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#candyday #novembernarrative @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Eggs
This is a popular candy brand here in Malaysia!

Eggs 🍭💚🍬 2mo
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#GratefulHarvest - Tradition: I don‘t remember a New Year‘s Day when this didn‘t happen. My Dad cooking a big pot of Black-eyed Peas and Ham Hocks on New Year‘s Eve. My Mom standing at the ready with spoons in hand to deliver the hope of prosperity for the coming new year after you got the midnight smooches.💋 When I was grown enough to hang out for a party or two, I remember my phone ringing like crazy after midnight.👇🏽

Nute My girlfriends steadily asking, “Who‘s that blowing up your phone?” “Girl, that‘s just my Mom leaving message after message telling me not to eat anything until I come home and get a big heaping spoonful of Black-eyed Peas.” Or Mom shouting into the phone, “Did you eat some Black-eye Peas?” Oh, dear Lord!

Time slides by. Now I‘m the pot watcher and the keeper of the spoons. The tradition passes on!

Photo Credit: The Internet (In Erika‘s Kitchen)
(edited) 1y
Megabooks We do this as well! 1y
BeaG My family as well. 1y
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eeclayton Here in Hungary, we eat lentils for the same reason. 1y
Lesliereads I keep this tradition, too! ♥️ 1y
Eggs My fam too P.S. there is no black eyed pea emoji 🧐 1y
Reggie This is lovely. Thanks for sharing. 1y
Amiable ❤️❤️ 1y
carlthecattt I‘ve never done this before, but it sounds like a great tradition! 1y
Nute @Megabooks I shall be thinking fondly of you after midnight on New Years‘s Eve, Ms. Meg!💕 1y
Nute @BeaG I shall be thinking fondly of you after midnight on New Years‘s Eve, Ms. Jocelyn!💕 1y
Nute @eeclayton Ooh, I love that you responded to this post with the cultural tradition of your country! Maybe I‘ll cook lentils on New Year‘s Eve this year and celebrate our friendship, Ms. Gabi!💕 1y
Nute @Lesliereads I‘ve missed you, my Friend! How have you been? I shall be thinking fondly of you after midnight on New Year‘s Eve, Ms. Leslie!💕 1y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I knew that this would be a tradition of many families in Mississippi. I shall be thinking fondly of you after midnight on New Year‘s Eve, Ms. Misty!💕 1y
Nute @Eggs I am always in need of a new emoji!😆 I shall be thinking fondly of you after midnight on New Year‘s Eve, Ms. Sherri!💕 1y
Nute @Reggie Aww, thanks, Reggie!💕 Do you have any food traditions in your family? 1y
Nute @Amiable Hey, Ms. Amy!💕 How are you? 1y
Nute @carlthecattt Thanks, Ms. Takara!💕 What traditions does your family have at this time of the year? 1y
Amiable @Nute I‘m feeling wonderful! My Marine son is back from his deployment and home on his holiday leave! It‘s been a year since we‘ve seen him. (edited) 1y
Nute @amiable Oh, my! That is the BEST news! What a lovely gift to celebrate at Thanksgiving time…a wonderful homecoming. I‘m so happy for you.☺️ 1y
BeaG @Nute 😊 1y
carlthecattt @Nute we always give Christmas Eve pajamas, and last year we started a new Christmas Day tradition of ordering Chinese takeout for dinner. But for New Years we don‘t really do much, it‘s never been something we really celebrate. 1y
Nute @carlthecattt We do the Christmas Eve pajamas as well. You eat Chinese Food takeout on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? We look for any occasion to start a new thing.😆 It‘s fun to hear about the traditions that other families and cultures do. 1y
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The Sun Is So Quiet | Nikki Giovanni, Ashley Bryan
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Isn‘t this lovely? Collecting books for the winter! #Poem by #NikkiGiovanni illustrated by #AshleyBryan

TheBookHippie I now need this book..💜💜💜 2y
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#TableofContents for this #CulturalHistory of the #HarlemRenaissance written by #LabanCarrickHill with a foreword by poet #NikkiGiovanni

kspenmoll This looks soooo good! 2y
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Looking forward to this #CulturalHistory of the #HarlemRenaissance 🤓

Written by #LabanCarrickHill
Foreword by #NikkiGiovanni

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Anything Nikki Giovanni wrote is going to be good. Her poems can be incredibly simple and they hit like a ton of bricks.
It was hard to pick just one black author there are so many fantastic ones.
I‘m going to tag everyone that sees this. So you are tagged
#blackvoices @ShyBookOwl

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I was impressed with this book. I‘ll definitely be seeking out more of Nikki Giovanni‘s work. #poetry

OrangeMooseReads I love Nikki Giovanni 4y
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Chasing Utopia: A Hybrid | Nikki Giovanni
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I‘ll preface this by saying it‘s not my favorite Nikki Giovanni collection, but it‘s Nikki Giovanni and she‘s one of my favorite poets. This collection of poetry and short verse has some gems sprinkled throughout, a lot of which is inspired by her love of family and food.

#poetry #poetrymatters #nikkigiovanni

Weaponxgirl I only recently heard about her, done deal with a red from you! What‘s your favourite collection? 4y
SW-T @Weaponxgirl There‘s also an album of this one set to music 😊 4y
Weaponxgirl @SW-T you know my tastes so well! Thankyou 😊 4y
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In the newest episode of Unabridged, we share our thoughts about a talk by Nikki Giovanni at Bridgewater College. We hope you'll listen via iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast catcher (or check us out on unabridgedpod.com). We'd love to know what you think about the episode or Giovanni's work.

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A true bibliophile treasures her autographed books more than she treasures her designer shoes.
I will forever cherish my autographed copy of Nikki Giovanni‘s book A Good Cry: What We Learn From Tears and Laughter. #nikkigiovanni #nationalpoetrymonth

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