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Ella Enchanted | Gail Carson Levine
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"As it turns out, sperm is highly alkaline, more than any other body fluid."

"The acidity of the vagina in health is just about that of a glass of red wine."

#didyouknow #nonfiction #sex #phlevel #trivia #alliterativetitles ?

Reviewsbylola 🤔🤔 3y
Suet624 Hmmmm. Never knew this! 3y
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Of Saints and Shadows | Christopher Golden
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The Master and Margarita | Mikhail Bulgakov
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Catch up time! #alliterativetitles has to go to this joy of novel which is so much fun, I cannot recommend it enough #marchintoreading

saresmoore I finally ordered a copy of this and I'm very much looking forward to reading it! 3y
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Chenelyn! Chenelyn! | Rhandee Garlitos
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My pick for #DiversePictureBooks for #MarchIntoReading. This would have been perfect for #AlliterativeTitles too. A kiddie book (written in Filipino with English translations) about a young Filipino boy who loves the color pink and is described as "very dainty and soft-spoken".?

It's not in the database so I'm tagging another book the the author.

#Filipinoauthors #WeNeedDiverseBooks

GatheringBooks i have always wanted a copy of this one!! i don't think i do!! 3y
Chachic @GatheringBooks It's pretty hard to find na! I keep looking in Manila bookstores but haven't found a copies yet. @minavesguerra said she'll hoard the next time she sees copies haha. 3y
RealLifeReading Oh that sounds like a wonderful book! 3y
Chachic @RealLifeReading It's a lovely one! I wish it was internationally available so readers outside the Philippines could read it. 3y
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Labyrinth Lost | Zoraida Cordova
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Two #alliterativetitles: one I just finished and one I've got lined up soon. #MarchintoReading

Ruri_kaichou I just started Labyrinth Lost today. It has a great start! 3y
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It just so happens that Emma Watson's book club pick this month has a title with an alliteration. 😄 I'm going to try to read a chapter a night. We'll see how that goes. 😋 #feminist #oursharedshelf #goodreads
#marchintoreading #alliterativetitles

Riveted_Reader_Melissa It's on my pile to read too! 3y
Claireluana Sounds awesome! 3y
CocoReads I've had this since it came out way back when. I've started and stopped a bunch of times. I should make another attempt. 3y
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LuLeeBelle THIS! BOOK! Ok. I don't always agree with Emma Watson about everything, but I do 100% agree with her that every woman should read this book. 3y
GatheringBooks i have this book, but haven't gotten around to cracking it open yet 3y
Tamarity My high school guidance councilor suggested I read this, so (since I already knew everything) I didn't... 3y
angrylilasian @CocoReads are you on Goodreads? There's a group and discussion that might help keep you going. 3y
angrylilasian @Tamarity ah yes. Teenagers do think they know everything. 😆 I'm impressed your guidance counselor recommended it. I don't remember mine recommending anything! 3y
CocoReads @angrylilasian I am on Goodreads, I'll look into it, thanks! Although I need another group read and discussion like I need another hole in my head. However, I'm addicted to books and anything to help me knock another off the TBR... 3y
angrylilasian @CocoReads LOL! Well, you're in good company here! 😂 3y
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The woman in white | Wilkie COLLINS
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Some of my favourite #alliterativetitles from the Folio Society and a great bookish print from Etsy #MarchIntoReading

Kalalalatja 😍😍😍 3y
vivastory What Etsy shop did you get that print from? 3y
Moray_Reads @vivastory It's from Almost Bookish https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AlwaysBookish?ref=s2-header-shopname. They do lots of different books/authors, really good quality 3y
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vivastory @Moray_Reads Wonderful. Thanks! 3y
CrowCAH I need to get that version of P&P! Such a pretty Folio edition! 3y
Moray_Reads @CrowCAH It is beautiful,! They've done P&P, S&S, Emma and Persuasion as a matching series so far 3y
jillrhudy I saw that Folio Edition and without breathing, went to Abebooks and put in my credit card info for a Near Fine from the UK. Got skinned alive on shipping. I. Cannot. Live. Without. That. Book. @Aimeesue 2y
Moray_Reads @jillrhudy I bet it was worth it, though! 2y
jillrhudy I‘ll tag you when it arrives. What a treasure ❤️ 2y
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Headscarves and Hymens | Mona Eltahawy
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#marchintoreading #alliterativetitles

Just a few of the alliterative titles on my Kobo TBR!

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My publisher really likes #alliterativetitles so this one was easy! #march into reading #cozymystery #mystery

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