Next podcast http://modernmrsdarcy.com/new-podcast-what-should-i-read-next/ 2y
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Hey @MrBook can you help me?? I want to start a hashtag challenge for tomorrow #TotalEclipseOfTheArc where people share the ARC they are most excited about - but I'm not sure I have the Litsy traction or knowhow 🤔

Lola I love this! I'll help spread the word, too :) Like the old shampoo commercial-she told two friends and they told two friends and so so on and so on and so on...🙂 2y
BethwithBooks @Lola awesome!!! Thanks so much!!! 2y
Lola Of course! Do you want to start it rolling today (which may be good because for many Litsy peeps it's still the weekend) or do you want to wait for actual Eclipse Day? 2y
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BethwithBooks @Lola why not now! Might as well give the most people the chance to participate! 2y
Lola @BethwithBooks Done! Let the posting and sharing commence! 2y
MrBook Of course! Doing it now 😎👌🏻 2y
PatriciaU I'm in! When can we start? 2y
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Packing for my Eclipse Excursion❤️
Taking the train 🚂 to & from Portland - staying with old friends - thinking I'll be able to squeeze in some quality time at Powell's😍 - and with 2 train rides, the hardest part is deciding how many books to bring 😜📚

LectricSheep Train reading is the best. My partner and I did long distance (5 hour train ride up the northeast corridor) for three years, and the only thing I miss about that is the uninterrupted reading time. 2y
DebinHawaii Have a fabulous time! We only get a partial eclipse here so I am a tad jealous! 😀👍 2y
Sweettartlaura @LectricSheep I used to ride MetroNorth home from college up the Hudson all the time - I miss it soooo much! Every time I get a chance to take a train, I take it ❤️ 2y
Sweettartlaura @DebinHawaii Thanks! I just couldn't pass up the chance - total obscuration only 3 hours away? Get to hang out with old friends? AND a train ride??? I might get to a winery or two AND Powell's??? Oh, and a TOTAL eclipse! This couldn't be a better weekend❤️🚂🍷📚 2y
DebinHawaii @Sweettartlaura It sounds pretty perfect to me! 🎉Enjoy! 2y
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I found this in my office this morning. You know it's gonna be a day when Nancy and Belle gang and Lego Lucy pours her coffee on you. #HELP#SolarEclipse

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I ❤️ my library

Jess7 Where is this at? I heard there were only a few places it can be viewed from. 2y
bookishkris @Jess7 totality can only be seen in a few places, but some degree of partiality can be seen surrounding the path of totality. 2y
LauraBeth @Jess7 I'm about 80 miles out from being in the direct path - @bookishkris is correct - you can only see a total eclipse if you're in the direct path. 2y
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carys14 I am lucky to be in the direct path!!! They are closing schools around here for safety reasons since totality is supposed to occur right as school lets out. I have already decided to take the day off to experience the eclipse with my son. 2y
carys14 @Jess7 I did read somewhere that even if you aren't in the direct path you will still experience something during the peak. 2y
LukkiAnn Every library should have glasses for the event. It's a national project. Ask your library. 👆🏻 2y
RealBooks4ever I have tickets to be at a baseball game during the total eclipse here, but I heard there will be an extra million people in Oregon to see the eclipse so I'm selling the tickets. #SocialAnxiety 😬 2y
LauraBeth @carys14 lucky! that sounds like fun - and he'll have a memory of that for the rest of his life 💕 2y
LauraBeth @LukkiAnn that's awesome - I love it when the library and community intersect in a way that brings more people in 2y
LauraBeth @RealBooks4ever wow - an extra million people? I'd sell those tix too 😬 2y
Kappadeemom I hear that the Atlanta area is still getting 80%, so that sounds pretty cool. I will be around Macon working that day :) 2y
[DELETED] 206653737 My local library is also doing an eclipse event! 2y
Cortg Yay! I'm working that day and we're holding an event but I'll be on the desk. I hope I can sneak out to catch a peak. I got my glasses in my box the other day and I'm making my kids ride their bike to the library down the street to watch. I really hope the weather is good and sunny that day. We'll only get a partial but it'll still be neat to see. 🌞 (edited) 2y
LauraBeth @Kappadeemom I'll take 80% 😀 2y
LauraBeth @bookish22 🙌🙌 2y
LauraBeth @Cortg I hope that you'll be able to catch a peak 😀 2y
[DELETED] 206653737 I won't get to go because I'll be at work but it's still cool that they are doing it. 2y
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