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Tag, You're It!
Tag, You're It! | Penny McCall
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Beautiful scientist Alex Scott, who has been studying mountain lions and living alone in a secluded cabin miles from anywhere, comes to the rescue of hardened FBI Agent Tag Donovan when he is pushed off of a low-flying plane in a hail of bullets, and melts his icy heart with her tender touch. Original.
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Tag, You're It! | Penny McCall

Just want to let you know that we're aware of the issues tagging and searching for people. Tags are still functioning, so you can either type them one letter at a time and close the search box at each prompt on iOS, or just type the full name on Android in an original post. Tags in comments are working by typing full usernames. Search and autosuggest will be restored ASAP.

Jess_Read_This Thank you for the update! 10mo
julesG Thanks! 10mo
Pamwurtzler Thanks for the update! 10mo
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Tag, You're It! | Penny McCall
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1. Couch or in bed
2. Bookmark
3. Prefer chapter-end or at a clearly marked break, but lately I‘ve become more distractible!
4. Both
5. 🎶=sometimes 📺=no
6. I‘m a multi-booker
7. Everywhere!
8. Silently, unless it‘s a narrator reading to me in an audiobook!
9. Try not to!
10. NO intentional spine-breaking!😱
11. Not much anymore—but sometimes in nonfiction
12. Two tags: my only IRL (though faraway) friend who uses Litsy, and my newest follower!

Tag, You're It! | Penny McCall
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Thanks @dariazeoli for the tag!
1. I honestly don‘t like candy corn, sorry!!!
2. Best book of October; The Secret, Book & Scone Society by Ellery Adams
3. Cuisine that I could eat forever would be Japanese
4. I have plenty of first cousins, and I really don‘t remember how many of them I have. HUGE FAMILY. #friyayintro-ers
5. Tagging @bookishdani @abookolive @Jackielovesreading @CallMeDrD

EKonrad Candy corn was my pick too! Yuck! 2y
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