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#BookNDinner! Accompaniment this cold and flurry-filled night: teriyaki and garlic-ranch wings; cheesesteak sandwich, French fries, a pickle, and beer. MMMmmmm 😋! Happy reads & happy eats! 👌🏻

Bklover Oh, it makes me so happy to see your dinner return to Litsy again! 12mo
BookBabe @Bklover haha! That‘s so cute of you to say! ☺️ 12mo
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Kaye I think we needed the #BookCoupleDinner posts in here again. I always watched for them, and I‘m used to watching for the girl‘s post about her daily walk, how far she goes and what audio she‘s listening to. These things make Litsy feel more back to normal. 12mo
MicheleinPhilly You get extra points for the Wiz! #liquidgold 12mo
Bklover @kaye Yes-I haven‘t seen the daily walk lady in a while! 12mo
Kaye I just saw a post I think yesterday ? Her name is. @DarcysMom I couldn‘t remember it before. @Bklover (edited) 12mo
DarcysMom @kaye @Bklover I am giggling so hard - I love being called the daily walk lady. I am tagging this year's walks with #2019kmin2019. 12mo
Kaye We like your posts because they are unique. I like seeing your map routes and your audiobook and sometimes photos of the scenery. It‘s sorta like we are taking a walk with you. From our couch. @DarcysMom 12mo
DarcysMom @kaye I love it! You inspired me to get my waking clothes on and go out this morning even though it looks like rain. 12mo
Kaye Good for you 👍🏼 I‘m eating a plate of gravy and biscuits. Will you walk it off for me ? 😁. You‘ll look better. I‘ll look MEATIER. @DarcysMom (edited) 12mo
Bklover @kaye @DarcysMom Oh, yes! I watch for your posts too. Every day I mentally congratulate you and plan to start walking myself (someday). You always post an interesting pic from your walk too! I took a screenshot of this thread so I can remember the hashtag. 💛💛💛💛💛 12mo
DarcysMom @kaye OMG - I want *all* the biscuits and gravy! Sounds much more delicious than the herbal tea I am drinking right now. 12mo
Kaye @bklover @DarcysMom @ME😁.How would the 3 of us like to make a friendly little plan to ALL take an audio walk daily ? ONE of us already does that. Guess which one ? It‘s not me. I‘d like to challenge you guys to all 3 daily walk, show a pic SOMETHING you see on your walk, and what book you‘re listening to. Anybody game for a friendly contest ? You don‘t even have to walk far. Around the block is ok. Check in daily #walkingtriplets (edited) 12mo
Bklover Just saw this one too! Following on other thread. I love #walkingtriplets! @kaye @DarcysMom 12mo
Kaye @Bklover Well, we can‘t be triplets if the others join, but we can still be LitsyWalkers. It‘ll be fun. (edited) 12mo
Kaye @DarcysMom You‘ve been such a big inspiration, I watch for your videos every day. So you gave me the idea to make it a challenge . I need some motivation. This has the added plus of others joining in, plus seeing the audiobooks for the day. You get 👑 👟 Queen of the Litsy Walkers ! 12mo
BookBabe @DarcysMom @kaye @Bklover Whereabouts do you Littens live? I‘m in eastern Pennsylvania, and we‘ve got highs in the 30s all week. Probably for most of the winter, lol. I‘d love to get in on this #audiowalking thing, but I‘m not sure I‘ll be willing to drag myself outdoors in that cold weather. But I did just get a treadmill! So I‘ll be doing daily walks indoors for sure. (edited) 12mo
DarcysMom I live in Southern California @BookBabe @kaye @Bklover 12mo
BookBabe @DarcysMom Ah, ok. That‘s a big help. Last night it was 13 degrees here. Yikes. 50s are much better for walking! 12mo
Kaye I‘m in Ohio. Our weather is currently nasty. Pouring snow , but I‘ll still walk ,even if it‘s around the block. I need a jumpstart to get moving again. This will help. It‘s sort of a challenge to me. Gotta do it. Our weather hasn‘t been bad up til the last couple of days. If it‘s solid ice out , I‘ll have to walk at the indoor track, but I plan on getting outside at least for an around the block. 12mo
BookBabe @kaye Good for you! Your dedication and decisiveness impress and inspire me. I‘ll try to emulate! 😃👍🏻 12mo
Kaye We‘d love to include you if you‘re up for it. Look up #LitsyWalkers. 💕 12mo
Bklover I‘m in Illinois not too far from St. Louis. We have about 8 inches of snow and ice right now. I‘m going for a walk today though (briefly). I‘ve seen several neighbors out walking so it should be fine. I figure if I fall and break something I‘ll just hop over to Ohio and stay with @kaye 😉. 12mo
Kaye @Bklover Be careful. The ice is scary to walk on. I fell down but I bounced. You can come here if you need taken care of. . 12mo
Bklover @kaye I have enough padding that I‘d probably bounce too!❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
BookBabe @Bklover @Kaye LMAO @ the bouncing!!! 😂😂😂 That‘s so great. 😄👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 You know what? I can‘t resist. Count me in for #LitsyWalkers! I‘m starting today. Just go easy on me if I falter (though I‘ll try not to!)—I‘m a hermit and this is a scary commitment for me...but worth it! 🙌🏻 12mo
Kaye I‘m so proud of you @BookBabe for taking that first step. Day one is probably the hardest. Once you get into the routine, you‘ll do great. Remember, it‘s not a race, not a competition. All it is, is for getting people out to walk while enjoying an audiobook. So even if you walk 10 minutes, it‘s 10 more than you would‘ve had before. I bet @MrBook will be proud of you too. 12mo
Bklover Go @BookBabe !!! Proud of you! I‘m kinda proud of all of us. There is no one in the world less athletic than me! 12mo
BookBabe @kaye @Bklover Thanks so much, you two! 🤗 I really appreciate the support! ❤️ I‘m so proud of all of us! 🙌🏻 12mo
RadicalReader @BookBabe seriously wouldn‘t mind if grocery stores carried teriyaki ranch chicken wings would be a sensational and must have staple in my kitchen freezer 12mo
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