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How to Do Everything
How to Do Everything: From the Man Who Should Know | Red Green
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Among its many gems of advice, this book shows how to cook with acetylene, take revenge on a lawn mower, measure a hat size with a two-by-four, reduce carbon footprint (it involves moving into a fruit tree located next to a liquor store), and make alternative fuel (which involves an empty propane tank and a full septic one).
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Oops, a day late. Meant to do this before bed, fell asleep first. When I think of red and green there's only one man, a *handy*man in fact, who comes to mind. Keep your stick on the ice, #TeamGameSleighers, @StayCurious

StayCurious It was fun catching a few episodes with you 2mo
LiseWorks This has to be the best one for this challenge, I loved Red Green, 2mo
FlynnDewey @LiseWorks YouTube has a bunch of clips and full episodes, too. If you feel like doing a nostalgia tour lol. 2mo
LiseWorks #@FlynnDewey I might do that 2mo
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No idea who this bloke is but the book may be useful...

#RedGreen #HollyJollyReading @OriginalCyn620 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Crazeedi Omg, he's a total redneck whose show was on tv (maybe PBS) years ago. It was hilarious 2y
BookishTrish Red Green!!!! I‘m a man but I can change... if I have to.... I guess. 2y
OriginalCyn620 Never heard of him! 2y
Lcsmcat I remember that show! I thought it was pretty funny, but my husband LOVED it. 2y
StayCurious Funny - he's a common household name in Canada. +2 2y
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I'm a little behind on #reindeerreads , but here's something that is red and also a little green... #redandgreen

BookishTrish Is that the Eaton Centre? 4y
LA_Mead @BookishTrish it is! It's so pretty around this time of year. 4y
BookishTrish ❤️❤️❤️ 4y
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Took a friend to his first book signing tonight. Pretty awesome meeting Red Green.

JoeStalksBeck I love Red!!! 4y
DaveNeufeld Keep your stick on the ice... 4y
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From myself, Harold and all of us here at Possum Lodge...Happy Halloween

Tamra Bahahahaha! Haven‘t thought about Possum Lodge in years! 😂 4y
Rebonkula Hahaha that‘s what my aunt said too. I hadn‘t either but for some reason I thought about it last night and here I am at work...dressed as Red Green. Lol 4y
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