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What Shall I Read Next?
What Shall I Read Next?: A Personal Selection of Twentieth Century English Books | F. Seymour Smith
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Originally published in 1953, What Shall I Read Next? lists nearly 2000 works published after 1900, with the compiler's own appreciatory comments on selected items. It was a companion volume to Mr Seymour Smith's English Library. Both books are published on behalf of the National Book League. In his introduction, explaining the scope and purpose of the book, Mr Seymour Smith wrote: 'Some will find it useful merely as a shopping list, reminding them of books they know something about already, and serving as a remembrancer. To others, and particularly to younger readers, it may introduce books which have so far escaped their notice. It is hoped, too, that for booksellers and librarians it will have a practical use as a desk-book, for answering enquiries, for serving as a check list for stock, and for use as a reference book when memory fails'.
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Having trouble picking out a book to read this weekend? Take this fun @bookriot quiz: https://www.facebook.com/BookRiot/posts/1637426279689413 (or you could always read the next #EclecticReaders pick “The Sparrow” by Mary Doria Russell 😉)

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So, I've always been intimidated by science fiction. I read Dark Matter last year and really liked it, but haven't read anymore since. I'd like to try to fix that and maybe add a sci-fi book a month into my tbr. Any recs for a sci-fi newb to ease her into the genre? I've also just heard of cli-fi, so if anyone has recs for where to start with that, too, I'd appreciate them. Thanks, Littens!

Bookzombie I can‘t think of anything to recommend but you can check #scifi or #sciencefiction for options. 🙂 Also, @speljamr posts about science fiction often. 1y
speljamr I'd try the Binti novella trilogy by Nnedi Okorafor. I've also heard good things about The Punch Escrow by Talking M. Klein, but I haven't gotten to it yet. And Seveneves by Neal Stephenson is fantastic. 1y
speljamr Oh, and how could I miss the James S.A. Corey books that are the basis for the Expanse TV series. Those are fast paced solid reads. 1y
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speljamr And the author of the Punch Escrow should have been Tal M. Klein. Dumb autocorrect. And Android phones can't edit the comment. 1y
bookishbunny @Bookzombie Thanks! I'll check out those hashtags! @speljamr Thanks for the recs! I'm off to my library's website to start looking these up. 1y
myers85 Dark Eden by Chris Beckett, a personal favourite of mine. 1y
Bookmarkie I'm trying to do the same with adding more sci-fi and fantasy, too, to my reading life. I read the short Binti by Nnedi Okorafor and really liked it. 1y
bookishbunny @myers85 Thanks! I'll check this out! @Bookmarkie Hmm, that's two for Binti. I'll put that at the top of the list. Thanks! 1y
Centique If you like sci fi with a soft heart and some humour try 1y
Centique Otherwise something a little brain spinning like Never Let Me Go or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep or 1y
bookishbunny @Centique Both types sound up my alley. I had forgotten about Long Way. That had been on my radar, then it slipped my mind. I'll definitely have to check out the more trippy ones, too. Perhaps I'll start with Androids from there. Thanks! 1y
bookishbunny Thanks for the recs @Chelleo! I'm excited about the sci-fi tbr I'm building here! 1y
bookishbunny @DivineDiana Hmm, two for The Host. This might have to get to get put on the short list! 1y
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I have a #TBR pile, but I don't make #TBR lists. The last time I did I felt compelled to read exactly what was on it (I'm slightly type A, just slightly 😉) and it felt more like an assignment then pleasure. #sizzlingsummerbooks @Tiffy_Reads

BibliophileMomma Hey I make them but then abandon most except for planned reads. 2y
TheBookAddict I don't make them at all, or else I'd be sitting at my desk for years...lol. Why spend time writing a TBR list when you could be reading some of those books on your TBR pile? But I do take pictures of the books I really want to read but don't have yet. 2y
Lmstraubie @thebookaddict Me too! I do it for my personal reads as well as books I hope to add to my library collection. 2y
TheBookAddict @Lmstraubie 😁🙌🏽 that's the way to go. 2y
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