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#marchintothe70s #wishyouwerehere
Playing catch up but thought id post the first bill bryson i read, which arrived in an unsought qpd parcel back in the day. Reminds me of my interrail in the 80's when w/o mobile phones my main contact with my parents was a postcard that probably reached them before i did.

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Flashback Hotel | Ivan Vladislavic
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A couple of days late for #Marchintothe70s , but I‘ve just picked up this ARC of surreal short stories again (they‘re so out-there, I can‘t manage many at once!). This one totally reminded me of the Pink Floyd #WishYouWereHere album cover.

A man walks into a bank and his hands catch fire. After the initial shock, he carries on with his day, and even begins to have fun. No-one else seems that bothered!

Cathythoughts Surreal ! Sounds mad & good 👍🏻♥️ 9mo
Cinfhen 🤯😳no thanks 😛 9mo
RachelO @Cathythoughts That may end up being my review! 9mo
RachelO @Cinfhen 😂😂 I‘ll read it for you! 9mo
Cinfhen Perfect 👌🏽 9mo
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#MarchIntoThe70s #WishYouWereHere

Wishing you were here with @VioletCavalier as we listened to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, where we met comedic conductor Lawrence Loh!

Cinfhen Fun!! You‘re always out and about!! 9mo
CrowCAH @Cinfhen yup, I sure do stay busy with activities! But also there are enough days when I stay inside and relax. 9mo
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“Time doesn‘t heal all wounds. We both know that‘s bullshit; it comes from people who have nothing comforting or original to say.”

#MarchIntoThe70s | 1: #WishYouWereHere

📷: Made with Typorama & PhotoGrid

wordzie 😁❤ 9mo
Cinfhen TRUTH 9mo
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Wish You Were Here | Pink Floyd
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Postcards From the Edge | Carrie Fisher
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I worked so hard on this, but fell asleep & forgot to post...so, better late than never? I hope...

(Day 1 - #WishYouWereHere)

By the way, one of the best songs ever!!

Velvetfur That's a lovely little collage! 👍 9mo
gradcat @Velvetfur Why, thank you 🙏! 9mo
Cinfhen Love this🙌🏻😍my Litsy has been misbehaving past 48 hours😡😡😡 9mo
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gradcat @Cinfhen Has it gotten any better? Mine is doing some weird things re: editing. Thanks for your comments! 🥰 9mo
Cinfhen It‘s having trouble loading the photos and posting comments....STILL!!! Very frustrating 🤬 9mo
gradcat @Cinfhen I wonder why that is happening...I hope it gets better, because I absolutely love hearing from you 🥰 9mo
Cinfhen Thank you so much @gradcat I enjoy our banter as well 😘 9mo
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For One More Day | Mitch Albom
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In Albom‘s typical simple but deep style, For One More Day is the story of a son spending one last day with his mother after she‘s gone. A tear-jerker, this is one of the books I recommend most often. Anyone who‘s ever thought #wishyouwerehere of a lost loved one will take something from this story. Recommended reading companion: box of tissues.


Lizpixie 👍❤️ 9mo
Cinfhen Not familiar with this one from Albom. Sounds really sad 😢 9mo
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I loved Beukes' Broken Monsters & the tagged book has been on my shelves for a couple of years. I finished it about five minutes ago & it did not disappoint. Beukes' novel is about WWI veteran & psychopath, Harper Curtis, who finds a way to travel through time. He becomes a time traveling serial killer & one of his victims survives & is determined to find him. Cleverly constructed, relentlessly engaging & entertaining with social commentary to 👇

vivastory spare. A great thriller with a memorable villain & a heroine to root for. #WishYouWereHere #MarchIntoThe70s @Lizpixie @Cinfhen 9mo
Lizpixie 👍❤️ 9mo
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#WishYouWereHere ? Why, yes ... yes, I do. 😉


Leftcoastzen Oh so nice ! 9mo
Melissa_J I always think of you whenever the Brontë sisters come up ? 9mo
Lizpixie 👍❤️ 9mo
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batsy Ohhh 😍 9mo
erzascarletbookgasm Oooo aahhh! 9mo
rubyslippersreads Gorgeous! 😍 9mo
GypsyKat Ohh! This looks great! 😍 9mo
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It‘s going to be one rowdy Friday night around these parts. Don‘t you #WishYouWereHere 😂

After yet another long week, I‘m finally sitting down again with The Huntress. So far I‘m really liking it.

Tonight‘s tea is Candy Cane Crush. I bought a lot of it at Christmas since it‘s the only time of year it‘s available, so it‘s likely I‘ll have enough of it to drink until it‘s on sale again!


LeahBergen It‘s looking a lot like the beginning of my Friday night, too. 😆 9mo
CouronneDhiver Same 🙋🏽‍♀️ And my equally anti-social husband is out for drinks with the guys from work. Sucker. Lol 😂 9mo
hermyknee I love that mug! 9mo
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tpixie Great mug!! It‘s so funny I‘ve seen Kate Quinn the authors books and the mention of Kate Quinn at least five times this week! I swear I don‘t know that I knew she existed before this week! 9mo
Melissa_J @LeahBergen @CouronneDhiver Excellent. We can party (read) together through this lovely virtual world 😊 9mo
Melissa_J @hermyknee thank you! It glows in the dark. 9mo
Melissa_J @tpixie thanks! As for Quinn, I‘ve been reading her books since her first novel was published. It wasn‘t until last year, when The Alice Network was published, that she‘s become better known. Her books set in Ancient Rome are excellent. 9mo
tpixie @Melissa_J lol! I‘ve read The Alice Network!! Loved it! 😛😜🤪🤦🏼‍♀️ 9mo
lynneamch Good for you. That is a #chunkster ! For DC area littens: Wednesday, March 6 at 6:30pm — A Likely Story off-site event at Mt. Airy Branch Library, 705 Ridge Road, Mt. Airy, MD; Greer Macallister in conversation with bestselling author Kate Quinn about her new book The Huntress 9mo
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