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Classic Tales of Horror | Edgar Allan Poe
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😲 😯😮🤩🎃❣️ Rushed home because I‘ve been hyping up my #litsyswapoween ALLLLL day at work & when I opened up my mystery #swapoween2018 package, I totally flipped! @JamieLou you did an Amazingggg job! I can‘t wait to wear my collar broach! Beyond a Happy Halloween! 👏👍🙌 thank you sooooo much! ( I think my downstairs neighbors are annoyed at my jumping) 😬😁

JamieLou Hooray! I was very worried about the collar thing because it was so different from everything in your wishlist 😂 I‘m glad you enjoyed. Happy Halloween! 13mo
Sg1224 Haha Jamie, you are by far better at reading people than you give yourself credit...p.s. did you make the lovely book marks?! I Absolutely adore them! 13mo
JamieLou I did make them! I had my husband buy me a Silhouette cutting machine for my birthday a couple weeks ago, so I was experimenting with it. They were really fun to make and I learned a lot of dos and don‘ts. (edited) 13mo
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Sg1224 @JamieLou I wouldn‘t have guessed these were your beta versions. They look amazing! I just thought you had an Etsy shop. 👍👏 Happy Fri-yay! 12mo
Trashcanman 🤗🤗🤗Hugs. Oh its so nail biting and I'm not even in Texas. I hope Beto wins! 12mo
Sg1224 Hey @Trashcanman things didn‘t necessarily go the way I would‘ve liked, however I am SUPER excited for 2020 and beyond hopeful! 12mo
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I am not sure whom is hosting the #swapoween2018 swap but I Sent my #Swapoween 2018 package to @BurghBookAddict It is coming October 30th from Amazon but one item is on backorder and will be sent in November. Sorry about that.

Wonderwoman89 @BurghBookAddict let me know when it gets there please. It looks like you may have already been sent another box by another swap member as well. 13mo
Burghbookaddict No worries about anything being late! I'll let you know when it arrives. I'm not sure about another package, though. I'll double check! 13mo
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The Mailman | Bentley Little
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Mail updates!

- I received my #Swapoween gift (shown above) in the mail a couple days ago! I can't wait to open it!

- I also mailed my #Swapoween gift! It should be there by Tuesday. @BurghBookAddict

- I sent out my #favoritepoetswap gift today! And immediately realized I forgot to include the card! I hope the recipient can figure it out from my return address. 😂

- Last but not least, I sent @whippoorwill815 her next #LMPBC book!

Wonderwoman89 Who is hosting the #swapoween2018 swap? I think there was a mistake with my swap. I also sent @BurghBookAddict a package that is arriving on October 30th 13mo
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