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The Woman on the Stairs | Bernhard Schlink
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I really disliked this. It had an interesting premise but I never found any of it believable. I would have bailed if I hadn't been reading it for #LMPBC. Sorry #GroupZ

#BookReport Cricket watching and travelling has eaten into my reading time this week so I've only read this and the first 124 pages of The Most Fun We Ever Had (much more enjoyable)

#WeeklyForecast Finish The Most... and then, hmmm, not sure actually🤔 Something light I think.

LeeRHarry Different books for different folks ? Mmm that nearly rhymes 😏 I am flying through your pick for our group 💕 1mo
CarolynM @Cinfhen I like it a lot. It is very believable, which is quite a contrast with The Woman on the Stairs! 1mo
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Cinfhen Good to know 😊👍🏻 1mo
CarolynM @LeeRHarry Indeed. I'll be interested to see what you think of it. Hope "flying through" means you're enjoying it 1mo
Joanne1 Thanks for the tip @CarolynM I won‘t bother with that one then. 1mo
thegreensofa Now I‘m intrigued..You were good not to bail I know how hard it is! Katerina nearly killed me!! 1mo
CarolynM @Joanne1 Good call🙂 1mo
CarolynM @thegreensofa I think it's good for me to read books I don't like sometimes - it's one of the things book groups are for🙂 1mo
Freespirit Carolyn I hope you are no where near the fires. Hope your escaping the heat xxx 1mo
CarolynM @Freespirit Thanks for thinking of me 😘 We are quite some way from the fires. Spent the day inside with the air con on. Thankfully the cool change has arrived now. 1mo
CarolynM @LeeRHarry I put this in the post to you this afternoon 🙂 4w
LeeRHarry @CarolynM Thanks 😊 4w
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The Woman on the Stairs | Bernhard Schlink
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Just picked this one up, thank you Alissa. This one looks interesting. Ready to get started very soon. #LMPBC #GroupZ

Crazeedi Sounds good! 2mo
Cathythoughts It Does sounds good 👍🏻❤️ 2mo
Rissreads That cover is gorgeous and the book sounds interesting. I've never heard of it before. 2mo
Lcsmcat Interesting premise. I read The Reader years ago and remember liking it. I might have to try this one. 2mo
Freespirit I have this in my pile to read. I‘ll be interested to hear your thoughts! 2mo
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I can see why this book is so beloved. I didn't think I was going to like it at first, but it wasn't long before it worked its magic on me. Has any one else read both this and The Harp in the South? I was struck by the similarities. I wonder if Ruth Park got a copy from a US serviceman in Sydney at the end of the war. #LMPBC #GroupZ

LapReader I‘ve read Harp in the South but it‘s so long ago I can‘t compare. 2mo
Tamra I‘m so glad you liked it! 2mo
Freespirit I also saw why it was much loved ❤️ 2mo
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CarolynM @LapReader Obviously different things happen in the 2 stories, but the basic premise is so similar - a young girl growing up in a poor Irish Catholic immigrant family, just substitute Surry Hills for Brooklyn. 2mo
CarolynM @Tamra It really is a lovely book. 2mo
CarolynM @Freespirit An excellent choice for LMPBC. I loved everyone's comments. I'll try to get it in the post back to you on Monday. 2mo
CarolynM @TrishB I'm so glad I have the copy of this you sent me. I would have had to go out and buy one, so thank you again 😘 2mo
TrishB @CarolynM another Litsy book making its way round the world as this was originally sent to me by @Cinfhen 2mo
Cinfhen One of the beautiful things about Litsy @TrishB @CarolynM our books get to travel the world even if we can‘t 😉😂💕 2mo
TrishB @Cinfhen exactly 😘 2mo
Centique So glad it worked it‘s magic on you. I read it probably 20 years ago so I‘m happy to know it‘s as good as I remember! 2mo
Centique And the preloved books parcel from you arrived yesterday! It was a thrill I tell you - I‘d almost ordered Convenience Store Woman online the other day because I‘d forgotten! Thank you so much! 😘 2mo
CarolynM @Centique Hope you enjoy them. A Tree... really is lovely. You might like 2mo
Centique @CarolynM I will add it to my TBR! Also I had a brain hiccup yesterday. Mailed you a couple of little Christmassy things and left the card behind - will get back to the Post Office and send it seperately. Doh! 🤪 2mo
rubyslippersreads I‘ll have to read The Harp in the South, since I ❤️ Tree so much. 1mo
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There Was Still Love | Favel Parrett
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I'm going to be thinking about this book for a long time. Deceptively simple, both in story and writing, it explores the connections and chasms between families separated by WWII and the Iron Curtain. Really beautiful. #ozfiction

#LMPBC #GroupZ. I'll put it in the post for you on Monday, Lee.

JennyM Really looking forward to this one. Great review 🦊 2mo
LeeRHarry Thanks Carolyn- I‘m excited to read this one! 😊 2mo
Freespirit Oh I like the sound of it! 2mo
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Katerina | James Frey
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I can't find anything to recommend this book. I didn't like the writing, the story or the main character! I think it's a memoir.....about a shallow, sex obsessed young would-be writer.....I did however very much enjoy the comments from my other postal markup team members @thegreensofa @LapReader @CarolynM and I feel like we need to get together for coffee/wine to complete our literary review in person😂❤️ #LMPBC #GroupZ #ozgroup

LapReader I was thinking an Australian Litsy meet up would be fun. 3mo
Freespirit A trip to Melbourne would be fun😍 @LapReader (edited) 3mo
LapReader I‘ve always wanted to go to the Writer‘s Festival there. 3mo
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CarolynM I would love to catch up with you @Freespirit @lapreader let me know if you're coming to Melbourne. 😘😘 3mo
Freespirit I will definitely do that @CarolynM 🤗 3mo
thegreensofa I agree, this book was nuts! I hated it too, but I am really looking forward to getting it back and reading everyone‘s comments in it ☺️. Much wine 🍷 will be needed @Freespirit if we talk about it at a meetup! 😂. So embarrassed that I picked it! But yes count me in too :) 🙋🏼‍♀️💚💚 3mo
Freespirit Hi @thegreensofa I have picked some horrors over the years..it‘s good to read the occasional dud just so the others shine. We should plan a get together some day😍 3mo
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Katerina | James Frey
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At first I felt this was a car crash kind of book - ugly but difficult to look away from - and I was interested in where it was going. My major problem with it was its shallowness, I never felt I had any sense of the MC other than as a pretentious drunk so I had no emotional investment in him. Then came the insta-love and the appalling series of clichés which would have embarrassed most romance novelists. ? #LMPBC #GroupZ

CarolynM I was also super annoyed by the blame shifting he indulged in over the A Million Little Pieces fiasco. If there's an apology version of the humble brag, this was it. I've never read that book and I'm not an Oprah fan so I have no particular views about what happened, but the way he talked about it here was really, really obnoxious. 4mo
CarolynM And don't get me started on the sex scenes! Ugh!! 4mo
Graywacke Points for bravery for trying this one, Carolyn. 4mo
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Alfoster Sooo agree! I got tired of his constant need for pastries and sex!🤣🤣🤣 4mo
Freespirit Wow....not sure what's ahead 😬 4mo
Reggie Lolololol I knew you wouldn‘t like it. 4mo
Reggie Truth be told, I really liked this one. 4mo
CarolynM @Reggie I get what you said about "prick lit" and it wasn't the drinking and vomiting I had a problem with. For me the worst bit was the "romance" which I found unconvincing and shockingly clichéd. If you're writing a formulaic romance that's got some amusement value I'll forgive you. If you're making a claim for literature I need more substance in the characters and more originality in the story if I'm going to care. 4mo
Reggie @CarolynM how can one not fall in love with the person who saves them from themselves. He would have frozen to death in the snow if it weren‘t for her. And she saw through him to the good person he was. She even said it. “You act like an asshole but you aren‘t, there are guys who don‘t act like it but they are.” And then she broke his heart....😭. Lol can I ask you to do an exercise. Would you feel the same if the genders were switched? 4mo
CarolynM @Graywacke I don't know about that. Ultimately I just didn't think it was very good. 4mo
CarolynM @Reggie I think so. Both characters were superficially drawn. I didn't feel like there was enough in the text to show any real connection between them. We were told there was but not shown it. That's a killer for me, even in the trashy romance novels I like to read at bedtime🙂 Same with the idea he was a good person really - where was the evidence for that? He didn't do anything that made me think he was good. I don't think she did save him👇 4mo
CarolynM @Reggie He'd apparently slept off a drunken stupor in similar conditions before. The whole breaking up over infidelity thing, the pregnancy, the terminal illness - it's all been done a million times. If she'd been the addict, he'd been the unfaithful one, he was the one dying - it wouldn't make a difference, it's still old hat. If you're going to use those tropes you need to write a lot better than this. 4mo
CarolynM @Freespirit Don't worry too much, I'm just hard to please 😉😬 4mo
CarolynM @Alfoster Indeed! 4mo
GlassAsDiamonds Having not (and never likely to) read the book... I‘m totally here for the “formulaic romance with amusement values” comment 😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😂😂 4mo
CarolynM @GlassAsDiamonds You know exactly what I mean🙂 4mo
CarolynM @Reggie I'm sorry. I didn't mean to harangue you and I don't mean to criticise you for liking the book. I am convinced by things others find questionable. We all bring our own understandings to our reading and often I think they are what determine our connection with the material. I enjoy other people's opinions even if I disagree and I forget sometimes that I express myself in stronger terms than others might be comfortable with. 4mo
Reggie Oh no, chica, I totally appreciate your view. I didn‘t take anything you said personal. I don‘t think of you any differently for not liking this book. We‘re cool. 😊 4mo
CarolynM @Reggie That's good. Thanks🙂 4mo
Jeg Maybe not one I‘ll buy. 4mo
CarolynM @Jeg I'm glad I didn't spend my money on it🙂 4mo
CarolynM @Freespirit I put this in the post for you today🙂 4mo
Freespirit Thanks @CarolynM . I am posting Euphoria off to you @thegreensofa tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. 4mo
thegreensofa @Freespirit thank you :), no worries about being late, was following your holiday posts looked great! 😊 4mo
thegreensofa @CarolynM I so agree about Katerina! 🙄😳 4mo
Freespirit Thanks @CarolynM I received the book...50 pages in...not a fan so far! 4mo
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Katerina | James Frey
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Yay, it has arrived! Thanks Alissa😘
#LMPBC #GroupZ

LapReader Sorry @CarolynM I‘m in Samoa. 4mo
CarolynM @LapReader No problem, I was only concerned in case it had gone missing in the post (it wouldn't be the first time something sent to me disappeared). Enjoy Samoa! 4mo
Reggie I‘m curious to hear what you think about this.... 4mo
CarolynM @Reggie I'll be reading it over the next few days because I need to get I on tot he next person in line, so you should see a review soon🙂 4mo
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