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Miss Marple Omnibus
Miss Marple Omnibus | Agatha Christie
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Another four of Agatha Christie's twelve, celebrated Miss Marple novels in a single volume, bound in the stylish livery of the new series. A Caribbean Mystery As Miss Marple dozes in the West Indian sun, an old soldier talks of elephant shooting and scandals. Then he dies - shortly after offering to show her a picture of a murderer. It's not long before the deceptively frail detective finds herself investigating a most exotic murder... A Pocket Full of Rye Rex Fortescue, 'king' of a financial empire, was in his counting house; his 'queen' was in the parlour...and that's exactly where they were when they died. all Miss Marple's ingenuity to find them... The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side Marina Gregg, the famous actress, witnesses a murder in her country home. But what gave her the expression of frozen terror that only Dolly Bantry saw? Dolly, of course, knows just who can find out: her old friend Miss Marple... They Do It With Mirrors To fulfil a promise to an old schoolfriend, Miss Marple stays in a country house - with 200 juvenile delinquents and seven heirs to an old lady's fortune. One of them is a murderer - with, it seems, a talent for being in two places at once...
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Miss Marple Omnibus | Agatha Christie
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It‘s all Golden Age mysteries for me this Easter (except on audio where I‘m going Modern Cozy). I‘ve just finished two Lord Peter stories that I hadn‘t read before, and moving on to a 4-in-1 Miss Marple. (I might have read some of them before, or seen the TV-adaptations, I might not. It‘s been years anyway, I‘m sure I won‘t remember squat of who dunnit.) #Påskekrim #EasterMysteries

vivastory I have yet to read any Marple, I've only read stand alone & Poirot. I need to remedy this. 9mo
rretzler Love, love, love Golden Age mysteries. Recently Ive been purchasing out-of-print Anthony Berkeley books when I can find them reasonably priced. I‘ve only read a couple of his and enjoyed them. 9mo
rretzler @vivastory May I recommend Murder at the Vicarage as your first Marple? It‘s one of my favorites. I‘ve been a Christie fan for 45+ years! 9mo
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Leniverse @vivastory Oh, yes you must! Miss Marple is wonderful. I also love the Tommy & Tuppence books (or at least I did when I read them 25-30 years ago 😅) 9mo
Leniverse @rretzler I haven't read any of Berkeley's books. Adding him to the list of books to keep an eye out for. 9mo
vivastory @rretzler Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely check that out soon! 9mo
SharonGoforth Fun!!! 9mo
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Miss Marple Omnibus | Agatha Christie
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LeahBergen And such a good series! 2y
Sarah83 @LeahBergen and I really love the tv-adaption aswell. 😍 2y
Tiyas7 Awesome😀 2y
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Dragon Love 💕 Agatha Christie‘s! 2y
ValerieAndBooks I have almost all of Christie‘s books too! A motley collection (like for my Wimsey series by Sayers) that I got throughout my early 20s. 2y
Sarah83 @ValerieAndBooks I had to whole edition and gave it away, because there were so many writing mistakes. It annoyed me so much. Now I try to collect this edition and by the way I looks much better than the old one. 😊 2y
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Miss Marple Omnibus | Agatha Christie
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Dragon Team Marple 👍 3y
KarenUK @dragon me too! #teammarple 😊 3y
Mommamanzi Jessica all day every day!!! 3y
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tournevis I like both equally. Though Angela Lansbury surpasses both. The woman over the character. 3y
Jess_Read_This Those two together #dreamteam... how can I pick one? #teammarple 3y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Both. 🤔 Both is good. (Jessica Fletcher in tv form and Miss Marple in book form) (edited) 3y
MadCatRamble I want an Avengers style partnership for them. I would 💗 that so much. 3y
raeintheworld There is a version of the Mirror Cracked Side to Side in which Angela Landsbury plays Miss Marple. She is a sassy Marple. 3y
Liberty @raeintheworld Yes! With Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson! I loved that movie when I was young. 😊 3y
Dragon I must see that movie @raeintheworld @Liberty @KarenUK , I love those actors 🐉 3y
joe_hill I love when Miss Marple contemplates, with great pleasure, the good old days of public hangings. 3y
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