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Almost lost my hold on The Dreamers but I caught it in time. I don‘t know a thing about Outbreak but I know I do love a contagion story. I was delighted to find The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas on it‘s own. Just a tiny #libraryhaul


Very good but too short!

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Tor has been killing with these short stories and novellas lately and their cover game is A+. Darn.

Sour Candy: A Novella | Kealan Patrick Burke
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Okay I keep seeing this man pop up everwhere, I'm starting to think it's a sign 😂😂😂

UnidragonFrag I read Sour Candy and it was just meh. Not scary at all. Or even creepy. I know tons of people love his stuff though. 2d
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Skeletons | Ray Bradbury
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Post 2/2 @Itchyfeetreader I am in love with this little feller ☠️ I have named him Arthur!
#summersantagoespostal #skeletons
@BookishMarginalia 💜

Itchyfeetreader I know you have lots of bookmarks but when I saw him I thought he‘d be just the thing! 2d
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The Dispatcher | John Scalzi
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Here are my goals for round two!

I've got two physical goals, two mental health goals (yoga counts for both physical AND mental!), one food goal, and -- of course! -- my book goal. (Finishing the tagged novella will be my first goal met.)

Looking forward to doing this with my team, as well as all the other Littens making books and health a priority. 💪

#BFCR2 #bookfitnesschallenge #TeamFitLit

BookwormAHN Great goals 👏🏻 3d
wanderinglynn Great goals! 🙌🏻 3d
Meaw_catlady Excellent goals! You‘ve got this! 🙌🏻 3d
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4thhouseontheleft Great goals! What kind of meals are you planning to make? I love to cook! 😃 (edited) 2d
ChasingOm @4thhouseontheleft I just signed up for Hello Fresh (I tried Blue Apron earlier this year and loved the convenience), and I‘m trying to choose at least one meal with fish. My husband is picky, but he‘ll usually try what I make, hah, as long as it doesn‘t have TOO many vegetables. 😂 2d
4thhouseontheleft @ChasingOm 😂😂 I‘m glad I married a guy who likes green foods. My dad and FIL both hate 🍅 🥦🥬🌽. I hope Hello Fresh works for you! We cook fish a lot, usually on the grill. 2d
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A little intrigue and confusion on a sunny English afternoon.

The Purloined Letter | Edgar Allan Poe
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Departure from Poe‘s horror, precursor to modern detective story..........




cherinium I read the 3 Dupin detective stories within he last week, and this one was the best of the bunch. The first 2 were long winded and boring. I didn't finish either one. 6d
cherinium Dupin is an insufferable character.😖 6d
sprainedbrain @cherinium I was wondering if I should try the first two stories... thank you for saving me from that. 😂 6d
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cherinium @sprainedbrain Sure thing! I would definitely recommend skipping them. 6d
ravenlee Seventh grade reading enrichment class: teacher tells us “purloined” means a fancy style of writing. My mom: you‘re old enough now to know thar sometimes you‘re smarter than the teacher, and pointing it out is just going to make life harder for you. (This language arts teacher also mixed up passed/past, and otherwise tormented me for a year) So THAT was what I learned from this Poe story. 5d
sprainedbrain @ravenlee omg! That‘s hilarious and sad. Your mom sounds awesome! 🙄 5d
ravenlee My mom is awesome! Apparently she had the same conversation with both my older siblings. After I graduated HS I was working at BN, and that same teacher came up to my register (no recognition of me, but I knew her!) and blatantly abused her educator discount. She told me the books she was buying were to encourage independent reading (romance and suspense novels!). I just shook my head. 5d
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The Red-Headed League | Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir
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I believe it's honest to say that I am now addicted to Sherlock Holmes....although I feel I have more in common with Dr. Watson...😉

#mystery #SherlockHolmes #ArthurDoyle #classic

Children of the Corn | Stephen King
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DS9 5.5 #TheAssignment Because we need to beat on O'Brien a little more. And Keiko too in this case. Man, these too have a marriage made of steel! Pah-Wraith shenanigans and Rom being Rom. I love Rom. I liked the episode, but threats made to children is a trigger, so I fastforward that part.

Tagging one of the ur-bodysnatching stories out there. #startreksummerjune