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Why People Suck
Why People Suck | Abe B. Surde
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You've heard of Sigmund Freud. You've heard of Carl Jung. But have you heard of Abe Surde? Surde is a humorist and master mixologist who tackles, with a smile and a wink, one hundred commonly irritating, upsetting, and sometimes atrocious personality types seen in everyday life. From disconcerting creeps to loudmouth louts and worrisome weirdos, Surde shares with readers his channeled theories on the origins of bad behavior. His assemblage of wacky yet clever musings combined in a quasi-serious and silly way adds levity to a world gone mad. Surde's profound quest to understand why people suck results in a collection of nonsensical reasoning that amuses while simultaneously serving small kernels of truth that surprisingly hit the mark. This book of "divine" insight is one of those guilty pleasures that tickle your funny bone unexpectedly, much the way a dramatic comedy sparks a fit of laughter during a moment of hilarity. WHY PEOPLE SUCK is a great icebreaker for parties and a fun distraction for anyone disturbed by the actions of another. Note of warning for delicate readers: the book contains adult language, references to sex and drugs, but only minimally to rock and roll.
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Why People Suck | Abe B. Surde
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This is so true today!! I arrive at work and it is apparent the bonhomie of the holiday season is officially gone. People are just nasty over the smallest things. You chose to visit the library, surely there's some small spark of kindness inside you for your librarian...right?! Nope, not so much. Thank goodness closing time is only 45 minutes away! 😑

BethM Bleh that sucks. 7mo
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Why People Suck | Abe B. Surde
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Story time, Littens!

Last week I was browsing in a Barnes and Noble when a woman around my age approached me and started asking questions about what sort of books I like. Anti-social me was like ...huh? But the allure of gushing about books won out and I ended up recommending her some David Mitchell and Margaret Atwood and after about twenty minutes of chatting she asked if I'd like to get coffee with her at a later date. 👇

biblio_ginger Wow! 🤔 Very intriguing! 13mo
2BR02B So I was like, potential friend meetcute, okay! And gave my number. She texted me over the weekend and we agreed to get coffee on Wednesday. We met up last night, and after a short preamble she launched into what sounded suspiciously like a sales pitch. I asked "is this about some multi-level marketing scheme?" Ding ding. I immediately felt super uncomfortable and vaguely preyed upon, but I humored her for about thirty minutes and then said ? 13mo
Ddzmini 🤣🤣🤣 kitty cat 🐱 13mo
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2BR02B that due to a relative's bad experience with MLMs I was not and would never be interested. I guess it's not a huge deal, but it left me kind of depressed. Is that really a tactic these MLM people use? Exploiting people's fondness for books to sell dubious health supplements? Cause that sucks, a lot. Maybe I was naive, but I feel like my faith in humanity has been eroded somewhat by the encounter. 13mo
2BR02B So here I am on Litsy, home of the best people ever, trying to get it back to some extent, I suppose. End rant. 13mo
PerksOfBeingABookworm Maybe it‘s just the researcher in me, but it seems a little unethical too. If you‘re going to make a sales pitch, and do it in such a way that you ask a person to give up their time and money, you need to be upfront about what you‘re doing. I understand why it upset and I would be irritated with humanity too. 13mo
rubyslippersreads A woman approached me in the book aisle of the 99¢ Store and started chatting about books. Then she segued into trying to sell me a phone! ? 13mo
AmyG Wow. I am always very leery of new people that I meet. This story is a first for me. Don‘t let it get to you. There are way more decent people out there. 13mo
LeahBergen That‘s downright sneaky and underhanded. 😠 13mo
candority Wow, that is not okay! It would be one thing if she had brought it up when she first spoke to you, but to arrange a separate time under the pretense of talking about books and starting a friendship is unacceptable 😠 13mo
CSeydel That‘s downright peculiar. I don‘t know where you live, but if a stranger in a bookstore asked me to get coffee I‘d be very perplexed and vaguely alarmed. But I‘ve also lived in smaller towns where such friendliness is more common and not as alarming. I have also been the victim of several sales pitches from “friends” and acquaintances, and it‘s always so awkward. Anyway, don‘t give up on humanity just because of one aggressive wacko. 13mo
JaclynW Sneaky. And not cool at all. 👎👎👎 13mo
MicheleinPhilly As if I needed more motivation to be anti-social. That‘s not cool. 13mo
Velvetfur Wow... This is what makes me so antisocial. If anyone I don't know tries to start a conversation with me I'm very wary and don't talk to them much, there's always an ulterior motive. But then, I grew up in Liverpool UK where people talked to strangers because they wanted money or sex. It's different on Litsy though! They're not like that here! 😀 13mo
tjwill Ugh, not cool. 13mo
Quirkybookworm Just how many of us are anti social/introverts here?? 13mo
Skyrimir So sneaky. A similar thing happened to me, someone I had recently met invited me to a pool day/cookout but it turned into a marketing spiel selling diet products. I felt tricked, but also upset she thought I needed dieting products... 13mo
2BR02B @PerksOfBeingABookworm She probably felt she couldn't be upfront at B&N because she knew she'd get reported as soliciting. 13mo
Weaponxgirl That's awful! Don't let one idiot put you off though. I've been unable to contain myself even though I'm introverted when I see someone looking / reading a book I love. Although I'm far to shy to take it to the next step of asking to meet up again. That's just a weird way to pitch things 13mo
Jas16 Ugh that is so underhanded 13mo
2BR02B @AmyG Me too, generally. But she targeted my weak spot- literature! 😖 13mo
saresmoore Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I‘m sorry. 13mo
2BR02B @LeahBergen @JaclynW @tjwill @jas16 IKR! Who has time for such nonsense? 😡 13mo
REPollock Ok that‘s shady AF. Not the asking to coffee, I met a new friend that way at a hat shop. The secret sales pitch. She‘s lucky you‘re polite; I tend to see red when I find myself in a situation like that and used to be the sort to cuss ppl out and pitch a bitchy. 13mo
2BR02B @candority I guess that's what direct distributors have to resort to after they've alienated their friends and family. 13mo
2BR02B @CSeydel We're a friendly crowd here in the Midwest! 😄 Just the idea of having to badger my loved ones into buying off-brand products practically gives me hives. I could never go for that! 13mo
emilyhaldi Omg these people and their MLM schemes are taking over ... Gross 👎🏻 (edited) 13mo
2BR02B @MicheleinPhilly @Velvetfur @Quirkybookworm I hope my story didn't exacerbate anyone's anti-social tendencies! I think the best lesson learned is just to ask directly "are you trying to sell me something?" and if their answer seems cagey, politely but firmly excuse yourself. Or if you want to embarrass them ask how much money they make because it's probably negative monies. 13mo
2BR02B @Skyrimir Ew, that is 10x worse than mine! I would have completely hit the roof! 🤬 13mo
Quirkybookworm I understand what you meant @2BR02B . Just curious how many of us are introverts. 13mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Omg!! That SUCKS. I would have totally gone in for this too and excited to make a friend who likes books. That is UNFORGIVABLE. Arrrrgh. 13mo
Velvetfur @Skyrimir The absolute cheek! You should have asked her when her baby's due, assuming she hadn't mentioned pregnancy at any point 😈 13mo
Velvetfur @2BR02B Nah you're ok, I only have to read a few news stories to make me more antisocial! 13mo
kathedron Ugh, what a deplorable way to behave! I hope Litsy is restoring your faith in human nature. 13mo
2BR02B @Weaponxgirl I know, I'm the same! Although from here on out, I might feel compelled to add the disclaimer of "by the way, I'm not trying to rope you into an MLM pyramid scheme." ? 13mo
2BR02B @REPollock At the time I was too taken aback to do anything but back away slowly. 🤐 She definitely deserved a loud public shaming, though. 13mo
Soubhiville Oh weird. 13mo
laurenbescoby This happened to me at a previous job. I was talking to a guy about how I was doing drama at uni, and that I enjoyed facilitating groups to put on plays. He basically said that he works for a company that facilitates those sorts of groups too. Gave me the number for a lady to see if I could join them in any way. I met up with her (in public) and it was one of these. I sat mortified for an hour listening to the pitch...👇 13mo
laurenbescoby Then dumped all the stuff she gave me in the bin on the way home. I blocked their numbers as they kept calling me. I felt really preyed on as I spoke so passionately to him about facilitating groups of young carers to put on plays and I thought I'd be involved in that sort of thing again. 😔 13mo
2BR02B @miralunasbooknook Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Why those people would think you'd be interested in their "business opportunities" after they blatantly misled you is beyond me. What dishonest cads. 13mo
laurenbescoby @2BR02B yep. It has given me a deep mistrust of strangers in public now. Rarely strike up conversation with people. But the past couple of days especially have shown me what amazing people there are out there too! It's all relative. 😊 13mo
Redwritinghood That‘s definitely not ok and I hope you told her so. 13mo
Clare-Dragonfly Ugh, what an icky thing to do. I feel like if someone asked me to meet up later for coffee I would have assumed it was for a date and said I was married. I wonder what she would have said to that 😂 13mo
readordierachel Wow, that's garbage. What an awful way to market something. I would almost be inclined to actively protest something that marketed to me that way. 13mo
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Why People Suck | Abe B. Surde

I tried so hard to get through this book but I just couldn't. Didn't like it at all. It was basically an analysis of human behavior by someone who wasn't a Clinical Psychologist. I make the same determinations about people's behavior.

Why People Suck | Abe B. Surde
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When you are trying to work and read your Kindle at the same time😂😂😂