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#poetrysurvey for #favoritepoetswap

1.) Either! I'm so easy to please 😂
2.) Pretty up to date mhmm!!
3.) Herbal tea, decaf coffee, dairy free hot chocolate!! I love it all :)
4.) Chocolate. Dark and dairy free. Dumb allergies.
5.) Anyone else who is doing the Favorite Poet Swap!

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#poetrysurvey for #favoritepoetswap 😊
1. new ones :) I‘m open to any kind of poetry!
2. yes it is :) I don‘t own any of the books stacked as ‚to read‘
3.I don‘t drink coffee, anything else is fine!
4. I love all kinds of sweets😅 I‘m not picky!
5. anyone in the exchange who hasn‘t participated yet, please do so😊

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#PoetrySurvey #FavoritePoetSwap Thanks for the idea, @jenniferw88

Here is my small collection of poetry books.
🌱I certainly want to get acquainted with new poets.
I like poets of the Romantic age, and poems by the American greats like Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou,..etc.
NOT into poems the likes of Lang Leav, Rupi Kaur..etc.
🌱My Litsy TBR is up-to-date.
🌱I drink all but prefer to receive tea.
🌱Dark chocolate.

Bookishthoughts Nice collection we have similar taste!😊 14mo
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#poetrysurvey for #favoritepoetswap
1. New!!! Definitely want to get to know new poets!
2. Should be - otherwise my goodreads is always up to date ( @ Helena Greenfield there)
3. Tea all the way! My favourite is probably earl grey or maybe some Ceylon black tea, but I love all teas.
4. White chocolate is my favourite, but I love all types of chocolate and candy! I'll always be happy
5. I am late to the party! Nobody left to tag!

hlgreenfield Oh wow the picture is so blurry! Damn my phone camera has been acting up so bad lately 14mo
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1. I‘m open to new favorites! Please see my Goodreads to see what‘s on my shelves. I like free verse best but I won‘t kick a sestina out of bed for eating crackers
2. Yes. Also, ibid.
3. All teas but white, I like lighter roast coffees & decaf, hot chocolate is life!
4. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate with fruit, gummi whatnot, sour goodies, tea biscuits, dried fruit
🦕🍳🍂 #Favoritepoetswap #poetrysurvey

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1. I would love to try some new ones. I really want to read more feminist poetry, both classic and modern. 👍
2. I updated my Goodreads recently with a lot of poetry books I would love to read (Goodreads.com/Kalalalatja), but I‘m open to almost anything!
3. I drink it all, but mostly coffee.
4. Yes!

#FavoritePoetSwap #PoetrySurvey

slategreyskies My go-to feminist poet is Adrienne Rich. She was such a powerful writer. I have some of her essays as well! :) 13mo
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Milk and Honey | Rupi Kaur
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#PoetrySurvey #FavoritePoetSwap

1. I own no poetry, so either or both works for me.
2. Yup, you can also find it here: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/25645386-sheneve-butler
3. Tea and hot chocolate
4. Milk chocolate and any gummy candy

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#poetrysurvey #favoritepoetswap @LazyDays

1. New or favorite it's all good.
2. No. My website is the most up to date www.thespineview.com
3. Coffee but pods for Krieug and hot chocolate always works.
4. Chocolate all kinds.
5. No clue on this one.

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1. New is good. But either is fine.
2. TBR list is fairly accurate, but I'll tweak it a little.
3. Hot chocolate
4. Milk chocolate
5. @LapReader @LazyDays

#poetrysurvey #favoritepoetswap

The Sonnets | William Shakespeare, Peter Harness
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1-I would loveee to receive something from a new poet😌
2-yes it is... you can also look me up @ Goodreads: Adrianna Gabriela
3-Tea or Hot Cocoa 😋
4-Both (if 🍫,milk)
 @LazyDays thanks for hosting
@jenniferw88 excellent idea 💡! (Stole some littens from ur list and tagged them😅)


ReadingRover Thanks for the tag! 14mo
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