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I ❤️ #summerreadingswap ! I received the absolutely perfect package. Thank you SO much @AsYouWish ! Look for thank you letter in the mail. Can‘t wait to do this again!

AsYouWish Yay!!! I am so glad you liked it! 2mo
rather_be_reading yay! ty for posting and being apart of my #SummerReadsSwap 2mo
Sward7 @rather_be_reading I can‘t wait until the next one. I‘ll make sure to personalize my gift more next time... 2mo
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The Doll Factory: A Novel | Elizabeth Macneal
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Its here!!!! 😍 @Wonderwoman89 Im so excited!! Thank you so much! This cover is gorgeous!! #summerreadingswap

Wonderwoman89 Oh great!! I hope you like it. Sorry about it coming late. Next time I will make sure it isn‘t a pre release book. I love the cover. 2mo
bookish_wookish Totally worth the wait!!! @Wonderwoman89 2mo
rather_be_reading awesome! 🌞 2mo
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Every Heart a Doorway | Seanan McGuire
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I was away & totally forgot to open my #summersolsticeswap #summersantagoespostal package before I left 🤦🏻‍♀️ @Kappadeemom THANK YOU for all these goodies! I can‘t wait to dive into these books 📚 I ♥️ my swap box! Sorry you had to wait so long. Much thanks to @BookishMarginalia for organizing this summery swap.

Kappadeemom You are so welcome! 2mo
BookishMarginalia 💜💜💜 2mo
rather_be_reading Hey Danielle, did you also receive your #SummerReadingSwap package? and did you send out your matches package?? 2mo
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MoonWitch94 @rather_be_reading Yes, I sent mine! And no, I didn‘t receive one 2mo
rather_be_reading @MoonWitch94 ty for getting back to me! okay i will reach out to your match. 2mo
rather_be_reading @MoonWitch94 your match says u should have received your amazon order yesterday. Also I still have not received my package from you. 2mo
MoonWitch94 @rather_be_reading 🙀 oh my! I‘m so sorry. I‘ll check on it. 2mo
MoonWitch94 @rather_be_reading I did not receive a package yet; however we‘ve had horrible storms lately with lots of flight delays. Maybe it will be on its way soon. 2mo
MoonWitch94 @rather_be_reading I found your package! Due to storms in my area it was delayed & then lost. It‘s being returned to me & I will have it out to you ASAP! 🥳😒😱♥️ 2mo
rather_be_reading @MoonWitch94 oh no!! ty so much for getting back to me. glad it was found! 2mo
rather_be_reading @MoonWitch94 also i will check on your package as well! 2mo
rather_be_reading hey danielle. Did you ever send your package back to me? It has now been about a month. Thanks. 3w
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Manic Monday | Robert Michael
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🏝 The Island of Doctor Moreau
🏝 The Blue Lagoon
🏝 La Isla Bonita

rather_be_reading hey just checking to see if you got your #SummerReadingSwap package?? 2mo
OriginalCyn620 @rather_be_reading I‘ve gotten a couple of items but apparently the rest is coming in early July? 2mo
JoScho Thanks for playing 💙🏝💙 2mo
rather_be_reading @OriginalCyn620 oh ok, just wanted to make sure! ty 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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A little late but still posting . This is from my #summerreadingswap. Thank you!

rather_be_reading awesome! 🌞 2mo
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Enjoyed the unique story of a non-practicing Jewish girl and her discovery of hate/love, safety/security, and trust/betrayal during WWII. Young Sarah Mayer must leave her family when Nazi's occupy Comar, France where the young protagonist is working as an apprentice for her father, a violin maker. The plot was really interesting and well researched, but the story and writing felt rushed and unpolished. I felt Maas often over-explained.

rather_be_reading Hi Sylvia, just making sure you got your #SummerReadingSwap package? 2mo
Sward7 @rather_be_reading no- but I‘m out of town. I‘m helping my mother with some medical and legal issues. I won‘t be home until 2nd week of July. 2mo
rather_be_reading @Sward7 ok no worries. I understand. ty for letting me know. 2mo
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rather_be_reading @Sward7 also will u then be sending out your matches package when you get back? 2mo
Sward7 I have it all set up to send via amazon. I‘ll get it off by this weekend.. 2mo
Sward7 @rather_be_reading the packages have been sent. One arrive July 2 and the other July 3. I sent message via Elfster 2mo
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The Poppy War | R.F. Kuang
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SUPER looking forward to this one! #SFF #fantasy #Kobo

rather_be_reading Hi Suzi, just wanted to make sure you received your #SummerReadingSwap package?? 2mo
suzisteffen @rather_be_reading hey there! Unfortunately for my knowledge of that, we left for the World Cup in Europe before a package came. I can tell you in a couple of weeks! 😉 2mo
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Sorry life has been hectic and I realized I forgot to post my summer box from @WriterAtHeart I love this Anniversary collection and the stationary set. Thank you soooo much

rather_be_reading so cool! ❤💙 🌞 #summerreadingswap 2mo
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OMG!!! Im so excited about this POP!!! Metallica is one of my favorite bands and this has been on my “need” list for awhile!! Thank you! @Wonderwoman89 #summerreadingswap

rather_be_reading haha love it! 🌞 2mo
Wonderwoman89 I hope the book comes soon. I didn‘t realize it was a pre release until I ordered it. 2mo
bookish_wookish Its ok! @Wonderwoman89 Im excited to see what it is! 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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This was the first time I have ever done one of these and I can‘t wait to do more!!! I absolutely love all of this!! I‘m already using the paper in my server book and the water bottle is absolutely perfect and so pretty!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Also I‘m almost done with my book it‘s really good!! ❤️💜❤️#summerreadingswap @Texreader

Texreader Fantastic!! Very happy you like it. I‘m so sorry if it was late. I worked every day including the weekend and kept missing open hours at the post office. 2mo
KaylaD O no I got it on time but had to work last night and it totally slipped my mind until today!! But thank you again!!❤️❤️ 2mo
rather_be_reading love it! 🌞 2mo
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