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Samantha Irby making me feel seen yet again. #RealLove #currentlyreading

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Book 43 of 2019
Quick, short, hilarious read.

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One of my #newyear #resolutions was to embrace my intuition. I‘ve been exploring crystals and tarot as part of that goal. (I‘m already into essential oils, astrology, and meditation). The Spirit Almanac recommends getting a tarot deck that resonates with you. I have an old Rider-Waite deck, but it has never resonated with me. Any recommendations for #tarot decks? 🔮

NotAJot I like the Druid Craft Tarot Deck - the artwork is beautiful and I prefer the Druid re-imagining of some of the cards 😀 11mo
Weaponxgirl I like the wild unknown deck but the best thing to do is look at a few different ones and see what you are personally drawn to. I‘ve got a few different ones now that I use for different moods 11mo
REPollock I use the Crowley deck. I don‘t care for Crowley himself but the woman who did the art for the cards made some really cool images. 11mo
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nudibranch Agree with @Weaponxgirl , the wild unknown tarot is great. Although it's also a lot of fun to out together a tarot deck of your own, starting with a blank deck 😊 11mo
Weaponxgirl @nudibranch I would love to do that but I haven‘t got the talent vs how much of a perfectionist I am when it comes to that sort of thing. 11mo
nudibranch @Weaponxgirl Haha yeah, it's a lot of work for sure! I've seen some really great collage decks, though, too. 11mo
Weaponxgirl @nudibranch oh I admire the people who do it so much! I just know that I would be stuck playing the fool trying to get the fool right for years and getting cross with myself 😂 11mo
catiewithac @NotAJot @nudibranch @Weaponxgirl @REPollock thanks for sharing your recommendations! There are so many great decks out there that it‘s hard to choose. But I think I‘m going with Morgan Greer! (edited) 11mo
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Last week I re-read one of my favourites, The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank. It's such a great comfort read! 💕 What's on your reading list at the moment? This was book 2 of 2019's #readingchallenge, part of my #resolutions

Crazeedi Welcome to litsy!!! 11mo
bookseller_cate Welcome to Litsy! 🎉 11mo
akckitty Mine is currently 11mo
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akckitty But my 2019 tbr list is a loooooooong one 😅😅 11mo
readinginthedark I just started A Man Called Ove, finally. It's really good so far! 11mo
TheBookAddict I am currently reading Alias Grace and am listening to Bird Box, but I just got a few holds from the library (because I need more books...not), and I also joined a buddy read...😔. I have so much to read and not enough time. @akckitty one of my favorite series, I hope you enjoy it! @readinginthedark I loved it! 11mo
tammysue Welcome to Litsy! 👋🏻💞 11mo
readinginthedark @TheBookAddict A lot of people have recommended it to me. Not sure why it took me so long! 11mo
Cweeeevs Thank you, @Crazeedi , @duthie_yyc , @whatshesreadingnow ! 🤗 @akckitty I haven't read that series, it sounds so good! I hope you're enjoying it. My tbr list is very ambitious also 🤣 @readinginthedark I've heard such good things about that one! @TheBookAddict omg the Bird Box film was so stressful, I don't think I can handle the book! 🙈 I'd be so interested to hear what it's like though! 11mo
readinginthedark It's really good so far! 11mo
RadicalReader @Cweeeevs such a beautiful blanket I got a Harry Potter one for Christmas and I have never found a stronger reason to enjoy the considerable comfortably of a soft bed 10mo
Cweeeevs Thank you, @RadicalReader , I actually bought it as a gift for the bf and have somewhat reclaimed it now that we're living together 😅 10mo
RadicalReader @Cweeeevs congratulations on moving in together wishing you both the best. He should join Litsy as well so many wonderful amazing books to discover 10mo
Cweeeevs @RadicalReader thanks so much! He's not into social media so I think it's a no-go unfortunately 😅 10mo
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Listening to The Hum and the Shiver while taking an hour-long ‘ride in the park‘. Halfway through and I‘m really liking this book. Also, glad to be back on the bike. 🚴🏼‍♀️ #resolutions #audiobike

gradcat Kudos on the biking 🚴‍♀️ resolution! 👌🏻👍 11mo
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If you‘re really bad at keeping resolutions, you like snarky, and need a laugh, give this Vintage Short Original 30 minutes of your life.

Book 26/90 1/20/19

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Resolutions | Janet Sue Terry
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I realize this is almost 3 weeks late, but whatever. Here are my reading #resolutions for 2019:
• read 55 books
• only put the books I am reading on Goodreads, et al.
• try to focus on a max of 4 books at a time.
• read books that are outside of my own experience
• read more of the books that I own
• do a cull of my library and donate (I have books from 20 years ago on my shelves that I‘ve barely touched).

melissajayne Or I haven‘t opened up since my university days, like textbooks and the like. I‘m not going to hang onto them for 30+ years like my parents did. May have to recycle some of them. (edited) 11mo
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Funny ‘cause it‘s true.

gradcat Yup & ditto me! 😂😂😂 11mo
CareBear I love Samantha Irby. 11mo
tracey38 Sounds about right. 😂 11mo
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Loved this very short book (99 cents on Kindle) that was recently recommended by a friend when we were talking about new year‘s resolutions. If yo have already given up on this year‘s resolutions or don‘t like making them, this hilarious book is worth a quick read.

AlaMich I love Irby and didn‘t know about this! Thanks! 11mo
JoScho I am with @AlaMich I adore Irby and don‘t know about this. Going to grab it now. Thanks for sharing! 11mo
tracey38 This looks great. Just gotnit for the kindle 11mo
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Waiting to Be Read | Jonika Antoinette Haynes
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A page from the planner I received in my final #OwlCrate (December 2018). Each month has a calendar page, a page to list new releases that month, monthly #TBR, and several pages to review books read in that month! My TBR this month is pretty long and I doubt I‘ll get to all of them. Part of my reading #resolutions this year is to read my #botm selection the month I receive it. So Severance is backlog from Dec and Maid is this month. Hopeful 🤞

LibrarianRyan You can do it!! 11mo
MidnightBookGirl You got this! *eyes my ridiculous tbr goals* We got this! 11mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Love that journal! 😍 11mo
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xicanti Your little Storm is 😍 11mo
TheNextBook I like that planner! I‘ve got a calendar that I‘ve been using but part of me has been thinking about getting a planner! 11mo
hermyknee @xicanti thanks! @melrailey sent her to me in the #GeekyGraphicNovelSwap 💙 (was that last year or the year before?!) @JenlovesJT47 11mo
melrailey It was the year before! I didn‘t do any swaps last year as I was so busy with my dad dying. I‘m glad you‘re getting use out of her. 11mo
hermyknee @melrailey I‘m so sorry for your loss ♥️ 11mo
melrailey Thanks. 11mo
JenlovesJT47 It was last December. I‘m thinking about doing another one soon! 11mo
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