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24 • Proud Hufflepuff • I love Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance and Contemporary. you can add me on GR if you'd like :) goodreads.com/bookowlclary

so excited to have this as my first read of the year! enjoying it so far :)

CocoReads Welcome to Litsy! 4y
bookowlclary @CocoReads thank you! 4y
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bookowlclary @Suelizbeth thanks so much :) 4y
Eggbeater Welcome to Litsy! I am excited to read this one. I am trying to make myself wait until the library has it. 4y
bookowlclary @Eggbeater thank you! I've been so excited to read it since I finished cruel prince when it came out and it's going good so far :) hope you enjoy it when you get to it! :) 4y
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bookowlclary @jenniferajanes thank you 😊 4y
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jenniferajanes @bookowlclary You‘re welcome! I sent a friend request on Goodreads too. 4y
bookowlclary @jenniferajanes yes I accepted it thanks 😊 4y
bookowlclary @CrowCAH thank you everyone is being so nice! 😊 4y
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