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Pride | Ibi Zoboi
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1. I live in Bombay, India but my parents are Tamilian and have lived all over the country practically.
2. Ibi Zoboi , from a bookriot post!
3. To infinity and beyond!
4. On my couch, with my husband near by so i can read out bits i like to him!
5. Patna blues by Abdullah Khan for an extremely evocative and insightful look into the lives of a young Muslim boy in small town North India.
@tessavi #littenintro

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1. Army brat but have lived in Louisiana, where my parents are from, since 1982.
2. Kendare Blake
3. Mount Everest?
4. My bed
5. Truly Devious

tessavi Thanks for participating 🐨 8mo
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Sabrina | Nick Drnaso
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So excited to have found this platform!! This #littenintro seems like a perfect first post @tessavi

1. Long Island, NY 🗽
2. Sayaka Murata who wrote Convenience Store Woman, which was a perfect introduction to her refreshing and quirky style 🍦
3. I recently deleted all of my want to reads on Goodreads, as it was way out of control! I think I‘m at a manageable 15 📚
4. My sitting room couch, or a coffee shop ☕️
5. Sabrina by Nick Drnaso 📻

tessavi Welcome to Litsy and thanks for posting! 🦔 8mo
RaimeyGallant A belated welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. @LitsyWelcomeWagon 6mo
Chelleo Welcome! 6mo
reelsndreads @RaimeyGallant @Chelleo thank you both!!!! So excited to get more involved in this bookish community ☺️ 6mo
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Once Upon a River | Diane Setterfield
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1. Scotland
2. Elena Ferrante
3. Over 100
4. Lying on my sofa
5. The tagged book, it is brilliant!

#littenintro @tessavi

tessavi Thanks for participating 🐕 8mo
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1. New Jersey, USA
2. Pam Anders - scroll down my feed to see a review of The Dagger and at www.janecairns.com
3. 45 physical books and 5,500+ ebooks
4. Main branch of the Ocean County Library and also at the desk in my bedroom
5. The Dagger by Pam Anders

#littenintro @tessavi

tessavi That's a lot of ebooks! 8mo
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1. Roy, Utah. Grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
2. Anne Bishop
3. To big to finish in this life time!!
4. All of therm! (Where ever I am)
5. Tagged. Love this series!!

#littenintro @tessavi

tessavi Thank you for the recommendation 🐿️ 8mo
SassyBookworm Ohh I love this series too!!! 8mo
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Furyborn | Claire Legrand
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1. Clearfield, Utah but I grew up in Lynden, Washington. 2. Sarah J Maas- I have read almost all her books now within the last 6 months or so. I also really like Claire legend so far. 3. It‘s a pile😉. 4. Bed/couch/out camping ⛺️ 5. Furyborn by Claire Legend #littenintro @tessavi

QueenJen We're practically neighbors! I'm in Roy, Utah! 😉📚☕ 8mo
tessavi Thanks for participating 🐨 8mo
Kasie @QueenJen 🙋🏼‍♀️💚💜 8mo
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I'll Never Tell | Catherine McKenzie
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⭐️ I was born in London, England but have called Montreal home since 1984. I‘ve also lived in Serbia, Switzerland and Japan through the years. 🇨🇦🇷🇸🇨🇭🇯🇵
⭐️ Marissa Meyer, Mike Chen, Matthew Norman
⭐️ According to Goodreads I have >400 books on my TBR
⭐️ On the sofa in the family room
⭐️ I always recommend Catherine McKenzie (Arranged, Fractured and The Good Liar are my favourites)

#littenintro @tessavi

tessavi Oh! Where in Japan? I'm in Tokyo 8mo
throwmeabook @tessavi We lived in Yokohama for a year (2014-2015). 8mo
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1) Born in St. Louis, moved to NYC at 18, where I lived for almost 40 years. Relocated to Santa Fe almost 2 years ago and absolutely love it!
2) John Boyle, Joy Harjo
3) According to Goodreads, 1,618 books but I don‘t have all the unread books on my shelves/Kindle in there so actually higher.
4) Couch in my living room while my honey plays video games with headphones on.
#littenintro @tessavi
5) Tagged book.

tessavi Thanks for the recommendation 🐿️ 8mo
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1. Illinois USA
2. Christina Henry
3. Almost 600 books 😳
4. Reclining on my couch with my dogs
5. Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhouse
#littenintro @tessavi

Liriope 1. Portugal, 2. David Day, 3. Not big, around 3, 4. My bed, 5. The secret fan - from Lisa See 8mo
tessavi Thanks for the recommendations both of you 🦔 8mo
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