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Franny and Zooey | J.D. Salinger
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I felt utter confusion upon finishing this book as to why it is such a revered classic.... and I #feelitstill. Time has not allowed my analysis any further progress 😆 if anyone would like to educate me please do!!

Thanks to everybody who participated in this month‘s #aprella challenge!! It was so fun following your creative posts each day 🙌🏻 I hope you aren't sick of the Dargusch family bc we will be back soon... 😉

Kalalalatja I loved the prompts this month! 2y
batsy Thank you for a great month @emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch 💕 2y
IamIamIam I need to read this again. I do remember loving the characters but I'm not sure why. 🤣 2y
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Reviewsbylola OMFG hated this book. 2y
britt_brooke I love this one, particularly the dialogue between Zooey and his mom. It‘s an odd glimpse into the normal (and flawed) Glass family. It really seems like people love or hate Salinger. Where do you all stand on The Catcher in the Rye? @emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola 2y
Reviewsbylola I really liked The Catcher in the Rye! I don‘t remember what it was about this one that I hated so much, I just remember that I was irritated with how much I disliked it! 😂 @britt_brooke 2y
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola Well, at least you liked Catcher. 😆🤗 2y
Mdargusch Hmmm. I read this so long ago I don‘t remember whether I liked it or not 😂 2y
emilyhaldi I guarantee that you didn‘t 🙄 @Mdargusch 2y
emilyhaldi @britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola to be honest, I‘m not sure if I liked Catcher? I read it in school and hardly remember 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe I need to try it again! 2y
Kimberlone This one is a bit overrated. Personally I prefer Nine Stories or Catcher in the Rye as those books are more self contained and conclusive. 2y
britt_brooke @emilyhaldi It‘s one of my favorites, so I vote yes. 😉💚 2y
CarolynM @emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch @Cinfhen Thank you all for hosting a fun month of challenges. 💐💐💐 2y
Cinfhen Loved seeing your posts @CarolynM I feel like we bonded 💗😉{{us grannies need to stick together}} 2y
Cinfhen 🙌🏻 perfect @CarolynM 2y
Mdargusch Thank you for posting along with us! 👍🏼❤️👌🏼 @CarolynM (edited) 2y
Reviewsbylola Thanks for joining in with us!! @CarolynM 2y
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