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The Travel Book
The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World | Lonely Planet,
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And here's the list. Everywhere. In one comprehensive volume. Defining everywhere was no easy task. Jotting down the 192 member states of the United Nations was the easy part; deciding which other destinations to include provoked much spirited debate and food for thought. We're very proud of this book, an all-consuming project that has involved huge input from authors, staff, photographers and experts from around the globe. Like any serious addiction, the travel bug requires constant attention. If, like me, you consider travel to be an important part of your life, then this book will be bad news - it shows us that no matter how far we travel, there's always further to go. At Lonely Planet we believe passionately in the power of independent travel to transform travellers and the communities to which they travel. Bringing respect, sensitivity, curiosity and a generous dose of humour to the travel experience is enormously important, and we hope this book acts not just as a reference tool, but also as a valuable introduction to a better travel experience. Travel is the world's most important business, but it means far more than just money and employment. It is through travel that we go out and meet the world and the world cornes to meet us. So open The Travel Book and dive inside - my bet is that soon you'll want to turn the printed experience into a real one.
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@Chili What a wonderful adventure! Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful journey through the English countryside!

I love the snacks you chose - wow!! And I especially love that you included sustenance for my traveling companions. 🐶❤️🐶 The Timtams are delicious! I had to sneak one in with my morning coffee 😄 I can‘t wait to try the Caribou coffee - in my Caribou coffee mug! ☕️ Thank you for my bookish goodies & tote for carrying ...

Avanders 😍😍 4mo
Chrissyreadit Wow!!! This looks like so much fun!!! 🥰😍👏😍🥰 4mo
Chili @mabell the stroopeafels are so good! I had to buy them twice because my daughter and I couldn‘t resist them. 😍 4mo
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They‘re here!!! 😍 Is it August 14th yet?! 🤣


Chili Yay!!! I‘m glad they arrived safely! 😁 4mo
Chrissyreadit ❤️👏🙌🥰🎉 4mo
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Your package went out yesterday @Chili ! The tracking says it will be there Friday. The box is arriving incognito 😎


Chrissyreadit ❤️🙌👏🥰🎉 4mo
Chili Yay! Thank you @mabell 😍 4mo
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Being transported by a book to a different time and place is magical ❤️ Wouldn‘t it be awesome if you could capture that magic and share it with another Litten? You can!

@Chrissyreadit came up with the genius idea to swap books & surprises all centered around a time and place you would like to “travel” to. Fancy Jane Austen‘s England? Or Nemo‘s Submarine? Anywhere, anytime, & you don‘t even have to leave your couch! It is the ultimate staycation!

Chrissyreadit I LOVE your wording!!!! 6mo
Karisa Sounds like fun! Great idea. 😊 6mo
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Gissy What type of books we share here? 6mo
mabell @Chrissyreadit Thanks! I‘m just *slightly* excited 😆 🤣 6mo
mabell @Karisa I agree! A really unique way to get creative and share goodies! 😄 6mo
Chrissyreadit @Gissy it can be fairly imaginative- any time past or future and any place- imagine you were traveling as a character in your book- and feel immersed in the setting while you read the story. 6mo
Chrissyreadit @mabell yay!!!! I‘m pretty excited too! I can‘t wait to see how people interpret and create this for their partners!!! 6mo
Gissy Then I want to be in Paris again, visit Scotland, Iceland, Japan, Hawaii, Caribbean countries with wonderful beaches, places to run, to do some wild sports, I can keep going😂I will sign today, sold👍 6mo
mabell @Gissy You could send fiction, nonfiction, whatever you think your swap partner would like. The difference in this case is the theme isn‘t fixed - it will depend on what time/place your swap partner chooses as their “destination”. Like Paris in the Belle Époque or the American West in the mid 1800s or even, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... ? 6mo
mabell @Chrissyreadit Great explanation! And yes, opening day is going to be awesome! So glad you are going to do it too @Gissy ! ❤️ 6mo
mabell @Gissy I can‘t wait to see what you chose! I love your options! My choice was pretty obvious considering my profile... 😆 It will be so fun to plan the adventure for my match, it will be like I‘m going on the adventure too! 😄 6mo
Chrissyreadit @Gissy I‘m so glad you are going to join and I can‘t wait to see the time/place(s) you choose! @mabell I feel like the prep for my match will be so much fun too! I‘m really excited about this swap 🥰🥰🥰🥰 6mo
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The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World | Carolyn McCarthy, Carolyn Bain, Nicola Williams, Bradley Mayhew, Ryan Ver Berkmoes, Celeste Brash, Anthony Ham, Regis St. Louis, Joe Bindloss, Paul Clammer, Lonely Planet Publications Staff, Mary Fitzpatrick, Will Gourlay, Matt Phillips, Robert Reid
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Here I am, heading downstairs with an armful of books at the beautiful Daunts bookstore in Marylebone in London.... I just love how they organize the travel books, non fiction and fiction that is set in each country, all together.... it makes for such a lovely browsing experience 💕📚

TrishB Enjoy 👍🏻 a lovely shop. 1y
KarenUK @TrishB I did.. thank you! Not quite sure how I‘m going to get my little haul into the small case I brought with me! It was already stuffed! 🤦‍♀️ 1y
LeeRHarry One of my faves 💕 1y
youneverarrived Great photo 💕 1y
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Put some travel books on hold at the library to research some potential honeymoon destinations...went to pick up my holds and didn‘t realize this book was GIGANTIC!!! (water bottle to show scale)

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This is so fun @JoScho!
1. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Istanbul and Romania!
2. Prague
3. Istanbul - I still haven't been! Or maybe Russia?
4. Fly because it usually means overseas, but I do love a road trip
5. Gelato, duh


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Loving my Christmas book haul!!! My father-in-law gave me the antique Jane Austen collection, which was a great surprise. ❤️🎄🎁 #bookhaul #2018readinggoals

[DELETED] 3803335244 Very nice 📕❤️ 2y
Julsmarshall 😍😍 2y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled The Jules Verne is beautiful!! 2y
DivineDiana The Jane Austen collection! ❤️ 2y
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Technically it arrived yesterday, but I wasn't home. I picked it up today. Now, we wait.

#HalloweenGoesPostal #FallBookExchange

SilversReviews Love the packaging. 2y
Redy2trvl Yay... sigh of relief! I hope you enjoy everything!!!! 2y
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DGRachel I've done that before. Had to buy a new copy of a hardback book to finish it. :/ 2y
Sarah83 @DGRachel I'm sorry for that 😣 2y
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#SummerSantaGoesPostal gifts wrapped with love and Star Wars - The Force thoughts! ☺️ Going to mail these sometime this week!

Texreader So awesome!! 3y
wordslinger42 I love that wrapping paper!! 3y
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DGRachel Great paper!! 3y
Tanzy13 🎁 3y
CrowCAH @DGRachel I think so too! Thanks @Tanzy13 !!! 3y
elkeo_TheBookDragon 👏👏👏on the SW paper! 3y
Bookzombie I love the paper! 3y
hlgreenfield Yay love the SW paper! 3y
CrowCAH Lots of Star Wars appreciation out there; thanks, @elkeo @Bookzombie @hlgreenfield !!! 3y
eanderson Nice paper selection!!! Love Star Wars! 3y
CrowCAH @eanderson thanks; me too! ☺️ 3y
Gissy Love the paper! 😍 3y
CrowCAH @Gissy thanks; just a little fan of Star Wars 😉 3y
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