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The Power of Three | Constance M. Burge
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Congrats @LoverofLit and thank you for hosting this wonderful #ThePowerOfThreeGiveaway You are so sweet! Head on over to her original post for all the details!

1. Romance, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Historical Fiction
2. Depends on my mood, but usually sweet.
3. Take time to do my nails or doing something I love like reading on the couch with my dog or curling up in bed with a good book, or writing.

LoverofLit You're like me and love ALL the genres! ❤ 5mo
AsYouWish @LoverofLit I do, I had to refrain from listing all the genres I love. I would say there are only a few I am not a big fan of. 5mo
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The Power of Three | Constance M. Burge
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Congrats on your 3rd anniversary on Litsy AND hitting 30k @LoverofLit & thx for hosting #ThePowerofThreeGiveaway


The winner will get three things including a book! Re-post with the hashtag and tag her and answer these 3 questions:
1. What's your favorite genre(s)? Historical and literary fiction
2. Salty or sweet? Salty
3. What do you do to pamper yourself? Hot tea and kitty time.

The Power of Three | Constance M. Burge
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Hi Brianna! I hope I‘m doing this right 😁

Happy anniversary plus WOW 30K!

1 - horror/sci-fi but anything that‘s well written too!
2 - salty
3 - mani/pedi or a movie


To the Power of Three | Laura Lippman
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Congrats @LoverofLit on your milestones! Thanks for the chance at your #ThePowerofThreeGiveaway.

1. Urban fantasy/paranormal romance
2. Sweet 🍬
3. Usually a book and tea, and sometimes a sugary treat

LoverofLit Hey! Maybe you can help me. For the #Booked2019 challenge I need a good Person of Color Paranormal. Any good suggestions? 5mo
Michollio @LoverofLit Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series is great, and Mercy is part Native American. I think Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series might work. Archangel's Enigma by Nalini Singh would work. Some of her other ones would probably work too, but I'm having a hard time finding the characters' ancestral background. Hope this helps! 5mo
GlassAsDiamonds @Michollio @LoverofLit - Nalini Singh‘s Archangel‘s Shadow, Archangels Storm and Archangels Viper each have MCs of colour (Indian and Creole, Indian and Polynesian and Indian and Asian although I‘m blanking on the exact ethnicity for Holly atm respectively) and Elena‘s mother is Moroccan so the first few in the series would also fit! 😊😊😊 The third in her Psy Changeling series would also fit but the name eludes me - it‘s Clays book in any event! 5mo
LoverofLit @Michollio and @GlassAsDiamonds Thank you both so much! ❤ 5mo
GlassAsDiamonds @LoverofLit 😊😊😊 LOVE Singh, always a pleasure to recommend her (but I do think her character writing has come on wonderfully since the first few of the Psy series... while they clearly “grow up” through the series, some of those guys needed a good slap to the head! 😂😂😂 I don‘t have the same quibbles the later books, with any of her novellas or the Archangel series!) 5mo
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Giveaway | Carolyn Finlay
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#ThePowerofThreeGiveaway @LoverofLit

Congrats on your Litsy Anniversary!🥳🥳🥳

📘 Sci-Fi and Fantasy
🍫🍩🎂 Sweet
🦶 Mani/Pedi

The Power of Three | Sierra Brave
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Congratulations to @LoverofLit on her 3-year Litsyversary and 30k Litfluence!!

I‘m not sure if her giveaway is open to UK Littens, but I‘m reposting anyway, in case any of my followers haven‘t seen this, and because I love answering questions!!

1. Favourite genre changes with the season, I‘m so fickle😂😂 I read such a wide range.

2. Sweet! 🍫 🧁 🍪

3. A long hot soak in a bubble bath, with 🍷 and a 📖


LoverofLit I actually don't know what shipping costs are like from the US to UK. I guess I should have researched that. 😅 Stay tuned! 5mo
Crazeedi @LoverofLit the book depository has free shipping world wide, just found that out from my daughter 5mo
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Forever Charmed | Rose Pressey
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@LoverofLit congrats on your milestone my favorite genre is fantasy, I prefer salty over sweet, and to pamper myself I give myself manicures, face masks and bath bombs. #thepowerofthreegiveaway

LoverofLit Fantasy and lavender bath bombs are my jam! 5mo
Melmar @LoverofLit yes! Lavender bath bombs are sooo good 😊 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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@LoverofLit Congratulations on your anniversary and for reaching 30k. Thanks for hosting #ThePowerofThreeGiveaway.

LoverofLit I'm currently reading How To Stop Time by Matt Haig and it's about time travel. Have you read it? Salted caramel is the best! 5mo
sblbooks @LoverofLit I have not read that one yet, it's on my TBR. 5mo
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Charmed | Michelle Krys
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Congrats @LoverofLit on your anniversary and your milestone! And thanks for such an awesome #ThePowerofThreeGiveaway!
My answers:
1)Fantasy, YA, biographies, poetry
3)Splurge on buying a book, or magazine, or plant, occasionally paint my nails

LoverofLit Thank you! ❤ I love a good splurge! 5mo
Ddzmini Happy Litsyversery 🎊🎉🥳📖😋 5mo
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The Power of Three | Sierra Brave
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Congratulations to @LoverofLit on two awesome milestones! Thanks for hosting #thepowerofthreegiveaway.

1. My favorite genres are mystery and YA!
2. I love sweet things.
3. Sometimes just a visit to the library is a nice treat. On rarer occasions I will get a massage!

LoverofLit I join a friend for dinner and a bookstore visit once every couple of months and it is one of my favorite things! Thank you for participating 😊 5mo
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