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The Queens of Innis Lear | Tessa Gratton
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I‘m 200 pages into THE QUEENS OF INNIS LEAR, and I don‘t DISLIKE it but I‘ve gotta take a break that might turn into abandonment. While I‘ve enjoyed Gratton‘s writing before, this one feels dense in a way that won‘t let enough characterization through.

The pacing, too, reminds me a bit of UPROOTED by Naomi Novik and a bit of SPINDLE‘S END by Robin McKinley. I enjoyed UPROOTED, with reservations; I still regret the time I spent on SPINDLE‘S END.

East | Edith Pattou
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So should I post MY #BookSpin list?? Probably!! ? I have sooo been enjoying seeing everyone's lists!! So many people participating, and I love it!!

I decided to have my list mostly comprised of books from my "new arrivals" shelf, some of which, like the tagged book, have been there over two years!! ? I also threw in a few books I have been meaning to reread but never seem to get to!! Stacks are 1-10 on the left and 11-20 on the right.

TheAromaofBooks Actual list, since some are hard to see -
1. Well Met
2. Pedigree Unknown
3. Winterwood
4. Marilla of Green Gables
5. Cinder
6. The Guinevere Deception
7. The Raven Boys
8. Blue Smoke
9. East
10. Oryx and Crake
11. The Merlin Conspiracy
12. How to Save Your Child From Ostrich Attacks, Accidental Time Travel […]
13. Little Women
14. Kon Tiki
15. Heidi
16. The Riddle of Ages
17. Fangirl
18. Scavenge the Stars
19. Lament
20. Amber & Dusk
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Geekerella | Ashley Poston
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I've been in a fantasy mood lately! This book was so cute! I cant say it was different than any other books/movies that have been based off of Cinderella. But when you pick up a book based off of Cinderella, you pretty much know that already. It was so cute and had my heart fluttering! You definently cheer her on through the whole book and fall in love with El & Dariens love ❤ Quick, easy, and adorable read!

Damsel | Elana K. Arnold
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The Looking Glass Wars | Frank Beddor
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My charity shop finds for today. Couldn't believe my luck when my sister spotted the looking glass wars! Me and my fiancé love wonderland books and had been after this set. Praying they get the other 2 books in 📖♥️♣️♦️♠️📚 happy reading all

LibrarianRyan Love love love the looking glass wars. 24h
hannah-leeloo @LibrarianRyan I've seen many mixed reviews on this, I love wonderland books so I'm excited to read it after finding the others to the set 24h
LibrarianRyan @hannah-leeloo what I like about it is that it's not magic, it's all imagination. When i was still working with kids this was a big thing because we had so many parents apposed to books with magic. I liked that I could find a retelling of a classic that was all imagination and science, no magic involved. 23h
hannah-leeloo @LibrarianRyan very true, I've not long finished the splintered series and really enjoyed that wonderland tale. Got to love the world of nonsense 23h
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The Beast's Garden | Kate Forsyth
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My twenty books for February‘s #bookspin.

Joanne1 Can I recommend doing the Dutch House on audio. It‘s read by Tom Hanks and it‘s divine. 1d
TheAromaofBooks Thank you so much for joining! I loved Unequal Affections, by the way. I'll be sure to tag you with the magic number on Sunday!! 😁 1d
hes7 @Joanne1 I have it on audio! Can‘t pass up Tom Hanks. I just need to make time to actually listen to it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 1d
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Took me a while to finish coz I feel like I‘m too familiar with the OG story. There‘s a certain level of expectation to meet.

It goes with the storyline of the OG version. There‘s nothing wrong with that coz I imagined it to be parallel. I wish they delved on Jafar‘s backstory. That would‘ve justified the twist.

It‘s still a good read for kids & kids‘ at heart. Just darker & more gruesome. Don‘t expect a warm, happily ever after-filled story.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely | Brigid Kemmerer
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19-2020 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A retelling of Beauty & The Beast. Loved it! I did find myself at times comparing to ACOTAR but this is a more PG version. Cant wait to get into book two.

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Just bought tickets to see this wonderful show again... this time with my mom!!! 😍

Mollyanna Enjoy! One of my favorites. Defy Gravity! 2d
emilyrose_x I saw it a couple of years ago and I am obsessed 😍 2d
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Spinning Silver | Naomi Novik
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Book club today at a Korean shaved ice spot. 🍧 This is Earl Grey Bingsoo. Mmmm....

Cinfhen Yum 😋 2d
dgingo @Cinfhen I wasn‘t sure about it at first, but it was really good! 2d
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